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It is bright sunshine winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The orange amaryllis is budding, to come into bloom and Tango Blue Arias can be found sleeping on my futon of an afternoon. I have 2 new ideas for Newsletters that are developing and should be published as Newsletters in the next couple of months. I am working on getting some poetry manuscripts published, coming soon. Subterranean Blue Poetry is up for January 2017. Poetry is writing . . .

“ The truth is cruel, but it can be loved, and it makes free those who have loved it. “
- George Santayana (Poet, Philosopher, Author)

“ Truth is on the side of the oppressed. “
- Malcolm X (Human Rights Activist, Minister)

“ To tell the truth is to become beautiful, to begin to love yourself, value yourself. And that’s political, in its most profound way. “
- June Jordan (Poet, Human Rights Activist)

“ Truth-telling keeps away the shadows . . . “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

" It is better to scream than to deny something negative is happenning. "
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

The following are thoughts on the importance of truth-telling for the preservation of the New Democracy . . .

Over the past 10 or 20 years there has been a trend, a challenge as it were, to tell the bones honest truth about everything. Truth-telling is a great way to dispel the shadows and come to an acceptance of where one is, to celebrate the good things and to improve things that are negative, a beginning point for better outcomes. People who tell the bare, honest truth are the harbingers of the new society.

Not bearing false witness – it is a sin to tell lies about anything – to misrepresent the truth paints a false image it is not something to base opinions on or resulting actions because it could make the situation worse than it already is or if something is wrong and nothing is done, sins of omission, the situation could worsen. Accurate definition leads to positive results, actions that diffuse danger and create safety leads to less suffering and increases safety. Lying about someone could effect what others think of them, whether they get a good marriage, whether they get a job or proper medical care/education. In the culture of some Indian peoples lying is punishable by death.

Truth-telling is especially important in love relationships, it builds trust and helps create a strong bond for covenant, it is also important to be of good reputation so lovers know where the relationship is going. The ethics of love lives – in white culture it is important to know where someone has been so you know what you are doing. After awhile of dating, having intimate relations with different people there may have been trouble, someone wanted to keep them, they wanted to keep someone, they may be karmically impure and this may have consequences. Always tell the truth, to disguise the truth is a sin and could set someone up for a suicide bid. In the old days it was just in thoughts and the Old World Way, the new bold, wonderfully truthful way is to just say outloud what the truth of the matter is. I personally prefer the new way it takes the speculation out of everything and makes it easier to understand.

There may be the “us” and “them” factory – traditional family enemies may try to poll you, people of different governments may try to poll you. Black girls dating white guys – some white men when young are White Supremacist and would not think of marrying a Black girl or giving her a family. Sometimes these relationships may work after the guy has had more than 5 lovers and the Black girl is still karmically pure. Black people (especially Black women) need to be aware of the intentions of the White lover and not to get your wires crossed, so you do not end up in an ended relationship with suicidal tendencies. Immigrant women dating men from white culture, may end up in ended relationships if they do not understand the white culture. In my mind it is best to be traditional, you date and get to know someone, if all things look good and you want to take the relationship to a higher level (including sex) you would get married. Casual sex is not for most people. The hymen is a physical sign of a spiritual covenant. And yet there are unofficial white cultural rules around this. Ask a lot of questions. People by right of God are supposed to be with their Star-crossed lover, on a sign from God. Polling an immigrant families daughter could leave a very bad impression of the new culture, it is best when everyone is on the same playing field. If settling in love life there are things to look for and look for a sign from God (see World Peace Newsletter Noel/Christmas Special, 2011). Do not get your intentions confused. Happy covenenat marriages are the cornerstone for peace in the society, creating happy, well socialized children and contributing to safety and well-being.

As if sex became fragmented with the Industrialized Age, something put in a box, buying a la carte on a Saturday night. It is a fragmented perspective, the objectification of women. Women are not just beautiful bodies, they need to be considered. Women will give you children and a home life, a family, they will do your laundry, keep the house clean, make your bed for you. They need to be protected and loved. It needs to be a reciprocal happy relationship on a Sign from God. It is as if they tried to make women, the nucleus of the continuation of the human race a whore. As if nothing is sacred. After a certain # of lovers (after 5 lovers people become karmically impure), I suspect people end up throwing up their guts in the washroom and may become celibate. If God had wanted us to be whores He would have put it in the Ten Commandments, if God had wanted us to live alone, he would have not sent a Star-crossed lover.

