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It is a warm, dark, autumn afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The beech trees have turned yellow, the pumpkins are in down at Atwater Market, soon it will be Christmas. I am working on the Somewhere My Love Anthology, winners will be announced in November 2017 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry. Busy with Poetry Book Publishing and Marketing, WebSite Development and Quilt Mending at Kintsugi Art Quilts, www.kintsugiartquilts.com. Poetry is writing . . .

“May you be blessed with interesting times.”
- Lao Tsu (Philosopher)

“The natural state of the world is war, as it was meant to be.”
- the unexpressed thought of a blonde woman at the Eaton’s Centre, Toronto

“One man’s hell, is another man’s heaven.”
- Collective Wisdom

“The Western World is the cult of ego.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“each line of elite white families has rules of culture or behaviour, if broken could be horrific consequences.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“i was reading on the Internet 50% of the adult population in the United States is single . . . wtf. people not made to be alone in a room. everyone has a Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover. just wtf.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The following are some thoughts on democracy. What is democracy? A just vision of government and Society so that everyone’s needs are met in safety, justice, peace and happiness, a place where people are free to be under the auspices of the Holy Spirit. A government with checks and balances, where emergencies are taken care of, ensuring the population has their needs met and that the society runs smoothly and peacefully. A just vision for the society shared by most people.

What is freedom?

- Having enough – food, shelter, healthcare, education, being able to follow true callings for love and work.

- Lack of Violence – because people have their needs met and channel their energies into exercise, release work, arts callings, suitable work, happy love lives and networking over the Internet.

- Safety – not having to worry about someone elses opinion of you or for your safety or the safety of your friends and family.

- Transparency – the truth about everything and everyone is in the light of day.

- Lack of Discrimination – people do not discriminate against each other because they are different or traditional family enemies. People do not carry disputes or arguments past the grave, descendants of people who have wronged people are not responsible for those people’s actions (it is like blaming someone for something they are not responsible for). Do not abuse people just because they are different, if you do not like someone, steer clear of them.

- Freedom of thought/Freedom of religion – the basic tenets of the Holy Spirit and Signs from God are the same for everyone.

- Socialization - everyone should have a basic understanding of the “rules” of society, the cultural rules and the Holy Spirit/Karmic rules and the rules of their family, especially if they are members of the elite. An understanding of the Holy Spirit tenet to not hurt others because it is like hurting ourselves and thought, word and deed should be in line with the Holy Spirit. It is important to have good people around to mentor you properly, providing feedback, people who know you, who have proved themselves in the past with good judgment. Proper socialization is so important, with well meaning, emotionally stable and healthy parents, family members and friends.

- Reputation/A Personal Honour Code – everyone is known for the decisions they make in their personal as well as business life. It is important to be fair, to forgive people, not hurt people (the basis of the Ten Commandments), and be on the side of the argument backed by the Holy Spirit.

when a commitment is made in marriage – often the young people do not know what they are doing because they don’t know themselves well enough or don’t know the cultural/Karmic rules. (It is important to do the personal checklist at World Peace Newsletter Noel/Christmas Special 2011). It is a moral grey zone, on the one hand it is important to keep commitments on the other hand it is a lifetime commitment that should only be attempted with a careful understanding of what you are doing and a positive Sign from God. It is not comfortable and a violence being in an unhappy intimate relationship and we were not put on earth to suffer. It is important to forgive people and give only a slight of public opinion if a lover leaves (read “How to Cure Depression when a Lover Leaves” at World Peace Newsletter mid-Novembre/November 2011). You get 5 chances with 5 different lovers before you turn karmically impure (on a Sign from God). It is important to have a personal code of honour, for example it is not O.K. to marry someone (or have sex with them) as their 5th lover unless you know what you are doing and will stay with them, you have input and the agreement of your families and the Community. After the fifth lover, if you do not stay with them in covenant they are karmically impure by a Sign from the Holy Spirit. I suspect this makes it difficult to have a covenant longterm relationship, that is just karmically, not including what is going on in cultural terms. (that being said I know of 2 people who I suspect were karmically impure who were committed to being in a marriage relationship and although extremely conflicted (there violent emotional interchanges were like watching a horror movie), they were together for 26 years). Also for example, as a general rule it is not O.K. to have intimate relationships with young people (teenagers) when you are older, in my mind it is not alright to use up their karmic purity, and give them emotional baggage, particularly if the relationship can't last (also most young people do not know themselves well enough to enter into and remain in a covenant relationship and they usually have a Starcrossed Lover).

