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World Message of Peace

This Summer playing down in Yorkville was an incredible time, so beautiful to play in the sun and the wind amongst the alcove of trees on Cumberland Avenue. This winter I will be playing occasionally at the Allan Gardens Conservatory within the Victorian architecture and wonderful green. Also this winter the Tea at Tympani Lane Web site will be receiving an upgrade and some fine tuning. I am planning to add a free downloadable Song file, more poetry and eventually the Rebecca Anne Banks: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue . . . CD in a downloadable format. Also, I would love to be back in the Studio recording. With the coming of February, Luciano Faria will be commencing work on a 6 course Renaissance Bass Lute with custom carvings, a very much anticipated and happy event. With the coming of winter my thoughts turn to the people I see in the street, some are business people, some are downtown shopping, some are teenagers, others are out on the street. People who end up on the street, in prisons, in mental institutions or on drugs/alcoholics are usually broken in some way. They have not received the help they needed when they needed it. They are the forgotten. Some have not been mentored effectively, not been socialized properly, not made good choices in their lives or had their love lives go awry. Broken love relationships are broken covenants.   Broken covenants create chaos and war. Broken covenants often leave people reconsidering their sexual orientation, in a multiple relationship situation, in wounded celibacy, in some form of addiction or considering suicide. If someone is struggling or does not understand the intentions of the person they are in relationship with, it is an evil to mislead them or not enlighten them. It is important to realize the role of the Good Samaritan so that everyone may have the chance to live a whole life. The Western World is incredibly broken as if this half of the world lives inside great emotional wounds. If people are not socialized effectively, half the world is lost. A community that reads and understands history can learn from it, recreating the world inside the eyes of God, inside peace. Women are the seeding ground and as such are sacred beings, intimate relationships that break, often give people shadows across their hearts so that it makes it difficult to make a future marriage work.   Ideally you would be married to your Fated Other, in a loving relationship of wholeness and peace or with someone you are well suited for as well as being well suited for them.   Discernment in marriage is the key to a good, loving relationship that works inside peace. However, it is important how you understand your perception of love, as a journey, as a dance or as an arrival home. It was Pierre Trudeau who said The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. Ideally personal relationships would not be a matter for public litigation in the form of polygamy, bigamy and incest laws.   To honour the ideal of love and indeed ourselves it is important that if one has polygamous relationships (as people sometimes tend to when they are not married to their Fated Other) that people look after each other in the Spirit of Community and in the Spirit of sacred trust.   But if people are not in ideal relationships that is with their Fated Other or a very suitable Other it is not realistic to expect a perfect romantic relationship. Ideally everyone would be in marriage with their Fated Other but it is not realistic to expect, as one never knows at what point one will meet this person in their lives. And it is very difficult to be in a relationship and always wondering if the other person will leave, as well as the damage to trust that an extra-marital affair causes to the women of marriage. There is a great deal of trust involved in marriage relationship, particularly for women, if the trust is eroded the marriage may not last. It is very easy to be hurt in relationship, particularly for women, every nuance takes on meaning and to be in a love relationship leaves you open to being hurt, until you can work through past wounds and ground the marriage, usually after 5 years.   If you have many shadows from past covenants that have been broken, the negative karma from this makes it very easy to sabotage a marriage. If you get into a covenant marriage not expecting the marriage to last it may not. Men often experience a love relationship as a journey or a dance while women often experience marriage as an arrival or home. Polygamous relationships may be an alternative to serial relationships or wounded celibacy in the West or where the sex ratio is skewed (e.g. polyandry in China) in a sacred sharing that may prevent emotional and actual violence. Intention, self-knowledge, discernment, honesty and giving are the keys. Fracture in the Western world is the fracture of relationships that do not work when youth are not mentored or discerned effectively. As if in the new age of disembodiement there is only a laugh track behind scenes of the Third World War. The world is not an ideal place, half the world lives in poverty, disasters occur with frightening regularity, as do wars, terrorism and the casualness of brutality, as if without thinking, as if without feeling, without knowing.   Sometimes it is as if people cannot see beyond their own fear, anger and grief to act inside the Spirit, not hurting themselves or others. Deep Process work and the Healing Circle is a great place to find peace, so violence is not perpetuated. The world is a place of light and shadow divined by God, a good force that is always there for us, with the juxtaposition of the pull of the earth, a negative force. It is as if God kissed the earth with light and although it became a more beautiful place, there was still the pull of shadows, thus sometimes negative things happen without apparent reason and the journey of earth marked by eventual death, a transformation into the realm of the Spirit,

with love,


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