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It is quiet dark and cold Saturdy of Spring at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Working on Kintsugi Quilt Repair, Subterranean Blue Poetry is ready for May 2018, poetry is writing . . .

“In this elite white love cursehold, in the end you are either righteous or you are dead, in the army or clergy in the church.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“We were not put on earth to suffer, we were put on earth to dance with our Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover in the light of the sun, moon and stars.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“Love is an exact science.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“White culture/geopolitics is the cult of ego, presuming schizophrenia, producing drug addicts, mental patients, suicides, emotional and actual violence and war.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“The Old Agricultural Society cultural rules did not translate well into the Industrialized Society, due to the ballooning population and the migration to cities for work, becoming lost and misconstrued, as well as being abrogated by geopolitics. The result was a system of conflageration offering orchestrated death.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The Old World was overconstructed, there was a huge design machine run by the elite (people of influence, corporations, millionaires, governments) and people can be really upset if they have plans for you and you don’t show up (this is their choice and may really have nothing to do with you). The white machine/geopolitics can be a huge sucker punch. There are white culture/geopolitical/karmic rules that need to be learned and followed to prevent chaos. In the past people may have deliberately “drowned” people for their designs by withholding information. If people are not properly socialized and/or have had bad childhoods, they often go on to have unhappy adulthoods without a happy covenant relationship. (often young people do not know themselves well enough, are uncomfortable with the power of a sexual relationship and may not know what they are doing, the cultural and karmic/spirit rules (read World Peace Newsletter Noel/Christmas Special 2011: Discernment in Marriage)). When people do not know the “rules” they may be cursed and forced into serial sexual relationships. The vast majority of women are too sensitive to be whores, it is a violence that causes depression, addictions and suicide. If God had wanted people and particularly women to be whores he would not have sent Starcrossed Lovers, the most suited Lover on a Sign from God for a happy covenant longterm relationship.

It is a culture where people may have control issues and revenge issues delighting in set up and making other people suffer, other peoples suffering is huge entertainment. We were not put on earth to suffer, we were put on earth to dance with our Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover in the light of the sun, moon and stars. Arranged marriages can be antediluvian, particularly if the person operating doesn’t know what they are doing or is an unreliable. (it is possible to use the Discernment Prayer and make a study of psychological type, and favourite soul colours and yet choosing a longterm covenant lover is a very personal thing, it is one thing to have plans for someone else but it is not good to be too attached to end results). Most people have one or more Starcrossed Lovers (you only need one for a longterm covenant marriage) or have cousins that can be a good settle and it is possible to network over the Internet, at work, at school and in public places.

The white culture/geopolitics system may have been run by off-hand thoughts, in some cultures you even have to watch what you think outloud. “Outside thoughts” may come true and may be part psychic, gut instincts, daymares, visualizations unless a certain protocol is followed. This is how they put children in “binders” so they have to take who shows up for them on their wedding day, often taking into account elite security paradigms, the revenge plans of others and sometimes financial payouts to parents. It is important to be pure in thought, word and deed. It is a huge social control cultural system that makes people suffer needlessly so that they experience the “Jewish affect” their intelligence and instincts going into “survival” mode so that they generate a myriad of new ideas to run peoples businesses, new product ideas, new lines for movies, new arts installations, new ideas for organizations and government etc. creating monies but the karmic dissonance from their suffering also creates debt, violence and war.

The white society may discriminate against Black peoples, queers, people with disabilities, people who are “different”, or people who have superior capabilities that people are jealous of, there is a huge rude, bitchy scene that plays into the cultural protocol promoting bullying, rape and violence. When a majority of people are not in happy covenant marriages they become very hurt and may have no tolerance for people who are very different from them and they may take out their emotional pain on the younger generation. Also people who have too many lovers may experiment with their sexuality, act out and get into trouble with the law, be drug addicts/alcoholics, street people, psychiatric patients, commit emotional and/or physical violence, murder or suicide. When a majority of people are karmically impure the weather systems may kick out.