- The Political Will - The idea of unofficial consensus – the Collective Unconscious – when a majority of people think the same way, things bloom into a better way and things change.

There is an ancient underlying Old Agricultural Society cultural violence code in the West. When men are not happy in their love lives, they may act out in violence and/or become rapists. People need to be at home in their love lives. Rules of the society are supposed to be there to ensure safety, democracy and justice. It is not supposed to be a contention of wills in a Parthenon because people did not understand what they were doing in their love lives. The West is not a true democracy unless it listens to Signs from God and people are better mentored and discerned. The white culture is a hard way and at the end of a cultural contention the truth is made apparent through Signs from God. (this is a good thing) But why is the bone of contention there in the first place? It is the basis of a very old social control system that has not translated well into a peaceful and safe society in the 20th century. The 20th century has been rife with violence and 2 World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, the Middle East and more.

The rules of culture of the elite white families – the rules are different for different families, creates more violence in some families than others, that being said it seems too easy to be in trouble in certain families. The entire world is run by thoughts, thoughts are often in process, they are not concrete and can be misinterpreted. These cursehold rules taken out of context and abrogated by foreign governments, became a natural for chaos. These rules were never meant to be taken out of context, they were never meant to be capricious and people are not supposed to be hurting each othee, peace is the basic tenet of Christianity. It is not alright to have Machiavellian agendas, to cause chaos, to rape people when they are not looking, to murder people or to desire a woman and curse her so she will sleep with you. The older people in the family who are creating violence should know better, it is not alright to misinterpret young people and cause violence. The proper use of elite privledge is for protection and creating happy marriages, manifesting violence and enemies for young people because they are not socialized properly or because they do not know better is not alright. All the rules are meant to be interpreted in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit. It is not alright for the male members of the Community to be “operators” hurting women and innocents or making bad calls, if they are unhappy in their love lives they should network socially, particularly over the Internet and find someone who is a reciprocal longterm covenant love interest and take out their anger and frustration by doing release work, physical exercise and deep breathing and channeling their energies into something positive like business, sports or an arts calling. Everyone has natural callings for love and work and should be able to follow them.

A Sign from God is a beautiful miracle that tells the truth of the situation and when giving direction keeps you in mind, so that it is the best possible outcome for you as well. It is too easy to be ruined, never give more than a slight of public opinion (that is the truth) initially, this will keep you in good stead with the Community and the Spirit. By being a "clean" operator, not causing violence, the good karma will reflect back on you and will help you be successful in all your endeavours. There are rules of contention over bedrights, ask telepathically, understand what is happening, and what it means. (“How to have a geat love affair” World Peace Newsletter St.Valentine’s Day Special Fevrier/February 2011 and “How to discern the perfect love life” World Peace Newsletter Noel/Christmas Special 2011).

It is important for families to talk. For people to have happy love lives. For people to have meaningful work. Better mentoring and discernment. No Machiavellian agendas. To practice non-violence.

Corrupt elites. It is the people you meet and know in your everyday life that are the ones you are dealing with. They may be members of the elite and everyone has a voice. People know of you the day you are born, sometimes traditional family friends as well as traditional family enemies have plans for you as well as your family.

In a true democracy everyone would be married to their Starcrossed or more suited Lover by they time they were 18 years old (or in a reasonable time, hopefully by 25 years old) and/or following their callings from the Holy Spirit. Everyone has the right to be happy in their love life. Everyone has the right to meaningful work. Everyone has the right to have the basics of life including socialization and knowledge of the culture/Spirit rules. Everyone has the right to safety for themselves and their loved ones and friends. Working for personal happiness, true freedom and democracy in the West and in the World.

The Way of Peace.



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