The overall “system” seems to play into the whore construct, as the suicide and violence manifested keeps the population down freeing up resources in a limited resource economy. Machine economics, the Industrialized Economy a system brought in after World War II, I suspect was devised by a man or a group of men in happy covenant marriages, unaware of the evil they were manifesting in an experiment to make a high-powered monied economy. People in happy, karmically pure covenant marriages could not begin to understand the suffering from broken intimate relationships that the majority of the population experience, that this antiquated broken machine economy has manifested. The emotional violence in addictions, mental patients, actual violence, murders, people in the prison system and war is a construct of an uncaring society that is a stastician. The people caught in the cursehold culture that are in serial relationships or unhappy love lives experience “the Jewish Effect” and may become economic drivers, creating wealth but there is karmic dissonance as their suffering ricochets into violence. In this violent and overly orchestrated society certain factions of society may orchestrate others love lives to create economic drivers, so if the elite security paradigms don’t work out they can at least milk them to make monies. The Old Economy is a vicious, violent and uncaring society. As if the elite is entranced by the sex toy impresarios, the entertainment, without realizing the extent of the suffering. They are palindromes, if they live, the talent, they generate new ideas, products, they are psychics, they can discern the truth. Women suffer incredibly in broken relationships, broken families and children who are not raised effectively disrupts the fabric of society with violence. As if we are being purposely tortured/raped to feed other peoples businesses, other peoples security paradigms with no consideration. The Old Economy is incredibly expensive when people are in addictions, mental patients, committing suicide or becoming violent etc. causing wars. As if we are just cogs in a machine being driven until in despair we kill ourselves or die and then we are replaced by others who are being driven. Everyone loves someone and I suspect have watched as someone they loved died in front of them because of this violent whiteface culture.

In the Old Economy people are unconscious – they don’t know themselves enough, don’t realize what they are doing, may not have had an idea of culture or the Way of the Spirit. I suspect a lack of information made it easier to manipulate people for other peoples Hidden Agendas, particularly elite security paradigms. People are expected to be stoic and not complain, it is not O.K. to be vulnerable and fragile. But we are vulnerable and fragile, incredibly so. (And if people are not speaking their truth it is easier to manipulate everyone else, because they don’t realize what is happening, the word doesn’t get out.) Wouldn’t it be great to be able to talk about the places where we ache and not have to worry about other people’s perceptions. True friends will not scapegoat you, they may tell you about the places where they ache as well. When people’s love lives break, they ache, it is like lightening hitting a tree. If you’ve ever seen a tree hit by lightening when walking in the forest you know how horrific and violent this looks. I suspect broken love lives may lead to addictions/mental patients and violence, suicide and murder. Also, I suspect poor parenting in the first 5 years of life can set someone up for negative experiences in their love lives and addictions.

Truth-telling in all things, is a beginning point for realizing what is actually happening, a place from which to start to understand and therefore to begin to create mythologies and viable alternatives. If you have trouble recognizing the truth, work with and realize your feelings around issues, once you understand how you feel you will be better grounded to begin healing and acknowledging alternatives. It is better to scream then to deny something negative is happening. By acknowledging the truth and acting on it, the society becomes a safer place with less trespass and violence, a place where everyone is recognized and held in the collective hand of God as us, not us and them. Telling the truth in all things and in love life with instruction and socialization in the dominant culture and in the Way of the Spirit sets up the groundwork for discerning happy love marriages. Happy marriages creates happy families, and hopefully more effectively raised children, the cornerstone for peace in Community. The old construct for violence of the cursehold culture becomes unhooked so that it is never sanctioned to give more than a slight of public opinion. The celebrated Holy Spirit as redeemer is a miracle and the positive customs and ways that don’t hurt others should be celebrated. Purposely frustrating the plans of youth and their personal missions from God is a sin and a violence, everyone should have the shared knowledge of culture, society, and the Holy Spirit way so that everyone has the same chance to fulfill their callings. The Old Economy gives way to the New Economy, based in the Internet, that brings people and ideas together in a dialogue for better outcomes in a world that cares. With part-time work, low cost housing (a regulated rental market), low cost or free healthcare, low cost or free post secondary education, low cost consumer goods, low cost or free Internet, happy marriages and low-cost or free birth control for family planning the world magically flowers into an ideal Community, a Community of peace and enough. The realized Utopia of the New Age.

The Way of Peace.

Happy New Year!



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