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The stirrings of light and rain mark the beginning of printemps amongst the blue islands . . . Writing seems to have cooled, waiting dormant for inspiration and the warmth of the Muse and Summer. I am planning a new release on iTunes in the Summer months, Songs from the Island of the Blue Dolphin. Concerts in the Montreal Metro continue and are usually advertised the day of, on Touring Information at Tea at Tympani Lane Records.

The following is a continuation of the last two Newsletters . . . In the 70 years since industrialization Western society has had yet another major shift in the economy due to the invention of the computer, automation, and the Internet, ECommerce and small business entrepreneurship causing great stress of change on individuals, the private sector and government. The new economy is shaking society to its very roots, firstly because it came on the back of the invention of the steam engine which fueled industrialization such a short time ago and secondly because it is upheaving systems, causing havoc with the social economy and changing the way of life of a majority of people (and what will this mean for women and particularly prostitution). Many manufacturing systems have become automated causing a shift in employment to a more intelligent computer-based worker (installing and caretaking automated systems, writing computer programs). Causing employment problems for the people who used to work in the factories, some of these people switch to the service sector, some pick up musical instruments, some become retrained and strain is put on the social assistance system. Stress on the economy is tantamount at times of economic change, causing stress on families and individuals and according to the social theorist Emile Durkheim causing an increase in the suicide rate. Also the advent of the personal computer has streamlined office systems and business administration (requiring less time and becoming more efficient), this coupled with the Internet and Ecommerce has led to the growth of the entrepreneur and small business. With the growth of dot com jobs and at-home offices, workers are experiencing a new freedom with the flexibility of setting their own hours, making it easier to work from home and bring up children and making it easier to coordinate schedules, creating peace in the home. A number of perks include no travelling time to the office and no need for work clothes and an increase in the ease of communicating with friends, family members and business contacts through telephony, cell phones and email. This shift in the economy is a major boon to women, they can work from home and can work in any occupation that they are suited for, with a social welfare system as backup there is not as much hardship and therefore theoretically, reduces the number of women who become prostitutes. However, modern society has an entire underclass of people, some men and particularly women who do not charge for sexual services but are in essentially rotating sexual partner situations because of the "sex wars" and karmic impurity, basically unpaid sex trade workers. (And old karmic adages say there is a negative karma around accepting monies for sexual services as it violates the unwritten code of love. As a social more women who accept monies for sexual favours were not considered acceptable public company throughout history.) How do these "fallen" women keep families and jobs together, after the emotional fall out of ended relationships? These women become quite emotionally broken,often need therapy and quite possibly end up on social assistance. The "fallen" men are in similar circumstances, except they in general are not as sensitive as women, and may be able to survive better.

The casual contempt of rejected lovers that causes the "sex wars." Ideally an intimate relationship for most would never end, one ideally is married to one's Fated Other (who you are ideally suited for having come together and melded in the guft before you were born and meeting again in this lifetime). When people are mentored and discerned properly it is possible to have a good settle in marriage, however, young people often do not trust the Old Ways enough or have not been socialized properly and so do not trust their elders. There is a large percentage of the population that becomes karmically impure (because they do not understand the ways of karma and are not mentored effectively) having had many lovers. It is difficult to lose a lover (for the very sensitive a life threatening situation) and calls for better mentoring and discernment, ask a lot of questions. There are people who attempt to hold onto their lovers by threatening them and in particular their ex-partner's new lovers. People can even square off on people they haven't slept with, and break their sex lives until they are karmically impure, waiting in the background to pick them up (even though they were not considered a suitable partner by the love interest). Some women are beaten into "place" someone has designs on them and breaks them through their lovers (threatening the person's lover until he leaves) until the woman is with a certain person, regardless of whether the relationship is suitable or not for the woman. There is a clear lack of due consideration. People take sides, you can be disabused by all your associates and people you don't even know and end up a rape victim. If these situations are not discerned properly by the Community, the disabuse can go on for years and situations may not be discerned effectively because people do not want to get involved and they do not want to get involved because they or their families may feel threatened. However,by not getting involved they are creating a sin of omission that in the end jeopardizes the safety of the community. Everyone has a reputation and as the truth of the situation becomes known, what people have done can affect if they are disabused, what job they get or if their love life will work out.It is one thing to cause public opinion to turn on a love interest who has left but quite another to threaten people with due force until they comply with sexual services. The answer is better mentoring and discernment in relationship, for most it is best not to get into an intimate relationship unless it looks like it can last over longterm. Be aware of the cultural/karmic rules and ask a lot of questions so you know what is going on. The elite allows the "sex wars" because it has roots in the traditional culture, plays into important people's security paradigms, the more the "truant" is beaten, the more they can be milked for ideas as an economic driver and it is entertainment for the Society. The people in Hollywood remind me of very beautiful, talented rape victims who are very well looked after (with strong social supports) who make a lot of money. To a point sexual brokenness drives the economy making some very good workers but at the point the silver wheel breaks is the point where a job opens up for someone else, as this person could commit suicide, become violent or be too inebriated to work. As long as people are not socialized into the Society effectively, as long as all someone has to do is threaten someone for sexual compliance this is not a democracy. This is not a true democracy as long as all one has to do is threaten to kill someone (with an intent of due force) to get what they want. The cost of crossed communications sets up the possibility of violence, addictions, prostitution, rape, wounded celibacy, homosexuality, therapy bills, incarcerations in mental institutions, incarcerations in prisons, fractured families, of being on social assistance, murder and particularly suicide.

It is important to forgive, if something is wrong the situation needs to be addressed immediately and resolved, everyone has a reputation, people of not good reputation are not good company and deserve to be illuminated with right thinking and shunned if they do not agree to stop hurting others.

The Way of Peace,



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