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Celebrations of the Winter Solstice and the New Year at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . I was down at the China Market in the cold of winter and found les petites oranges for making marmalade with brandy. Also, within the celebration of winter there have been great offerings of poetry and music. I have written a series of new poems for the book of poetry Winter Crossings, including, Rain, All the pretty young things . . . , The dinner party, Found love and My house is a house of flowers . . . Also songs and music have been flowing for the new CD The Madrigal, including Winter's Sleep, Windsong, The Valentine Rain and Sky Dancer. The new song offerings will be included in my concerts and I will be performing in the Montreal Metro again en Janvier.

I have written a series of 3 Newsletters on thoughts on the topic of prostitution within an analysis of the economy throughout history. I chose the topic because prostitutes are often outcasts, driven by poverty and often troubled families, who have broken with traditional moral values often causing them to suffer emotionally to the point of insanity, addictions and suicide. Each of the Newsletters deals with the three phases of economic change beginning with the Old Agricultural Economy, the period of Industrialization and the current Computer-based Economy shift. How the elite of each Society viewed prostitution, how it served the economy, how demand was created and filled and how these unfortunates were treated says much about the Society. In the Old Agricultural Economy most people were serfs on an overlords land, farm workers with families. There were also guilds with specialized craftspeople and armies. Women were wives and mothers, studied in domestic craft, agricultural craft and with the advent of guilds in medieval times they assisted their husbands in the family business but were not officially recognized by Guild Societies. In the ancient times of Babylonian temples, women were offered to the Pagan Church as priestesses and this was the beginnings of the Oracle of Delphi. At religious festivals the townspeople would join them and at this time the "Oracles" were allowed sexual contact, a sort of "ritual prostitution." I suspect the religious festivals occurred around the Solstices and that there were long periods of celibacy (and emotional suffering) between the occurrences. The goal being to sexually break the priestesses until they became psychics, seers and Oracles. They were like the village elders, people divining prophesy in an uncertain world and looked to for wisdom in disputes, the villagers would bring gifts of food, monies, farm animals in exchange for answers to questions. Basically psychics and healers aiding people with their love lives, money issues and predicting the weather for the harvest. The seeds of mystery religion were born here. In time there was a struggle with a patriarchal society to the North that fought with the matriarchal Oracle system and won. After this war, the role of elder, healer, psychic was given to men in the form of the patriarchal Bardic Tradition. Although the matriarchal mystery religion still existed as Wiccan pagan tradition it was largely a secret society, and people, particularly women were given the option in "sky clad" ceremonies for "sexual rites" at festivals/rituals to be broken and become seers or psychics. Wiccan is basically a procreation religion, in worship of the seasons, the Solstices and the birthright, basically a matriarchal based secret society, that celebrated the growing season and the birth of children, practicing the healing arts, midwifery in agricultural communities. The Wiccan Religion was considered a pagan religion with the worship of capricious deities and came into conflict with the Catholic Church that was constructed after the crucifixon of Christ in A.D. My theory is the day Christ died there was a realigning of the heavens so that separate deities of the pagan Gods (Zeus etc.) were divided into the dark and the light, those in the dark continued being capricious angels or evil spirits, those that understood the difference between right and wrong and supported the Godhead became angels or good spirits of the light. God is not a capricious God. Also, I suspect at this time the Holy Spirit was formed and came to earth. So from a pagan theology of multiple deities the Wiccan religion became a secret society in struggle with the church. The rise of Christianity also parallels the fall of the Roman Empire and grew from a secret sect to an institutionalized Church. The Catholic Church in an attempt to assert itself often adapted Pagan rites festivals or Pagan deities under new names that paralleled the life of Christ (for example Beltane or the celebration of the birth of Lucifer the God of Light became Christmas or the celebration of the birth of Christ). In the true Spirit of Christianity, people do not hurt others or themselves, keep the rituals of celebration in the Community forgive people their trespasses and live in dialogue causing illumination and good works. My theory is that paganism became out of control as a response to the political control that grew after 1300 with the Catholic religion. In 1300 the vow of celibacy was introduced and all lands that would have traditionally gone to the sons of the priests now went to the Church, giving the Catholic Church enormous wealth and power. Partly as a reaction to the shift in power structures, the pagans reacted with mysterious deaths in the community which led to the inquisitions by the Church. I suspect there were witches who practiced the dark arts and witches who were basically saints, the politicization of the Catholic Church tended to cast a blind eye and may have persecuted both wholly in the burning times. In the times before A.D. women who missed their Fated Other or became karmically impure because they had too many lovers and were not married may have become "witches", studying the healing arts, the arts, animal husbandry, became seers. I suspect some were of good reputation and some were not, in small agricultural communities everyone was known and if someone was a prostitute everyone would know it. Witches were basically "the other", married women were afraid they would seduce their husbands, if they practiced the dark arts they were considered dangerous, they lived on the edge of the forest. Agricultural communities were small, all news and information travelled by word of mouth, everyone was known by reputation. Most people were married to their Fated Others so there was no great demand for prostitutes amongst married men (although I suspect there was some call for predictions of the weather and if the harvest would be good). Men in similar circumstances, having missed their Fated Other or having had too many lovers had the option of becoming Bards, learning the stories and songs of their peoples passed down by oral tradition, learning the musical arts, the healing arts, travelling from place to place, relaying news and perhaps looking for a wife. Or perhaps becoming guild members and learning a trade. Later with the advent of the Catholic Church and after the MayPole rituals had gone by the wayside,these unfortunate people, particularly women looking for ways to escape arranged marriages also had the option of becoming nuns or priests with the vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience. It is also possible to be broken by celibacy when one is meant to be with their Fated Other or a suitable other, I suspect having a similar effect as "ritual prostitution" making seers and people who discern. The brokenness of celibacy and disabuse brings the light of the Holy Spirit to nuns and priests caused by their suffering. Sometimes they have broken with the unwritten tradition and sometimes they have become karmically impure through too many lovers. God did not want us to suffer in aloneness,this is why he gave us rules to live by, both karmic and religious so that people would ideally be married to their Fated Other in a dance with the sacred, a dance with life.

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