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“a happy longterm covenant marriage is like rocket science.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“people in happy longterm covenant marriages are not shooting up the place.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“sex outside of a happy longterm covenant marriage on a Sign from God . . . is war.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The institution of marriage in this Society has been ravaged through an overly constructed cultural/political way. Revenge constructs in an overly regulated cultural/political system, the abuse by traditional family enemies, the promotion of chaos, elite security paradigms and a lack of mentoring and discernment has led to the disintegration of happy longterm covenant marriages on a Sign from God manifesting violence, family violence, emotional and actual violence in the street, in the workplace and in our schools.

Revenge constructs may occur when children are not socialized properly. People with limitless time and resources (the world elite) may be setting up the children of traditional family enemies so they do not get happy marriages or their calling for work may be frustrated. There may be certain chaos stakeholders (governments, corporations, terrorists, persons) with a vested interest in destruction and hidden agendas. They may have conflicted soul colours, have had too many lovers and are insane. Elite security paradigms and psychological cookbooks for children create unnatural circumstances that may frustrate peoples calling from God for love, wrecking their personal lives. Politics has become more important than a Sign from God in marriage and this creates suffering and chaos.

A lack of mentoring and discernment in life creates people who do not know how to properly discern who is a good match for marriage. They are sexually wounding their love interests which manifests karmic dissonance and a violent debt ridden war economy. A society in which the vast majority of people are happily married, creates health, healing and prosperity. And could possibly create the online economy.

Sexually wounded people suffer so gravely they may become alcoholics/drug addicts, increases health problems (i.e. obesity), mental patients, suicides, street people, they may become physically violent and be put in prison. They also may become economic drivers and artists. People are not meant to suffer so gravely in their time on earth, they are meant to be married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover in a dance with peace on a Sign from God. The vast majority of people are meant to be married to their Starcrossed or more suited Lover.

A marriage is like a holy ritual, a sacrament, creating peace, harmony and happiness, a marriage is sacred unto God. The peace of a happy longterm covenant marriage shines on everyone and if the vast majority of people were in happy covenant marriages, our Communities and cities would be places of peace and safety. There is a positive Sign from God when 2 people are meant for each other, you are meant to be together through old age until you die.

The daily acts of 2 people living together, sharing the ritual of mealtimes, preparing meals together, and partaking of food, is special, in ritual. The daily interactions, keeping the home clean, working in the home, looking after children is a beautiful gift of life, meant to be harmonious and the giving of time and attention to each other in a dialogue of peace. Sex is a prayer. It is a bonding ritual in which you see God and experience heaven on earth, it is meant to be a longterm connection until you die, a covenant where you cleave only unto each other. In a happy marriage, ideally the children are given the care and attention they need.

You have 5 chances with 5 opposite sex lovers to create a happy longterm marriage bond before turning karmically impure on a Sign from God. It is possible to turn karmically pure again through an arts calling or a special calling for work on a Sign from God. It takes about 20 years.

It is possible to make a good settle in marriage with someone who is not your Starcrossed Lover, there is a different Sign from God around it. (Please read World Message of Peace, Noel/Christmas Special 2011) In my experience Starcrossed Lovers are always of the opposite sex. Often people may be responding to other power constructs in choosing their longterm lover and I suspect this leads to essence problems in marriages, marriages that never should have been and are very conflicted.

In the Old Agricultural Society, usually men worked in the fields and women were in the home, sometimes women helped with the harvest. How did the masses fair in marriage, in a less constructed time? There were higher rates of death in childbirth, perhaps affecting if people found their Starcrossed Lover. People were at a distance, living at largely rural outposts with large families on farms and it was more difficult to travel long distances, horse and buggy, sailing ships. Perhaps there was an increased possibility of meeting your Starcrossed Lover when public education was instituted, by attending school.

Elite marriages and all marriages were arranged by families until the 18th century. Exceptions include, during the Renaissance in Italy and the Gandharva marriages during the Vedic time of India. In China and Russia all marriages were arranged until the 20th century.* Depending on the personalities involved and the cultural custom of the time, the prospective marriage partners may or may not have had a say in who they married. There is the famous case of St. Catherine de Siena who became a nun in the church rather than marry who her family wanted, an unsuitable arranged marriage. In the 1500’s some Royal marriages were arranged by sending a portrait of the prospective marriage partner to the King and this is what he would use to decide if they were suitable (e.g. Anne of Cleves of Germany painted by Hans Holbein for King Henry VIII of England). In the time of the Old Agricultural Society everything is at a distance, it is not easy to travel long distances, usually by horse and carriage or by ship, taking great time and expense, taking days or months, not like train/bus/plane trips of today of a few hours.

The sacrament of marriage is holy, creating personal peace and safety and peace and safety in the Community. Better mentoring and discernment in marriage could negate some of the negative forces that are operating. These negative forces are a part of the old Industrialized Economy, the Old Society where people were anonymous, cogs in the machine. The priorities of the Old Economy were sex and monies. In the see and be seen world of the New Age, the miracle of the Internet and the computer are paving the way for a more copacetic society with the ease of communication and information flow and the revolution in business. With the New Age there is an awakening, a Zen of understanding of purpose; all God asks of us is to not hurt innocents, follow your calling for work and follow your calling for love. In a responsible, caring world people are in happy longterm marriages, not only does a longterm happy marriage promote personal health and well being, I suspect it also creates a more safe and harmonious Community. If you do not meet your Starcrossed Lover, it is possible to network for a partner through family/friends and over the Internet. Responsible actions around family planning so that people are using birth control and only having 2 children unless they have unlimited resources would create less pressure on resources and populations. Peaceful happy longterm covenant marriages could increase health, safety and bring the economy online in the New Age.

The Way of Peace.



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(March 31st, 2016)

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