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It is quiet night in November, the grey days rolling into winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The Christmas Yule Logs gateaux are in down at the Market, awaiting amaryllis plants at the florist. The Somewhere My Love Anthology is available at Amazon Stations, poetry for Christmas. The theme of the Christmas Issue 2017 of Subterranean Blue Poetry is "Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley". Stay Tuned . . .

“Who is watching the watchers?”
- Collective Wisdom

“Big Brother is Watching You” from Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, is a warning about totalitarian governments, a work born from the Old Society, the Industrialized Society, it comes from a disembodied time when people did not really see each other. With the Internet everyone can see each other, we are all human, wearing underwear, drinking coffee by the window in the morning - in the Online Society everyone can see the man behind the machine.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

“Was Brave New World by Alduous Huxley, the utopia/dystopia, a warning about social control?”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

The world is filled with many different types of people, some of them not healthy, others with hidden agendas, dirty politics, chaos politics, traditional family enemies. Is modern day surveillance an issue?

In my experience the population of over-30’s is very bell-weathered. The more sexual partners, the more celibacy, the more suffering, I suspect the greater telepathic ability. The nature of the human animal and the Holy Spirit is such that if you suffer greatly you are honed into greater abilities (to a point, if the suffering is too great you may not be effective as an employee/operator but it is possible to heal over years and be re-established). It is important to follow the Holy Spirit Way – follow your calling for work, (and/or give back to the community), follow your calling for love, do not hurt innocents and pray at least once a week.

I suspect the majority of the population is karmically impure and not married to their Starcrossed or more suited lover on a positive SignfromGod, causing suffering, karmic dissonance, violence, debt and a war economy. Because the majority of the population is so bell-weathered, a majority of those over 30 years old are very astute and just by looking or by talking for a few minutes can discern a lot of information, nothing is private. It is possible for someone bell-weathered to be able to tell your state of mental and physical health, your age, how many lovers you’ve had, how much monies you have, if you have suffered greatly, your soul colours, when you are leaving your apartment, where you are going and just about anything right down to what you had for breakfast. In such an open world, including public disclosures over the Internet through social media, it is possible to pretty much know just about anything about anyone, it makes a very close world. But what are people doing with this information, is it safe? Over the Internet it is possible to see naysayers and supporters, it may not be possible to see naysayers or supporters in your “real” life. If you are not socialized effectively or someone is operating in the background that you don’t know about, it may not be possible to know when someone in “the cult of ego” cultural diaspora is “operating” on you, in the space of five seconds your life could be ruined perhaps for years, perhaps irreparably. No one minds a positive introduction, but it is one thing to have plans for someone and another to expect them to show up. Women/men have the right to say no to sexual advances. Are men stalking women, shaking them down for sexual services, is rape and murder happening?

People who are well-socialized, well looked after, not suffering too much, in happy longterm covenant marriages, of good mental health, not hurting innocents are not a problem. But in a world where the vast majority of people are karmically impure, in serial intimate relationships (which makes them rape victims), or cast in celibacy when they should be happily married or some variation of this, there is potential for great violence. With an unofficial cultural dynamic that is organized violence, “the cult of ego” that causes chaos, elite security paradigms, people who are not socialized properly, as well as chaos (traditional family enemies, foreign chaos governments, people with hidden agendas) and “green” operators the current state of wellness of N.A. and indeed the world may not be good.

It should be O.K. to have unguarded thoughts, however there is an unofficial policy of “tabula rasa” where the psychic thought ouevre is silent. It is a matter of who is observing your psychic train of thought and if they are making choices that hurt innocents. Regardless of being in public or private space and thoughts, speech, actions or a lack of thought, speech, actions, it is not right to cause violence to innocents. Always it is important to remember the cardinal rule, do not hurt innocents. If you hurt an innocent, it will affect your mental health, you will be depressed even suicidal, maybe paranoid, maybe schizophrenic, fighting with people, people will walk away from you, it will negatively affect your reputation, your bottom line will be out, your monies won’t stick with you and you will be out of step missing opportunites. I suspect trespass against others will cause suffering causing drinking or doing drugs, making the trespasser an alcoholic or drug addict, perhaps seeing a psychiatrist. Regardless of any other paradigms operating in the background, cultural misfiture, traditional family enemies, political agendas it is important not to hurt innocents and I suspect the vast majority of people are considered innocents by the Holy Spirit. Usually the Holy Spirit has a plan for everyone, it is one that is inline with the persons nature and abilities and aids the person as well as the Community in callings from God. There are SignsfromGod around this, if someone has trespassed very badly they should be in a controlled setting where they can’t hurt others or themselves. You should not be responsible for the actions of other people.

Also in such a telepathic, open world, people’s head thoughts may be being abrogated as economic drivers. Open ideas for products, marketing, streamlining systems are being put into the soup of the consciousness and manifesting monies for people with the resources to develop them. When one has suffered so incredibly, your personal life may be negligible, everything is in the open including your sex life, are we also free porn for the state house? Are people being tortured into unsuitable marriages just to create economic drivers?

In an ideal world it would not be possible for someone to control outcomes for someone else. Everyone is a free spirit, reely born, an innocent with callings for work and love from God. It is O.K. to do positive things, like suggest a suitable occupation or suggest a suitable love interest, and help guide someone into positive win-win situations but it is not alright to expect compliance. Ideally everyone would be effectively socialized, particularly in the Holy Spirit Way, it is not alright to live in a world where you are making decisions of major weight without realizing what you are doing.

The world is overconstructed. Are people being made into economic drivers? Great suffering – in some parts of a major city (Montreal) 50% of the population lives alone, life was meant to be lived in sacrament with other people, people making and sharing meals, living in harmony with their Starcrossed Lover in happy covenant for longterm. People living alone rates with industrial animal farming techniques. Their beds are being broken into serial lovers and/or long-time celibacy. People are living within a social/cultural/political paradigm they may not know about because people were not effectively mentored or discerned for life or marriage in the Old Society. Great suffering is karmic dissonance, which translates into a violent, debt-ridden, war economy. So any benefits gleaned from this abusive system are lost in translation with the incredible violence of the weight of karmic undertow. People are not meant to be living in serial sexual relationships, or in relationships that are sexual blasphemy, or in celibacy, they are meant to be married to their Starcrossed Lover on a Sign from God, in happy longterm covenant, as God intended according to the Holy Spirit Way, hopefully by the time they are 18 years old or 25 years old at the latest. God provides a marriage partner for longterm happy covenant on a special SignfromGod, sometimes more than one. In a society that valued good mental health, good physical health and safety everyone would be married to their Starcrossed or more suited Lover on a positive Sign from God according to the Holy Spirit Way. And people should have access to free or inexpensive birth control, one or two well-looked after children are just replacing the parents so the population stays stasis and does not go up. With better mentoring and discernment in life and marriage the in-general love life malaise that seems to pervade N.A. could be alleviated. Otherwise the public welfare state looks after people, there is food and shelter, healthcare, education, free Wi-Fi in public places, in my experience small business policies are positive and conducive to a prosperous healthy existence.

The Way of Peace.



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Rebecca Anne Banks

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