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It is the season of Samhain, as the cold of winter breathes into Autumn, the pumpkins are piled high at the Atwater Market. We are settling in at our new offices downtown, you can feel the poetry in blue. "The Children of Orpheus" Poetry Anthology, an excellent example of New Age Renaissance love poetry from Subterranean Blue Poetry, is available @ Amazon Station. The Anthology features 22 Poets from different countries. All proceeds go to the Chez Doris Drop-In, Montreal. The poetry is writing . . .

"If art is to nourish the roots of our culture,
society must set the artist free to follow his
vision wherever it takes him. We must never
forget that art is not a form of propaganda;
it is a form of truth."
- John F. Kennedy (President of the United States)

The Canadian Government is conducting a Review of Canada Heritage and Cultural policies. The following is an accounting of the arts culture in the online economy from the experience of This Artist.

"Stats Can most recent figures - 2010 - for the industry perspective are that the GDP of culture industries was $53.4 billion, 3.4% of Canada's GDP and 707,012 jobs. And yet artists have no income for their contribution . . . My 13th book will be published in early 2017, and the sad reality is that I have never been able to live off my 40 years of artistic writing, despite winning many awards. Don't spend millions on your review, and then not pay artists."

- DC Reid (Canadian Poet)

"In This Writer's experience, I have been an Artist for 35 years, I have written over 27 books of poetry, and other books, produced 3 CD's of music (and have 17 CD's awaiting production), produce videos/photos/art, I run 3 WebSites, and post original artwork on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and YouTube regularly. I have won an award for most Internet Airplays (Top 55) for Angel Song, was asked to give a talk by The League of Canadian Poets on the changing face of poetry on the Internet media, am a member of The League of Canadian Poets and have been published online. I do not have a recording or publishing contract. I live in poverty on a Disability Pension and make monies from Book Reviews, WebSite Development, Royalties are nominal. I just received a Low-Cost Housing apartment from the city, rent geared to income which is helping finances."

- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Writer/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

In my experience of the online arts economy, there are myriad producers of art content, it is as if after the factories closed in N.A. at the end of the industrialized economy, everyone picked up a guitar or a pen and began to produce art. With so many arts producers, it is a struggle to get attention and sales, although the Internet is an ace global marketing tool. Many of us are giving away art content for free online with little or no sales. How do you get an arts economy online economically? In a stressed economy, morphing into the Computerized way, high unemployment and less available cash. Perhaps, there could be an Artist's Bureau where all the citizens in Canada over the age of 18 years are charged a nominal fee of $15 to $25 for the use of Canadian Internet Artists content over the Internet ($15 for individuals and $25 for families). Then Artists who are considered significant and living in poverty could be awarded a cash payout once a year. Artists who are successful in the marketplace would not be considered for this award, with a base income of perhaps more than $25,000 per year free and clear. What is a significant Artist? Someone who is recognized by their peers; is a member of a governing rights board; has a publishing, music contract, gallery contract; has at least one WebSite and appears online regularly, and has a significant body of work. A "Support Your Local Artist" campaign, so there is support for the tax and people are willing to contribute.

Another option is a pay-for-stream content, at perhaps $1, a look-up of video or WebSite (this doesn't work for GooglePlus or Twitter). However, this leaves a mystery bill at the end of the month, not great if you have low income. Also, it may discourage viewership, one of the attractions of the Internet is that many features are free (e.g. email, some software etc.) It is probably more economical to have a low once a year tax with limitless Internet access for the patron.

Another way to financially help the Local Artist with a significant body of work is to give them priority for Low-Cost Housing in cities, after families and those of dire need. This can considerably help the Artists economy.

Creating an impetuous to "buy Local Art and Support the Local Artist" education campaign is also a great idea. How the Artist and the Art they produce contribute significantly to the peaceful running of the Community and the world. So buy Art.

Art as Celebration. To entertain, celebrate and lift people’s spirits.

Art as Activism/Truth telling. Let’s the artist vent about injustices, their own/other peoples. Tells the stories of people in the community and becomes the conscience of society.

Art, creates Mythologies. Where fantasy meets reality by recreating truths into a better place. Is a reflection of the Artist’s soul and vision.

Art as a Learning Tool. So that if something is wrong everyone knows about it. And so that injustices don’t repeat themselves.

Art as Inspiration. Inspires other artists and their work. Inspires people to action to resolve injustices. Creates trends (in genres, colours . . .)

Art to Heal. By weaving the day and often creating synchronicity from chaos the Artist’s endeavour creates healing. Creating art can cause a spiritual healing in the artist and perhaps in those that observe the work and in the larger Community. A body of work made public by an Artist over a lifetime can create magic with the Holy Spirit causing someone who has had too many lovers (is karmically impure) to become karmically pure again.

Art to create an Historical Record. Often the Artist’s work is a reflection of the times, like a picture postcard of a particular time and place in the world.

Art as Prophesy. Artists as Psychics/Prophets can be early warning systems, predicting trouble in the future.

Art as Defining Current Trends. A study in now, taking the pulse of the nation, exploring current trends, economic conditions, states of peace and war.

Art worships God. Seminal/great art usually has an element of beauty that glorifies Gods creation.

Art as Advertising. Sells products.

Art as Design. Creates the spaces we live in. Architecture, furniture, appliances etc. and drives the invention and creation of new products.

Renumeration of the Artist.

An Artist with a true calling should be able to live and produce art, being financed by patrons and the Community/society; for the true Artist, producing art is a way of life. Often Artists are entertainers, prophets and truth-tellers, teachers, they interpret the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit works through them in good works, being an Oracle (conduit for the Holy Spirit and Signs from God) able to discern the truth of a situation and helping to keep peace and social justice in the Community. Often Artists are a font of Holy Spirit and cultural knowledge. Also Artists are often economic drivers, producing new ideas, products, streamlining systems, coining phrases, often these ideas are used by other people for free making other people a lot of monies. It is important that the producer of ideas/Artist is given something in renumeration (it doesn’t have to be monies, it can be a gift of something they need) or there may be karmic dissonance that reflects negatively on the well being of the person who took the idea. I suspect the good elite understand this. Often Artists will invent new products for use in their art.

Artists can also be psychics/prophets not only defining current social/economic/environmental conditions but may also be early warning systems predicting trouble in the future.

The importance of accessibility of the Artists work.

For all the roles that art plays in society, it creates enfranchisement, so that everyone is aware of the major “stories”, happenings, trends and celebration, creating inclusion for the Artist and the public so that everyone can feel a part of the larger Community. And it informs and inspires people, particularly other Artists. The Internet potentially gives an Artist public and international attention and possibly an international market, it helps to have good search engine placement and ways of making your URL public, particularly Internet social interchanges like FaceBook, Twitter and GooglePlus combined with more traditional media like advertisement in hard copy (zines and newspapers) and a business card. Great Art and the Artists that produce great Art are the soul of the society, feeding the economy, creating consciousness, mythologies, new synergies, healing and celebration. Supporting Artists financially is an investment in the health of the present and future society. "Art for Everyone". The Way of Peace.




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