Tea at Tympani Lane Records

World Message of Peace

It is quiet warm March night at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Just picked up some large orange tulips down at the Market, have been having symphonique days. Working on French Translations of The Colour of Pomegranates. Also picking up poetry manuscript publishing assignments and WebSite updating. Poetry is writing . . .

Newest culinary discovery! Sirrachi Sauce from China – made with spicy hot chilli peppers, it is like spicy ketchup. A new condiment for the kitchen.

Good to put on fries.

Good for Tex-Mex cooking – fajitas, chilli sauce etc.

Good for broiling meat.

Maybe mix with mayonnaise and put on hamburgers.

Good with eggs.

Bake on peanuts with salt.

Maybe an adjunct of ketchup, mix with ketchup and use as if it is ketchup, that is if you find it too spicy. Also adding a little to sauces, soups and stews wakes up the flavour. Instant spice, good to add for anything that needs pepper. Not unlike Dijon mustard or Pesto, a new staple for condiments. I found some at the local grocery and also down at the local Dollarama. Hot in the kitchen, Sirrachi Sauce.



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