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A quiet night at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I have just launched 2 Free LifeWays EBooks at both Tea at Tympani Lane Records and Subterranean Blue Poetry. Everything you need to know about life but were afraid to ask is in both these books, The Holy Spirit Way (about the hidden Holy Spirit paradigm in the background of everyone's life) and On Love and Marriage in the New Age (about love/sex/politics and discernment in marriage). Poetry is writing . . .

Certain people are born with an open head array, all their thoughts are in the open, these people according to information through the grapevine are supposed to be leaders. So they are shamans, oracles, elders, wise ones, sometimes artists, this is what they ripen into over time. My particular psych type includes, Marketer/Politician/ Economist/Psychologist/Teacher/Librarian/Artist/Chef. I could tell stories about being with an open thought array head in the white culture that would make your toes curl, often awful or big humor. People with this head array, should be carefully nurtured and trained, in a happy home environment maybe with the help of a psychologist. Often traditional family enemies, people in your family, people in the Community have plans for you, this should not be a priority over effective socialization, mentoring and discernment, in the culture and in the Holy Spirit Way. These hidden agendas are often very covert, you may not be aware of them, from traditional family enemies, possibly hoping to end your blood line, or in very serious end game they may want you to sexually service them in rotation and/or suicide. Sometimes someone (or more than one man) is planning you as his wife, and pulling strings so that your lovers leave or manipulating your life and your job prospects. (this is the NoMan alert, when someone totally unsuited can barrel hose your life sometimes for years and sometimes that’s even before you’ve met them). No one minds an introduction or a good situation, it is one thing to plan but the desiree should not have to feel threatened into showing up. Women should have the right to say no to sexual advances and should not be caught in mind blowing time constructs without a partner or with revolving lovers. Sometimes governments/traditional family enemies/your own family and friends are participating in “blood sport”, creating negative situations or planning false lovers or playing with your job prospects - what happens to you is big entertainment for the elite. The white culture is a monster, women committing “trespass” are fair game for rape when they may not have been socialized effectively. What happens to someone who is not socialized effectively/suffers from child abuse/childhood sexual abuse is public sport for traditional family enemies. Often these unfortunate people don’t know who to trust, have ruined love lives, become mental patients, street people, alcoholics and drug abusers, are on public assistance, can’t keep jobs. And may be Oracles and economic drivers, but their suffering is karmic dissonance that manifests violence.

As well as having this special head array, I am brain damaged, have frontal lobe damage from a rough forceps delivery and see in pictures. In and of itself this is not really major, any damage has grown over, leaving me with super telepathy, psychic abilities and a very creative personality. What is major is that I didn’t have telepathy coming in regularly until someone in the street gave me a visualization with his hand to pull in the muscles in my pineal gland, rooting me in telepathy when I was about 30 years old. Also, there are a few side effects, to do with inappropriate social behaviour that could have been aided by a psychologist. I became socialized picking up cultural information in the street over the past 20 years. However, someone with this head array is out of place in the white culture society, exacerbated by political enemies. Often people will look at me and think, “how can you be brain-damaged, you are smarter than me?” Sometimes people are jealous and go out of their way to give you a hard time. Being part indigenous, part French Canadian and European, it is difficult to fit in with the old Canadian English society, often perceived differences exacerbate violence, particularly amongst people of different psychological/ethnic backgrounds. Often just because men can talk to me they think that it is O.K. to rape me (or to put the moves on), when someone of such a sensitive nature would most likely eventually suicide in a rotating lover situation.

When I first meet someone I often give an immediate impression of what the person is all about in thoughts, often offending people. Over time I learned to become very diplomatic and even-handed. It is also important not to affect people’s bottom lines negatively, by being even-handed about critiques of products, systems, policies. A person with this head array cannot work with private information. Once I worked with medical records, someone with this head array should not be working with private information, it is immeadiately made public through thoughts. I found it incredibly difficult to find work. I went through the yellow pages of the small Ontario town I lived in twice phoning any company that might have need of a secretary and could not find anything. Once an inventor/businessman contacted me and he wanted me to be his secretary. I explained to him that my head was completely open and as soon as he came up with a new idea to develop and wanted me to write it down, it would be public knowledge, just through thoughts. (possibly negating earning power through development by the competition). I was so misunderstood I came to the attention of the psychiatric system when a young adult, which did not give a true diagnosis.

Only the positive elements of the white culture should be kept, any initial violence is a throwback to Satanism and should not be adhered to or tolerated. Plus I suspect N.A. has been infiltrated by foreign chaos governments, the fabric of society has been ruined, extended and nuclear families are in abeyance, in many places in cities 50% of the population lives alone. People are conscripted into “house” configurations based on physical appearance often expected to marry someone of a certain physical type. Sometimes this is benign (if properly discerned with a positive SignfromGod), often it is not. I suspect “house” configurations were supposed to lessen violence for the elite, however people have become so burdened with too many lovers or in unhappy marriages, the opposite is true and violence is rife. God sent each one of us a Starcrossed Lover on a special SignfromGod, sometimes more than one, plus it is possible to discern a good settle with positive SignsfromGod. According to the Holy Spirit people are supposed to marry someone on a positive SignfromGod for happy longterm covenant. In my experience SignsfromGod for a lover are always of the opposite sex. God has a mission for everyone. All God asks of us is to follow your calling for work, follow your calling for love and not to hurt innocents. It should be alright to make mistakes in your love life without having to pay for it with violence to yourself or to your family. The Internet is more forgiving than some ex-lovers. If people were better mentored and discerned for life and love there would be less violence, the majority of people would be in happy covenant marriages and the economy theoretically would improve.

Wholesale abuse of this society’s Oracles, healers and leaders must stop or anyone with a disability or who is different. The white culture is over-constructed, based in Satanism and may have been infiltrated by chaos governments. Having an unhealthy, abusive childhood should not ensure violence and an unhappy love life, a life lived alone in addictions. People in the white society are very good at making people scapegoat. Racism and picking on queers or anyone that is different is often something to do on a Saturday night. They killed the “clowns” in the Indigenous people’s communities. These “clowns” would illuminate truths through humour to help keep peace in the Indigenous Community. The white culture/war economy has incredible edge and violence that could be lessened with happy longterm covenant marriages on a SignfromGod when people are young adults. Birth control and family planning should be free or inexpensive, everyone who has children should have a calling to bring them up effectively with love. It would also help to have knowledge of the Holy Spirit Way, there is an entire karmic paradigm operating in the background based in the Creator, as if God left every one of us a roadmap for our lives. Knowledge is life, living a considered, informed life without violence is the Holy Spirit Way.

The Way of Peace.



P.S.: there may be rules about self-disclosure in white culture (ask telepathically), sometimes frowned upon. I can do this because I have a lot of influence and special dispensations of karmic redemption.

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