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It is cold quiet sunlight in blue this autumn afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Subterranean Blue Poetry is launched for September 2017 titled "Antiphonal". Also the latest Subterranean Blue Poetry imprint Paris Blue by Rebecca Anne Banks is launched as paperback and EBook at Amazon Stations. We are busy publishing Subterranean Blue Poetry imprints creating WebSites and writing Book Reviews. Poetry is writing . . .

“Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.”
- Andrea Dworkin (Feminist)

“White culture/geopolitics is a rape machine.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

“The violence of the Western Culture/geopolitics is so awful the Holy Spirit must intervene to create peace.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

(This article is dedicated to Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd.)

The following are thoughts on rape in Western Culture/geopolitics . . .

Rape is non-consensual sexual assault.

“Every 2 minutes, someone is sexually assaulted, 44% of victims are under age 18 and 80% are under age 30, 54% of sexual assaults are not reported to police, 97% of rapists never spend a day in jail, 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim, 38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.“ (American statistics from RAINN – Rape, Abuse, And Incest National Network).

As rape is usually committed by someone that was trusted, a friend or acquaintance the possibilities for emotional trauma are endless. The physical trauma of rape is one of the causes of post-traumatic stress disorder. The experience of rape compromises your safety and can make you feel frightened, helpless, sadness, anxiety and disconnection. If these traumatic feelings do not subside and you are constantly reliving the memories and there is a feeling of danger/depression you may need the help of a therapist and support group. In extreme cases people may suicide or act out violently because of serial rape relationships (when someone has a succession of too many lovers) or has been sexually assaulted without consent. To heal it helps to do Deep Process Work and blow off the feeling of violation by doing release work and physical exercise while deep breathing. It is possible to heal after rape.

The social aspects of rape may cause the victim to experience shame and a shunning by society (as if a car having been driven off the lot has decreased in value), perhaps because the act was not consensual and because it was not a longterm covenant and it may also tie in with the white culture act of bullying when someone has trespassed protocol. It does not help if friends/family play into the shame aspect and denigrate you by being mean, giving uppercuts or replaying their own experience of rape that was not properly processed with a therapist and beating you up with it.

The spiritual aspects of rape, the violence of the act creates bad karma as if having defiled the Holy Spirit and this may play a part in the shame and depression. However, in my experience the Holy Spirit does not blame the woman victim of rape by giving her karmic impurity.

The political aspects of rape, the more one suffers in broken sexual relationships, serial rape and actual rape the more they may become economic drivers. Honed workers better at their calling for work – a survival instinct in overdrive, they may become more astute more perceptive and more psychic. They also are more likely to use and abuse alcohol and drugs, may be addicts, may be violent and may experience and commit emotional and actual violence, murder and suicide. Also, the Western World seems very good at creating scapegoats, beating on a rape victim as a vent for angst creating a "safety valve" for the society so there is not full scale insurrection. Rape is part of “shock doctrine” politics that causes violence and war, feeding the armament industry, the psychiatric system and the political doctrine of capitalism with disparity issues.

Honour Rape is not honourable. Rape uses the sexual act meant for the covenant of love and bonding, ideally creating family and peace in a violent way as punishment for having contravened protocol or having caused offense creating shame, brokenness and violence. Rape takes the sexual act out of its intended Spiritus for love and peace and creates war.

It is the subjugation of women in a most heinous, destructive and violent way. I suspect by men who do not have very good communication skills and misuse their greater physical strength or by intellectual men who are not using right thinking playing into white culture rhetoric and ignoring the ways of least harm. Also men and women may understand sex differently, by its very nature women are vulnerable, they tend to be more sensitive and suffer more greatly when their trust is betrayed and a lover leaves.

Back door operators or “silent” operators – I suspect it is possible to have an “enemy” get through your door security and rape you under hypnosis – you may not realize you have been raped, unless you can pick up reliable information in the street or through dreams.

Signs you’ve been raped:

i. your “ass” is out (others, elders or psychics are be able to discern this).

ii. you may be inordinately depressed.

Theories about Back Door Operators who rape:

i. there has been a contravention of the cultural code, either by you or someone in your family.

ii. an ex-lover is looking for you.

Other theories include:

i. the homosexual community may be acting out because they cannot find male partners.

ii. rapists are picking on traditional family enemies over past or recurring slights.

iii. someone wants compliance on an issue.

iv. it is a white culture act of violence against Black people.

v. someone is "driving" you so that you suffer, causing the "Jewish Effect" so that you come up with ideas to run the family or other peoples businesses

vi. it is an act of war. “in the ass of the enemy” (may be used in hostile business takeovers or for taking over a country).

I suspect this type of rape is about compliance/frustration/hatred, it gives a false “legitimate” guise to an act of violence. So that the male rapist doesn’t have to feel badly about what he has done, it is an excuse for criminal behaviour. I suspect in traditional white culture it may be used to send a message before a hit goes down. There are rules about protection in elite families, children and the other people in the family are not at risk, if there is a severe misunderstanding the oldest person in the family may be murdered.

