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Christmas Newsletter 2017

I am celebrating Christmas with Tango Blue Arias, some huge gold ornaments strung across the window and a fast-growing candy stripe amaryllis with 2 buds. I have made some butter tarts and am looking forward to Christmas dinner. Tango and me are looking for a part Persian/long hair cat campanion, a girl cat who is about 2 years old, fixed, who is well socialized to add to our family.

It has been a very productive year. I have written and published, Letters from Winter (sparked by the vigil for Leonard Cohen who died last November), Paris Blue (an ensuite of poetry inspired by The Other Paris by Luc Sante, a book about the street life of Paris in the 1800’s), The Holy Spirit Way (a guide to the Holy Spirit paradigm that operates in the background of everyone’s life) and Somewhere My Love Anthology (a contest/anthology with the theme of love and war, inspired by the themesong and story of Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak). Letters from Winter and Paris Blue are written in both French and English. I also wrote Sign Posts and am writing Sleeper, books of poetry. I have 6 books of poetry awaiting publication and a book of short stories, plus about 17 CD’s of original New Age folk/rock music to be produced.

I have had some book sales of works going to charities, both Chez Doris and The Open Door should be getting a cheque early next year. I performed my first comedy sketch at infringement Festival Montreal in July 2017. And, created and published 12 issues of Subterranean Blue Poetry, www.subterraneanbluepoetry.com. During the Summer I attended a series of writing workshops by a local Playwright and Actress. I had a poem published in Anthem: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen Anthology.

I have been working on the publishing of poetry manuscripts, please see Services @ www.subterraneanbluepoety.com if you are interested in being a Subterranean Blue Poetry imprint. I also have been writing Book Reviews and performing WebSite Design and Updates, and I also do Social Media campaigns for Poets/Authors.

I love quilting but never seem to have enough time for it. Yet, I had an inspiration to open Kintsugi Art Quilts, a quilt mending/repair service using gold silk, in the spirit of Kintsugi ceramic mending, a tradition from Japan. I am purchasing vintage quilts, washing and mending them and offering them for sale. I also offer a service to Kintsugi people’s quilts.

In the Summer I purchased an antique library online and gave it a coat of white paint. It will house some art and my books of poetry. I also bought a new Dell laptop computer, that seems to repair itself, rather magically.

The work for peace continues. Poetry is writing . . .

The Way of Peace.

Merry Christmas!



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