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World Message of Peace

Happy New Year's from Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Thinking of the people of perpetual Spring, I have come up with a comfort food list to help when intimate relationships break, your credit card is astronomical or you are just having a really, really bad day. A little help from muther's pantry and a sale at the grocery and voila, the edge is gone and happy times are here again. (And you may have a few foods you could add to this list.)

“How can you mend a broken heart?
How can a loser ever win,
Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again”
- from How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? by the BeeGees

“Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin' for a train
And I’s feelin’ near as faded as my jeans . . .”
- from Me and Bobby McGee by Kris Kristofferson/Janis Joplin

Having a bad day? You lost your job, had to renege on your credit cards, your best friend die, your lover die, your lover leave, your pet die, the house is on fire, the roof is falling in and you don’t know how you are going to pay for it? . . . is everything a disaster? This is a list of the most mind-blowing foods to survive disaster, you too can survive the Apocalypse with a little help from the sales flyers from the local grocery store and the right recipe. Voila, foods that can take the edge off anything, you too can feel better although living in hell. Although you wish you were dead, you too can live with a little help from Muther’s Cupboard. And remember, hell can be temporary, things change, people get arighted in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, make good decisions, your luck changes and tomorrow is a new day. If you ate these food all the time, you might have to worry about your health but for that initial cut of disaster relief there is nothing like this list for gastronomical comfort.

Ice cream with anything.

Whipped cream with anything.

Tiramisu (Italian whipped cream and cake).

Trifle (cake and custard and fresh fruit and whipping cream).

French Yule Log cake or anything with thick whipped butter icing.

Chocolate Sauce with anything.

Butterscotch Sauce with anything.

Warm homemade buttertarts with a shot of brandy and molasses/maple syrup for flavouring.

Warm Dim Sum Pastry.

Dim Sum.

Hot garlic butter and cheese bread, fresh from the oven.

Deep-fried clams and chips with ketchup.

Deep-fried onion rings and chips.

Steamed lobster with seafood sauce and deep-fried chips.

Poutine, deep-fried chips with gravy, cheese curds and ketchup.

Chinese Food.

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce and Pasta with garlic/cheese bread hot from the oven.

Hot stew with dumplings.

Grilled cheese sandwich with sweet pickles.

Camembert/Brie Cheese Round in Filo Pastry and Baked.

Smoked salmon with cream cheese, topped with a sunny-side fried egg with warm runny yolk on a toasted buttered bagel.

Salmon fishcakes topped with fresh fruit, Maple syrup and yogurt/sour cream.

Any food that is calling to you, telling you it wants you to eat it.

Disaster planning, foods from heaven for living in hell . . . one day we will be free!



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Rebecca Anne Banks

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