How to prevent Back Door Operators:

i. be on good terms with people – do not have enemies.

ii. do not associate with people of not good reputation.

ii. be certain you are fully socialized and pass on any knowledge you have (there are rules about this ask telepathically).

iii. use door security – either a hand held system or ideally an electronic door security system.

It is important not to be hypnotized, I suspect words may be used as triggers and it may be possible to be put you in a trance state where you do not remember what happens when you “wake up” and the hypnotizer has vanished.

Theories about Rapists:

- their love lives are cursed and they cannot make their love lives work in covenant

- they are between girlfriends and sexually frustrated

- they are frustrated in their calling for work

- they are picking on traditional family enemies

- they are raping their last girlfriend

- their soul colors are discordant, giving an essence of violence

- they were not socialized in an understanding of respect for women or an understanding of the Holy Spirit

- they are enemy agents

- they are punishing someone, usually a woman for breaking protocol (the rules of behaviour of their elite family, if they have even been socialized or they may know the rules and be perceived as acting out and causing trouble (murder and disaster) which may get you branded as an “enemy agent”).

It is important to not get branded as an “Enemy Agent.”

- because you could indirectly be an impetus for violence it damages your reputation (it is important to have a good reputation or you may not get job opportunities, your business may not be successful, you may lose friends, you may not get a marriage partner or a family and you may be cursed and/or raped in the open by your lovers (date rape) or surreptiously while you sleep under hypnosis.)

- the village grapevine may not work for you – people may not keep you informed of what you need to know (protocol infractions, news) you may get an upper cut everywhere you go, you are cast as an enemy of the Community and the state.

- you may not get the help you need when you need it (e.g. healthcare).

Being cast as an enemy agent puts you on a war footing with the Community, the Elite and the Country, it is important to follow the rules of your elite family and the culture. It is not possible to break the rules of culture without someone knowing, a breach of cultural protocol is communicated to the person who has been trespassed against with an empathic Sign from God. Everyone is living in a glass house, people know you, it is not possible to be anonymous, everyone sees. (so ask a lot of questions in my experience it is best to tell the truth about everything, elders can discern the truth - it is not possible to lie about anything for an extended period of time, in my experience eventually everything comes to light through the Holy Spirit).

The whiteface culture/geopolitics is obscene. People may have plans for you and expect you to follow those plans. Not socializing an elite young adult or a young adult who contravenes the rules of culture sets the child up for compliance in his love life, there may be elite security paradigms where people are expected to marry facecard doubles. Someone once told me everything happens for a reason, people who come into your life are either gifts or lessons. It is an unwritten Facist code that punishes people, the more people suffer, the more they become economic drivers. This violent cursehold system makes people whores, soldiers, clergy, government agents, artists, and Hollywood people, and/or they may follow their calling for work looking for karmic redemption. It is a patriarchy that abuses people particularly women and I suspect minorities. In my experience men and women understand sex differently, most women are more sensitive then men and suffer up to 10 times more than a man when a relationship breaks. Ideally men are the protector, giving love and sex in a consensual relationship. Rape as punishment casts the man as judge, jury and executioner, the abuser of power. The idea of “legitimate” rape or “honour rape” is a misnomer, it sets women up who may not be socialized properly or who are vulnerable. Ideally the entire white cursehold culture/geopolitics would never connect in violence in real time. The system is a way for men to act out and blame others for their violent actions under a legitimate guise, the protocol trespasser may have their love life lost or misconstrued. If the perceived trespasser is a woman she may be cursed, bullied and become a rape victim, actually or in serial rape relationships and possibly a whore. Because she is perceived as having caused trespass she may be without a marriage partner, sometimes they are intimidating women to take a “lesser” partner (or a facecard consideration) or it is the way a “low” male can denigrate a woman they are not meant for by intimidating her to have sex with him, because there has been trouble she may not have a family of her own.

People who are cursed, forced to have multiple lovers are in my opinion in a serial rape situation. The result of cursing someone’s love life could be the curser’s or the one who is cursed drug addiction, violence or suicide. As the rape victim has been desecrated and experiences the violation as a violence, it is important to do release work to process the anger of trespass. This violent social phenomenon plays into the capitalist economy creating economic drivers.

The vast majority of people should be in a happy covenant marriage either to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover, following their calling for love. Education is also important so people are fully socialized and aware of the sacred nature of sex and love, and the severe emotional damage rape creates so that it will not happen. This as well as a negating of the white cultural/geopolitical cursehold so that the violence of this system does not connect in real time (the onus is on the perpetrator of the violence directly, not on some faux-political order system). Whatever noblesse oblige or honour of the white culture system has long gone with the incredible violence of wars/geopolitics and the brokenness and suffering of rape victims in addictions, suicide and murder. Happy marriages, better education and a non-violent cultural/geopolitical system may go a long way to creating less violence, freeing people from bullying, rape, murder and suicide and lost or misconstrued love lives, lessening suffering. If everyone were happy in their love life, life becomes a celebration, a dance with the Spirit as the Creator intended.

The Way of Peace.




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