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It is a quiet rainstorm night at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The cat is stretched out by my desk in front of the open window. I am working on a book of poetry, In Shop Windows, the poetry is writing . . .

"If I should fall from grace with God"
- from If I Should Fall From Grace With God by The Pogues

“The Fall From Grace” amongst Hollywood elite is legendary. Many times in peoples lives on the news, in Hollywood, people in smalltowns there is this frightening occurrence of “The Fall From Grace”. Everything is going well for a time and then someone hits rock bottom, may end up in jail or in a mental institution, out in the street, it is like falling from the sky. A very bad “Fall From Grace” can end with someone’s death, by accident, suicide or murder.

Often in the Existential world of competing goals and objectives, something occurs called “Absurdist Theatre” where someone is influencing outcomes for others and “the other” is not in line with that outcome. It is like out of control power constructs, and is the fodder for many a writer and social activist. Is “The Fall From Grace” because someone is picking on someone, Absurdist Theatre? A certain reckoning with the common man for being too gifted, too smart, too beautiful.

Is “The Fall From Grace” a straightening of accounts, perhaps there has been a transgression where an innocent has been hurt and the wave of bad karma is building and suddenly crashes down.

In the God/King and Goddess/Queen universe of the Old Economy, someone beautiful and talented becomes struck by lightening. Their love life is cursed so they cannot have a happy longterm covenant marriage with their Kismet. This person is often an Artist and in their suffering of serial love relationships or celibacy or some combination of this or ill suited marriage, they create their art and are often the Oracle. Sometimes like the rockstars in Hollywood or any great Artist whose work sells they are famous. The result of lost or misconstrued love affairs is people become very depressed, suffer greatly and may suicide. According to the Holy Spirit a marriage covenant is not meant to break. The marriage is supposed to be effectively mentored and discerned with a positive Sign from God so the couple is happy and living in covenant until they die. Any other construct of intimacy is basically war, the Holy Spirit out of context. The Holy Spirit out of context is suffering. So this Oracle is the victim of circumstance, it is important for them to be on the right side of God as much as possible. However, the weight of broken intimate relationships can often be telling leading to time in mental institutions, or without work in depression and suffering. Also like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, a person’s spirit can be reborn in the Spirit, the person has a great healing/turns over a new leaf and goes on to fulfill their callings from God. For most people after a long period of time. In a world of competing goals and objectives who wins? It is not fair that a “cult of ego” exists with people influencing outcomes for other people, and not being aware of what they have done or people taking offense because someone is different. People are not responsible for other people’s actions. God says it is important to forgive the unforgiveable, if something is seriously wrong the community should take constructive action.

Sometimes people who are big Spirit people rival God. It is as if they have brought heaven to earth and the earth snaps causing a caniption. Life on earth is basically a journey, heaven is an arrival. It is the reason artists may “drop a stitch” in an artwork. This is a karmic happenstance theory from the Old World.

The younger generation, This Writer finds sometimes do not understand where their elders have been, and how they have suffered in their serial intimate relationship love lives. How people too different can be difficult to talk to, and how differences can exacerbate and promote violence.

Sometimes someone in Hollywood becomes so angry or depressed they tell their publicist they have died. Then years later you may hear news of them again. This “die-in” I take as a public art installation, a type of activism, a protest that calls attention to a famous person’s undo suffering. Someone holds a funeral or a memorial service, people attend. Does this person disappear, go to stay with friends in a foreign country, or are they in a small town with a legend, leading an anonymous life or have they checked themselves in to a rehab clinic. Or do they continue their daily activities, miraculously showing up in front of people who say “we heard you were dead”? Is it a cry for help, a response to being alone in the spotlight, does anyone really care? It is rather slapstick and a testament to troubled personal lives and the violent undertoad of N.A.

In an ideal world, everyone would be inline with the Holy Spirit, people in happy longterm intimate relationships on a positive SignfromGod, following their callings from God for work, should not be prone to violence. Blessed people who understand the Holy Spirit Way would not have to suffer “The Fall From Grace”, as if this phenomenon is feeding an unhealthy society, where people are objectified, tortured and ridiculed within an Old World colonial system that may have been infiltrated by the politics of chaos. “The Fall From Grace” phenomena is drastic and speaks of ill and evil in North America the good. One’s public life as a play, with an audience where people are entertained by other’s misfortunes, people’s suffering so great it may be difficult for them to have empathy. I find “The Fall From Grace” frightening, that people are suffering so incredibly and it is happening so frequently in news in the press, in Hollywood and in smalltown N.A. sometimes ending in violence and/or suicide.

The Holy Spirit Way is the Way of Peace.



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