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In the blue of winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . t-shirts with the butterfly logo will be available soon, they are quality white, extra large with a flat black logo. The guy shirts are $10, the designer girl shirts are $15, have a boat neck and no sleeves, great for tucking into jeans or wearing to bed as a nightie. Poetry has been bubbling,Angels of the dark and Blue have been written as well as a song For the love of blue . . . I have been playing down at The Pound and continue to play in the Metro (look for day of concert announcements), thanks to anyone who comes by to talk or make a contribution. Hoping to have a new CD release on iTunes of Folk/Rock music by Summer . . .

The following is a continuation of the last Newsletter and thoughts on the history of prostitution in the age of the manufacturing economy. With industrialization, the invention of the steam engine and the manufacturing economy many changes were introduced into Society, affecting the vast majority of people. This change to the economy with a movement from an agricultural society to urban centers, so a large majority of people were now congregated in cities, working a structured 9-5 work week, behind walls, performing repetitive mind numbing manual tasks. As if the natural rhythms of the seasons and the growing of plants, the land in the form of the Goddess and the matriarchy, a natural way of life for thousands of years had been broken, the soul of the agricultural Community and in the beginning the cohesiveness of this Community became lost in busy urban centers, causing an increased anonymity as well as placing more monies in the hands of factory workers (who were male). Demand for the sex trade came from these working class males, no longer rising and sleeping with the rising and setting of the sun, who, stuck behind walls were performing personally meaningless tasks in mind numbing boredom making increased wages. Prostitution was tolerated by the elite because it served the male working class and in general the more emotionally broken the male workers became the better they became at working, as the repetitive tasks were soothing. It also made for a dumbing down of the culture, as a certain type of mudlark person was suited to factory work (not too intelligent, not easily bored). I believe the elite began to support a "lack of information" policy (us and them) that kept vital karmic/cultural information from people, making people karmically impure because they took too many lovers, better workers to a point and economic drivers. I also suspect leaving rural communities some of the Old Ways may have been lost. The advent of industrialization and the 9-5 work week compartmentalized people's lives, like putting things in boxes; there was their work life, their home life, their "sex" life, so that a certain percentage of people ended up alone in their rooms, suffering from loneliness without families, being economic drivers. Elites are basically corrupt (evil is largely unconscious) and interested in social control. The more people suffered, the more happy they were with their lot in life and the happier they were to die when they were old (if not sooner). From this suffering, as economic drivers the elite sucked off the ideas from the emotionally wounded and fueled the economy. If someone committed suicide from their suffering, a new job opened up for someone else.

The women prostitutes were earning a living and basically workers, often looking for something better, a solid job, a husband; although considered a problem in Victorian circles, one people acknowledged but would not talk about. Abolitionists (mainly Christians and reformers) wanted prostitution eliminated and taught children to avoid the occupation as it did not conform to moral traditions that kept people safe and sane. If the prostitute "repented" she was acknowledged and given hospitality but there was no retraining or provision of alternative occupation (earning monies being the primary reason for entry into the illegal profession). Often they were recruited to join the church. Regulationists were concerned with controlling venereal disease and crime, supported mainly by the military and the police. The choices for employment for women outside the home were limited being school teacher, servant, storekeep but salaries were low compared to men. The new demand for sexual services caused the poor and unfortunates to also consider prostitution. The women who became prostitutes usually came from abusive situations in which they found themselves abandoned either by their family or by their employers. Usually the women were young adults,illiterate, from impoverished, broken families and may have not been effectively socialized. The psychological affects on the emotionally broken women who became prostitutes having sex with a myriad of men were psychically mending their emotional relationships with their fathers only to be abandoned by them, repeatedly, being raped and abandoned repeatedly for monies. This causes violation issues in most women, a great amount of anger, sorrow and depression with a negative karma that creates emotional havoc with their significant other (if they have one) and can make it very difficult to function, possibly leading to insanity, homosexuality, suicide, violence or being at the auspices of the state. It is an emotional violence. There is a certain karma and magic around the treatment of women because they give birth to new worlds and are cast in the image of the Goddess. As such women need to be protected in relationship, staying pure, being well mentored and discerned for their partner in a committed relationship, ideally with their Fated Other. When a relationship breaks, women usually suffer incredibly, where a man will usually ache on a scale of 2 out of 10, most women will ache on a scale of 8 to 10, depending on how well the relationship was discerned, how long they were together, how sensitive they are etc. (It is good there is a prayer for pining). The Community needs to inform and protect its young people, to prevent karmic impurity and war situations, love is serious and not to be treated lightly, evil is largely unconscious. It is important to be informed in love relationships, ask a lot of questions, discernment in love is an art and it helps to have the aid of elders in your family or Oracles/Bards/Good Witches who are well versed and will help you discern if you are suitable (sometimes it is easy for you to tell if you are attracted to someone but it may be more difficult to tell if you are suitable for them). Youth need to find mentors or people they can trust to help guide them in the discernment of their love lives so they don't become very emotionally hurt and karmically impure.

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