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It is quiet bright sunlight autumn afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am hoping for more submissions for the Somewhere My Love Anthology/Contest, the anthology should be published by Christmas 2017. I am getting quilts ready for Kintsugi Art Quilts, www.kintsugiartquilts.com. Looking at my past Newsletters, I realize I did not publish a Newsletter at the beginning of September 2017, apologies. This Newsletter is a Reprint and update of "The Internet as "thinkspace" a creator of Peace". Poetry is writing . . .

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”
-Kofi Annan (Diplomat)

“The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge is power. If you can control information you can control people.”
-Tom Clancy (Author)

“I believe that we are all, openly or secretly, struggling against one or another kind of nihilism.”
-Ellen Willis (Journalist)

“Liberal capitalism is not all the Good of humanity. Quite the contrary; it is the vehicle of savage, destructive nihilism.”
-Alain Badiou (Philosopher)

“the Internet is the biggest Anarchy we have ever known.”
-Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The most influential innovation of communication, the Internet, has great possibilities for creating peace through group think. Reading email over the Internet, can influence moods, influence attitudes and influence outcomes. The Internet can also cause telepathic conversations. The idea of group and being a group member is introduced to a broken world and the vestiges of the lone wolf, los lobos an oeuvere from the Industrialized Economy morphs into you as a member of a group of people who are psychologically similar to you, with similar interests over social media. It gives people a virtual community that may connect in real time, it is a public forum for artists, and creates business opportunities. This creation of Community is a great creator of inclusion and perhaps lessens suicide and violence.

The Internet gives people living alone (50% of the population in some areas of cities) a place to connect with others about their everyday lives, their art, their businesses. It is the post-apocalypse village.

When an injustice occurs, a violence, it is possible to tell the world Community over social media. Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus get the word out, making it possible to mobilize people for peaceable action. Ideas about news events, politics, ideas of culture and more are aired over social media with people taking sides, and the truth discerned can be mobilized into action. I suspect all matters of concern are routed and sorted over the Internet before becoming, it is the new town square, a place of meeting, discussion and plans for action.

This dynamic communicator tells peoples stories, gives people faces and creates a world of see and be seen and accountability. Instead of the cog in the machine, silence, silent thoughts and speech, a reflection of the Industrialized Economy. Key words: the machine.

A see and be seen world, awake, full thoughts and speech, self-actualized as people shape their own worlds through the Communicator, a reflection of the Computerized Economy. Key words: the dance.

Change and freedom from oppression. Knowledge is power. An understanding of cultural rules and The Holy Spirit Way. An understanding of the artist’s way and karmic redemption. An opportunity to get your love life to work out, to have meaningful work, to follow your callings from the Spirit and dance through life without psychiatrists, psychiatric medication, prisons and too much suffering. An end to Nihilism and a celebration of better mentoring and discernment.

The Way of Peace.



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Rebecca Anne Banks

© 2017