The key to end the systemic violence of white culture/geopolitics is better education. All children should be socialized properly in culture and Holy Spirit/ karmic principal. White culture magic ways are positive and should be taught but the entire system does not have to be backed by a gun. The Old World rules sometimes judge others, as if making scapegoat people for others self-esteem issues and it is schizophrenic. It is important not to have boundary issues and to realize where you begin and end and where someone else begins and ends, it is not O.K. to hurt others because you are self-centered and think other people should bend to your will (if you are feeling suicidal because a lover has left read World Peace Newsletter – mid-Novembre/November 2011 or are missing someone and need to do grief work and stay out of the blame game - often karmic backlash is worse than anything you can imagine or devise, if something is seriously wrong and people are being hurt the situation should be addressed by the Community and creative solutions put in place). It is one thing to tell the truth if a lover has left or if someone has wronged you, it is quite another to murder an innocent or make an innocent suicide. The elite should wake up and put an end to this diabolical affront. In the New Society everyone should be able to follow their natural callings for love and work without having to worry about the safety of themselves or their families. Rather than having to cat tow to a hidden agenda system that milks young people (or anyone) for their business ideas (sometimes giving timelines for when people can marry), uses people for elite security paradigms, uses people for “entertainment”/experimental purposes, creates “us” and “them” paradigms and violence in a cursehold system. Often people do not understand themselves or their love interests enough, in my opinion it is important to give only a slight of public opinion, any more than this causes conflabulation, discord, enemity, huge suffering, serial rape, mental patients, addictions, violence, suicide, murder and war. The white cursehold way is a way of violence, it does not translate in the New Economy, the historical cue is supposed to be only the concern of the elite (approximately 1/3 of the population). In the post-modern world I suspect the white cursehold way because of its subtlety was abrogated by foreign governments to cause chaos and possibly the traditional family enemy scene was out of control. With a huge amount of people as Oracle, I suspect as many as 80% of the population of any given city is karmically impure, the Western World is inculcated violence. In a more educated world the white cursehold way would not be used or would not exist perhaps bringing the percentage of Oracles down to 10 - 15%, a more manageable rate that may bring the weather systems in. It is my theory that people, particularly men, in happy marriages would not cause violence.

In the Old Agricultural Society if a young man didn't meet his Starcrossed lover he became a Bard (traveling to cities, spreading news, singing the stories of his people, a study in the knowledge of the Society and possibly looking for a wife) or Clergy which may have meant being celibate or joined the King's army. Perhaps people were lashing out and killing people because they didn't have beds so they attempted to regulate it so everyone knew what was going on. (with the Internet in the Post-modern Society it is very easy to network all over the world to find a covenant love interest so no need for violence). The cursehold was also a way to control for elite security paradigms, if the children who may be uneducated or capricious and act out, the Community/family could dictate who you could marry. Also, I suspect Cursing was something you did when a lover wanted to leave you, it was a way to keep your lover (interesting as leverage but absolutely spastic if violence occurs and the relationship severed). Because of the natural karmic way of the world everything you say and do becomes magnified and comes back to you, when you curse someone this will come back to you and make you suffer even if just karmically. The cursehold culture is making victims, people with addictions, psychiatric patients, emotional/physical violence, suicide, murder and war. To avoid the Cursehold it is important that everyone be better mentored and discerned for their marriage, no one should have to suffer in an unhappy marriage, serial relationships or in celibacy. (see World Peace Newsletter Noel/Christmas Special 2011 - How to discern the perfect love life). In my opinion the best way is to just give a leaving lover a slight of public opinion, sometimes people reconsider and wander back to you, it is not alright to cause violence for people. Everyone gets 5 chances with 5 different lovers to make their lovelife work longterm before becoming karmically impure, ask a lot of questions, figure out the lay of the land (if there is an elite security paradigm operating), if something is wrong fix it become educated in the culture and in the Spirit/Karma way. Ideally you would have no enemies and put in some good door security, marrying your Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover, perhaps taking in your favourite older person in the family or living with the senior members of the family in the same home.(perhaps everyone in the family should have good door security). It is important to give back to the Community somehow, either by having paying work or by running a small business or doing volunteer work, looking after children under 5 years old would also be a viable calling. If you are on welfare, I would have no more than 2 children. The state of ones finances should not dictate if you have a happy longterm covenant love relationship or not or if you have a family or not, particularly in these difficult economic times with the transition to the Computerized Society.

A strong network of friends, family and Community aided by the incredible gift of being able to reach out and communicate with everyone easily over the Internet creates accountability, needs met, happy covenant marriages and peace in the New Age.

The Way of Peace.



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Rebecca Anne Banks

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