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It is quiet night of rain at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Subterranean Blue Poetry July 2018 Issue is ready for next month. Poetry is writing . . .

"The silence blows out in a wow line, explodes across the written page."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“I must have a million footprints in my head.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“It is like being in the middle of a one act play in my thoughts, writing poetry with my Muse and the cat.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

Is high level surveillance a problem in the post-modern world?

It seems that anyone can find out anything about anyone in the New Age world but what are they doing with this information? I personally do not mind transparency and have an open-door policy where anyone can send an email and come have a coffee. (Artists/friends preferred, anyone else is expected to make a donation to my household income).

My own particular situation is often uncomfortable and sometimes past bearing. I have no privacy because of my brain damage so that all of my thoughts are in the open. When I am talking to someone I must watch every thought as well as what I am saying so I am not inappropriate without having any official training or mentoring, from learning cultural mores by chance and in the street. I was not given a right diagnosis or any help with my brain damage. The brain damage and lack of socialization was not caught and flared into a psychiatric case in early adulthood.

Because I did not have a right diagnosis I often could not talk to people without getting an upper cut. A lot of my friends cut me. To be fair I did not stay in touch with some of my contacts when they were too different from me either.

There was no special information anywhere, and my telepathy was not working properly, only intermittently with incoming information coming less than 40% of the time. I have minimal socialization, can get to the washroom, read and basic writing skills. Until I was 30 years old I did not know thoughts could be interactive as my family, friends and everyone repeated my thoughts back to me.

I have huge telepathy, that I suspect is international, it is like being at the bottom of a well – I just have to look at a photo on the Internet or read an article and I am on their psychic line – is this painful? I suspect on a bad day it is a huge inconvenience depending on who it is, leaving me open to abuse. On a good day we chat and information is exchanged. But the line is not private. It is like there are 30,000 other people in the background listening in. To be fair it is too easy to get caught in my thought train, and unsuspecting people may be upset by this. What is extremely painful is when someone who is not a compatible psych type is on my line, I do not get along very well with people who are too different from me, particularly when they are giving me a hard time. Sometimes people grandstand as if I am the entertainment threatening me when I live alone, in poverty, without a family and without company. On a good day someone agrees with what I am thinking and affirms me on a bad day I get a cacophony of people on my line who abuse me. I also think people of different psych types may not enjoy being caught in the background of my thoughts.

On a really bad day I feel like I am carrying a strange monster around in my kitchen as I cook and clean, who is on my line waiting for my next thought to make him another million dollars. Usually no one comes over for coffee or to talk. People do keep in touch over the Internet.

Keeping a sane and peaceful psychic sphere can be very difficult to do, exacerbated by silence, living alone with no company.

Does having an open psychic sphere create security issues for me?

I have 24/7 door security and worry about infiltrations where I am raped under hypnosis. Someone may also be picking on my friends and contacts in this manner. I warn everyone I come in contact with to put on some better door security, either a handheld, motion detector and/or a dog. I often feel I have ex-contacts who are stalkers.

I have no personal life and have been celibate for over 20 years. I have a handful of friends who stay in touch over the years. I also have incredible trouble with men, anyone I wanted to stay with left and anyone who wanted to stay with me I did not want. It was very difficult to find work and out of 40 possible years of work I have only worked for about 9 years solidly.

On a bad day I think I was wired at the hospital with “handlers” looking in on me psychically, sometimes looking through my eyes (this could just be psychic ability and brain damage) or are there very sophisticated surveillance techniques, perhaps abusing privacy, screwing with people’s personal lives for elite security paradigms, using people’s suffering and ideas to make monies.

I find other people’s hidden agendas for my life disturbing, are they causing violence? do they expect sexual services and are they causing trouble? Am I being followed by chaos agents? Are people purposely causing me grief so I suffer and come up with free business ideas? Do they blame me for things I am not responsible for when I am innocent and fully recognized by God.

I wanted to live with other people, perhaps a commune, or a friend situation, and tried to rent accommodation with other people but each time they all offered to move away and leave me with the lease. (I did find one situation but they were not good at introducing new people and I found it very disconcerting to walk into the shared kitchen for breakfast and there sitting before me was a strange man who I had never met before who had just moved in).

This society is sick and suffering. In my opinion only very few women are capable of sex trade work or serial relationships without being severely emotionally damaged and/or committing suicide. God sent every one of us the perfect Starcrossed Lover for longterm happy covenant, until death do us part on a positive sign from God. If God had wanted us to be whores or unhappily married or celibate why would he send a Starcrossed Lover to each and every one of us and/or someone on a positive Sign from God. Love is supposed to be a sacrament not a business relationship.

Is this some form of industrial farming, a social control system where elite security paradigms are more important than people’s happiness, giving people license to rape and abuse people into being economic drivers and in unhappy marriages. I suspect in parts of most N.A. cities 50% of the population lives alone, in the United States 34% of all households are single people*, in Canada 28.2% of all households are single people**, only 18% of the population of the U.S. is married (up by 1/3 from 1960)***, in Canada only 38%****. (these are 2017 statistics). I suspect the initial purpose of this paradigm was to keep violence down for the elite, instead we have this very broken, violent society of addictions, murder and suicide, a war economy.

Because of elite security paradigms, other people’s egos/agendas, and bad politics we may be expected to show up for lovers that we are not suited for. This is an atrocious fascism that leaves people in serial relationships, unhappy marriages, satellite marriages, queer or living alone in celibacy for possibly long extended periods of time, even 20 years or more. Often people become mental patients, alcohol and drug addicts, sometimes street people, sometimes committing violence and may suicide. The world is overconstructed and in my experience full of other people’s plans for you.

Is there a secret society that is killing off people for sport, ruining people’s love lives, raping and abusing people, making monies off other people’s suffering? Chaos agents, backed by chaos foreign governments (and/or are own selves) with screwed over/serial love lives murdering people. (Also, in a transition economy, business models are shifting so there may be less employment so people are more at loose ends, perhaps causing violence).

To be fair life in Canada is brilliant. I have a low-income apartment, I live on a disability pension, I can get to the Food Bank and the local Drop-In, have a subsidized “Y” membership and am working over the Internet at Subterranean Blue Poetry, Tea at Tympani Lane Records, The Book Reviewer and Kintsugi Art Quilts, following my callings for work. I write books about hidden special knowledge and the Holy Spirit Way, poetry, short stories, I write book reviews, create WebSites, publish other’s books of poetry, record original New Age music and lyrics, and repair quilts. That I can follow my callings for work so incredibly well is a miracle, all the while being financed by the government.

Although things can be rough, throughout my life in a great silence, small miracles have often occurred. I found some sliding scale Deep Process work therapy for nine years, I stayed in a Catholic lei community for about 3 years, and a great soul mate friend took me in to live with her for 5 years. I had some good paying work for about 9 years. I have a few friends who stuck by me over the years. And I am very thankful for anyone who ever helped or any good that has ever happened.

The Holy Spirit Way is The Way of Peace.



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