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It is quiet evening in grey sky winter and has been storming all afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. WebSite development work, book publishing assignments and a new book review assignment, things are bubbling. I am also working on translations of "The Colour of Pomegranates", Subterranean Blue Poetry is ready for April 2018. Poetry is writing . . .

"white winter sunshine

falling snow

from the covered trees . . ."

"anything you do positive or negative will become magnified and return to you thrice x's thrice (9 x's)."
- Old Wiccan Proverb

"Oracles can discern the truth, when you lie there is an empathic SignfromGod."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Writer/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

“running a country is a career and a calling, it is not an ambition.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Writer/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist)

I think all political agendas or agendas of any kind should be out in the open. (no more hidden agendas) this opens the path for real dialogue and creative win-win solutions.

This requires honesty.

This requires seeing other people in all their humanity.

This requires recognizing an individual’s autonomy to follow their callings for love and work under the hand of God, as long as they are not trespassing against another.

This requires that you recognize the rights of people who are different than you or who do not think the same way as you to voice an opinion. When people think differently, it is good to get their input, then you can discern the ultimate truth in line with the Holy Spirit. (Hegel – thesis, antithesis, synthesis)

If your goal is to be violent, hurt and murder people and rape women in serial marriages or arranged marriages that are not suitable, and are violent and destructive this is not in line with the Holy Spirit Way. Any agenda that is not inline with the Holy Spirit Way is trespass and karmic dissonance which manifests violence, debt and war.

A real democratic society is inline with the Holy Spirit. The vast majority of people are married in longterm covenant to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover on a positive SignfromGod by the time they are 18 years old or in a reasonable time frame before they are 30 years. All God asks of us is that we follow our calling for love, follow our calling for work and not to hurt each other, particularly innocents. “Revenge is mine saith the Lord”. All feelings of hurt can be dealt with by asking God to take away any strong emotion and by requesting special prayers to ease pining for a missing lover, and healing prayers. There is an entire list of ways to deal with suicidal feelings and dealing with a broken love relationship (World Peace Newsletter, December 2011).

A society in line with the Holy Spirit Way will have less strain on the healthcare system, less mental patients, less suicides, less alcohol and drug addicts, less violence, less people in the prison house and because the majority of people are in karmically pure happy marriages the economy will be prosperous. In my experience of the West any good idea will be heard and perhaps developed. Dialogue takes place when people are open and honest about their objectives, if your goals are mayhem, violence and chaos, you need to ask yourself would you want this same mayhem and chaos to happen to you, your friends and family? By karma what you do to others becomes magnified and returns to the sender. It is a world society through the Internet and everyone can see each other, everyone is a potential friend.

Political agendas like “capitalism” and “communism” and “facism” are just words with certain precepts behind them. In the end game any government that trespasses against the innocent individual, abusing, terrorizing, torturing (physically and/or mentally), murdering, raping, driving to suicide, and/or interferes with the persons callings from God for love and work, actively undermining or not aiding in helping the individual fulfill his missions from God, is not a democracy. Abuse is violence and karmic dissonance and reflects as violence and a debt ridden, war economy. Any society in which the vast majority of people can discern and follow their callings for work and love, where people are happy and there is no abuse of innocents is inline with the Holy Spirit Way. This is the ideal society, the vast majority of people are happy in their callings, and this should create peace and happiness and ultimately a prosperous online economy.

Canada is basically a social welfare state, there is universal healthcare, welfare if you fall on hard times and can’t find employment or cannot work and a full social safety net of soup kitchens, food banks and hostels, as well as low cost and charity run stores providing goods and clothing at inexpensive prices. It is possible to receive loans and grants for post secondary education and to network over Internet sites for things you need. There is also childcare and preschools. There is free public WiFi if you can’t afford at home Internet hosting, in malls and coffee shops and certain Internet hubs. In the transition economy it will be possible for those who cannot find traditional employment to follow and develop their calling(s) for work by having a store front on the Internet. As commerce kicks in, the cyberspace economy flowers into a place of prosperity, especially when the social construct of marriage is reformed in the Holy Spirit so that the vast majority of people are happily married in covenant to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover on a positive SignfromGod when young adults. My theory is a Society inline with the Holy Spirit Way is inline with peace and prosperity.

As a leader of a country it is important to not take criticism personally. If someone has an idea requiring political jurisprudence, it is best to consider and discuss and come up with the best possible resolution. In the current economy people are usually blowing off steam in their art or in their opinions. In my opinion people should not be capriciously critical, a real nay say should have substance and be based in truth. In N.A. people say it is their right to say whatever they want, but there are also laws about slander. This is a signs and symbols culture, there are messages in the theater, from ordering food at your favourite restaurant, (is the food undercooked, overcooked, missing your favourite vegetable) to having clothes or jewelry made (is it exactly what you ordered or did you have to take what you were given), to how your contracts for business are being filled, to being featured in a political cartoon or in the headlines of a newspaper. In the gamut of society this type of feedback keeps the head(s) informed, it includes you in dialogue with saints and sinners, it is an unofficial opinion of your official and/or unofficial policies but it should not be used capriciously. If heads will roll, it is a warning and a recognition of your humanity. A society that celebrates such a culture is actually healthy, it is information coming in for the head(s). A society where the people are too afraid to give signs and symbols is not healthy. The relationship between the head(s) and their people is important, it is important to be in a constructive dialogue. No one wants to live in a country where you are afraid of each other or of the head(s), afraid of being sexually violated or murdered or afraid of nuclear war. A climate of fear is uncomfortable, it is not safe. If no one is made scapegoat, there are no political enemies, if everyone is effectively discerned for life, work and love, my theory is the vast majority of people will not be violent, there will be love, peace, harmony and prosperity.

Have our love lives become an instrument of the economy? Politics, face card security paradigms, street people coming up with ideas for corporate America, does this interfere with people’s personal lives. People’s love lives are their own, everyone has at least one Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover on a SignfromGod who they are perfectly suited to for longterm happy covenant. If God had wanted us to be whores or unhappy in our love lives he would not have sent the perfect lover on a SignfromGod and sometimes more than one, and you only need one.

Hidden Agendas are not democratic. Just because you do not like someone, they are a different psych type or from a traditional enemy family does not mean they do not deserve to be fully acculturated in political rules and in The Holy Spirit Way or to be raised in a loving family. Also, your plans for this person are not more important than God's plans in concert with this person. My theory is if everyone were better mentored and discerned for life and love there would be no more violence. Everyone has the right to autonomy under God, following their callings for work and love and with the right to live in a safe and happy community.

The Way of Peace.



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