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It is quiet Autumn evening in the new offices at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We are without Internet for a few days but are in reconnaisance with WiFi from local cafes. Writing is for the most part suspended until we become in synch with the new location. The Children of Orpheus Anthology is shaping up for Subterranean Blue Poetry, the winner of a bottle of French champagne should be announced by the end of October 2016 and this exciting New Age Renaissance poetry available for Christmas 2016. All proceeds will go to Chez Doris, a Montreal Drop-In Centre for women.

"Everyone is a friend, who would really have an enemy."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counsellor, Activist)

It is important to not get branded as an “Enemy Agent.”

- it is important not to be attached to a foreign chaos government, they are capricious and may not have your best interests in mind. Being in the roll of a foreign chaos government is a betrayal of your friends, associates and fellow countrymen and perhaps people worldwide. In the United States all foreign chaos agents were executed until 1955 (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg).

- it is impossible to hide which government you are attached to. People in the village know your family, the elders/The Oracles (musicians, artists, writers) are psychic and can discern this information through SignsfromGod. You should be able to be proud of what you stand for and that includes your politics, everything should be upfront and in the open because in actuality it is anyway. You shouldn't be implicated in anything that would damage your or your family's reputation.

- because you could indirectly be an impetus for violence it damages your reputation (it is important to have a good reputation or you may not get job opportunities, your business may not be successful, you may lose friends, you may not get a marriage partner or a family and you may be cursed and/or raped in the open by your lovers (date rape) or surreptiously while you sleep under hypnosis.)

- the village grapevine may not work for you – people may not keep you informed of what you need to know (protocol infractions, news) you may get an upper cut everywhere you go, you are cast as an enemy of the Community and the state.

- you may not get the help you need when you need it (e.g. healthcare).

Being cast as an enemy agent puts you on a war footing with the Community, the Elite and the Country, it is important to follow the rules of your elite family and the culture. It is not possible to break the rules of culture without someone knowing, a breach of cultural protocol is communicated to the person who has been trespassed against with an empathic Sign from God. Everyone is living in a glass house, people know you, it is not possible to be anonymous, everyone sees. (so ask a lot of questions in my experience it is best to tell the truth about everything, elders can discern the truth - it is not possible to lie about anything for an extended period of time, in my experience eventually everything comes to light through the Holy Spirit).

The whiteface culture/geopolitics is obscene. People may have plans for you and expect you to follow those plans. Not socializing an elite young adult or a young adult who contravenes the rules of culture sets the child up for compliance in his love life, there may be elite security paradigms where people are expected to marry facecard doubles. Someone once told me everything happens for a reason, people who come into your life are either gifts or lessons. It is an unwritten Facist code that punishes people, the more people suffer, the more they become economic drivers. This violent cursehold system makes people whores, soldiers, clergy, government agents, artists, and Hollywood people, and/or they may follow their calling for work looking for karmic redemption. It is a patriarchy that abuses people particularly women and I suspect minorities. In my experience men and women understand sex differently, most women are more sensitive then men and suffer up to 10 times more than a man when a relationship breaks. Ideally men are the protector, giving love and sex in a consensual relationship. Rape as punishment casts the man as judge, jury and executioner, the abuser of power. The idea of “legitimate” rape or “honour rape” is a misnomer, it sets women up who may not be socialized properly or who are vulnerable. Ideally the entire white cursehold culture/geopolitics would never connect in violence in real time. The system is a way for men to act out and blame others for their violent actions under a legitimate guise, the protocol trespasser may have their love life lost or misconstrued. If the perceived trespasser is a woman she may be cursed, bullied and become a rape victim, actually or in serial rape relationships and possibly a whore. Because she is perceived as having caused trespass she may be without a marriage partner, sometimes they are intimidating women to take a “lesser” partner (or a facecard consideration) or it is the way a “low” male can denigrate a woman they are not meant for by intimidating her to have sex with him, because there has been trouble she may not have a family of her own.

People who are cursed, forced to have multiple lovers are in my opinion in a serial rape situation. The result of cursing someone’s love life could be the curser’s or the one who is cursed drug addiction, violence or suicide. As the rape victim has been desecrated and experiences the violation as a violence, it is important to do release work to process the anger of trespass. This violent social phenomenon plays into the capitalist economy creating economic drivers.

The vast majority of people should be in a happy covenant marriage either to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover, following their calling for love. Education is also important so people are fully socialized and aware of the sacred nature of sex and love, and the severe emotional damage rape creates so that it will not happen. This as well as a negating of the white cultural/geopolitical cursehold so that the violence of this system does not connect in real time (the onus is on the perpetrator of the violence directly, not on some faux-political order system). Whatever noblesse oblige or honour of the white culture system has long gone with the incredible violence of wars/geopolitics and the brokenness and suffering of rape victims in addictions, suicide and murder. Happy marriages, better education and a non-violent cultural/geopolitical system may go a long way to creating less violence, freeing people from bullying, rape, murder and suicide and lost or misconstrued love lives, lessening suffering.

This writer suspects that the original cultural cue system was put in place to hold people accountable for their actions. But the violence of the Old World Village was on a smaller scale and probably only occurred when a very small percentage of people missed their Starcrossed Lover or could not find a good settle. The huge violence of the post W.W. II culture with a burgeoning population and the infiltration by "green" and "chaos" operators has manifested a cesspool of drug/alcohol abuse, depression, mental illness, obesity and health issues, street people, murder and suicide, an underground war zone that may be bubbling into an actual war. Ended love affairs/marriages, is huge suffering that manifests a violent, debt-ridden war economy. Better education so that people know not to act out in violence with a cultural cue would help ensure that anyone who had met their Starcrossed Lover before the age of 18 years would be happily married when a young adult. Anyone needing to settle could network and be married by 25 years old. The happiness and good karma from happy marriages would create peace and prosperity. Worries about a rising population could be forestalled with free or inexpensive birth control. Certain rules of politics should not be more important than the Hand of God and the happiness of all peoples. If everyone were happy in their love life, life becomes a celebration, a dance with the Spirit as the Creator intended.

The Way of Peace.




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