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World Message of Peace

It is quiet, warm Summer Sunday afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I apologize that this is late, it has been a little hectic the last couple of days. I am working on a new book, The Holy Spirit Way for Artists, which is all the inside Holy Spirit information, quotes, ways to develop your arts calling and inspirations to continue on the journey. This book may not be available until next year. Poetry is writing . . .

“Art is the proper task of life.”
- Friedrich Nietszche (Philosopher)

“Inspiration comes when I’m doing other things.”
- John Lennon (Songwriter, Musician, Singer)

The following thoughts are on the role of art in society and the politics of art in the marketplace . . .

Art as Entertainment. To entertain, celebrate and lift people’s spirits.

Art as Activism/Truth telling. Let’s the artist vent about injustices, their own/other peoples. Tells the stories of people in the community and becomes the conscience of society.

Art, where fantasy meets reality. Creates mythologies by recreating truths into a better place. Is a reflection of the Artist’s soul and vision.

Art as a learning tool. So that if something is wrong everyone knows about it. And so that injustices don’t repeat themselves.

Art as inspiration. Inspires other artists and their work. Inspires people to action to resolve injustices. Creates trends (in genres, colours . . .)

Art to heal. By weaving the day and often creating synchronicity from chaos the Artist’s endeavour creates healing. Creating art can cause a spiritual healing in the artist and perhaps in those that observe the work and in the larger Community. A body of work made public by an Artist over a lifetime can create magic with the Holy Spirit causing someone who has had too many lovers (is karmically impure) to become karmically pure again.

Art to create an historical record. Often the Artist’s work is a reflection of the times, like a picture postcard of a particular time and place in the world.

Art worships God. Seminal/great art usually has an element of beauty that glorifies Gods creation.

Art as advertising. Sells products.

Art as design. Creates the spaces we live in. Architecture, furniture, appliances etc.

The Politics of Art

Art, the cultural effects of the Community, should be available to everyone. Poverty should not limit one’s access to the legacy of art. Poverty should not limit an Artists ability to produce art, particularly if it is their calling for work. It is possible for Artists to form collectives/groups to inspire and support each other and perhaps help with materials costs. I believe in offering art work for Pay-What-You-Can, if you download the work of an artist (an MP3, a piece of writing, etc.) just send what you can, a few dollars along by PayPal (even a small gift of 1 or 2 dollars is appreciated.) Because the New Economy has downsized jobs and there are so many producers of art, it leaves little room to breathe and can be difficult for people and Artists to live. Giving away your art for free at first, can get your foot in the door and perhaps help you attain a patron base, however this can be rather soul destroying for the Artist. Sometimes Artists with better financial bases have more monies for supplies, education, advertising and networking. However the great equalizer in the post-modern age is the Internet; it is possible to find information/education, to have a Web presence through social utilities (Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Craigslist . . . ), use free email to advertise to contacts/fans and is relatively inexpensive to launch your own Web site. The Internet potentially gives a wide international audience access to your endeavour and like magic creates mythologies for all Artists/peoples. Mythologies are important because they imagine the Community the way it could be creating peace, healing and beautiful spaces in the New World.

Renumeration of the Artist.

An Artist with a true calling should be able to live and produce art, being looked after by patrons and the Community/society; for the true Artist producing art is a way of life. Often Artists are entertainers, prophets and truth-tellers, they interpret the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit works through them in good works, being an unofficial judge able to discern the truth of a situation and helping to keep peace and social justice in the Community. Also Artists are often economic drivers, producing new ideas, products, streamlining systems, coining phrases, often these ideas are used by other people for free making them a lot of monies. It is important that the producer of ideas/Artist is given something in renumeration (it doesn’t have to be monies, it can be a gift of something they need) or there may be karmic dissonance that reflects negatively on the well being of the person who took the idea. I suspect the good elite understand this.

Museums permanent collections should be free, asking for donations. Traveling collections at Museums should be a reasonable price. It should be possible to visit local art galleries regularly, leaving a small donation in a donations container to aid the Artist/gallery. More people visiting art galleries increases word of mouth advertising and may increase sales. Going to local art galleries gives people contact with local artists their stories and mythologies creating inclusion in the Community and inspiring people.

What makes an artist popular or recognized?

Peoples taste in art is personal, the public success of an Artists endeavour depends very much on striking a chord with people. Sometimes when an artist wakes that exact note with the public, usually something everyone is thinking, the popularity of their work catches like wildfire (e.g. the Friday Song by Rebecca Black or No Rehab by Amy Winehouse). I also suspect not being discouraged is important and to keep producing, if it is your true calling you may eventually be recognized. Sometimes sheer excellence and mastery of the art form will bring you recognition and I suspect it helps to have more friends than enemies.

Some Artists are never recognized until they die; for example Modigliani, the famous Italian painter living in France in the early 20th century, produced sculptures and paintings, giving only one public exhibition which was shut down by the police because the nudes were considered licentious, he became famous only after his death from consumption.

The art market has exploded, there are very many producers vying for the spotlight; it has become a society of Artists buying each others art or bartering each others art, I suspect because there are so many producers due to tight job markets (the result of computerization) and the easy access of the Internet as a means of advertisement.

Do you need coursework to be a great artist?

In my opinion it helps to have an education in art/literature history as well as the basics of technique of your craft. However, I do not think you need to have degrees after your name to be a great artist, particularly with the advent of the Internet as a learning tool. If you have monies or access to scholarships/bursaries and a calling for the work of art by all means study. Sometimes self-study and just fulfilling your call to create is enough to be a great artist if you have limited financing. It is my intuition that if you truly have a calling to do something, often despite the different roads life presents, you end up doing it anyway and usually being successful at it.

The importance of accessibility of the Artists work.

For all the roles that art plays in society, it creates enfranchisement, so that everyone is aware of the major “stories”, happenings, trends and celebration, creating inclusion for the Artist and the public so that everyone can feel a part of the larger Community. And it informs and inspires people, particularly other Artists. The Internet potentially gives an Artist public and international attention and possibly an international market, it helps to have good search engine placement and ways of making your URL public, particularly Internet social interchanges like FaceBook and Twitter combined with more traditional media like advertisement in hard copy zines and a business card. Great Art and the Artists that produce great Art are the soul of the society, creating consciousness, mythologies, new synergies, healing and celebration.

The Way of Peace,



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