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It is bright sunshine Autumn afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I have written the first draft of The Holy Spirit Way for Artists. It is last call for The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star Contest/Anthology, so get your Submissions in. Subterranean Blue Poetry for October 2018 just needs 2 Book Reviews. Poetry is writing . . .

"Life is an adventure in forgiveness."
- Norman Cousins (Journalist, Author, Professor)

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
- Martin Luther King, Jr. (Baptist Minister, Activist)

"The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget."
- Thomas Szasz (Activist, Psychiatrist)

"Everything you say and do comes back to you thrice x's thrice."
- Old Wiccan Proverb

Some thoughts on what do you do if you have really hurt someone . . .

(your love life has gone awry because you didn’t know yourself or your lover well enough or you didn’t know the Karmic/Holy Spirit rules or the cultural rules, or you didn't do Becky's Checklist for discernment in marriage, or you had a bad day and cursed someone) – this can cause negative karma.

Because anything you say and do becomes magnified and comes back to you karmically, it is good to only think, say and do positive things. In the elite white cultural code there is nothing done that cannot be undone (for the most part), it is not alright to use the rules of culture/politics to hurt others. Part of the problem with the cultural/political code is that it is subtle and not policed in the open, may not be explained very well and may be abrogated to force women to sleep with people they are not suited for, sometimes for elite security paradigms, sometimes for sport.

In the realm of personal relationships finding yourself alone after a marriage breakup can mean you have suicidal feelings, it is a shadow over the soul. Because you are so hurt you may lash out and want to hurt your ex-lover. This is anathema if more than an uppercut. You have 5 chances to make an opposite sex relationship work before you are karmically impure. It is important to know the lay of the land, what is going on for your potential longterm partner. Are they being cursed by someone else, are they using you for their first lover so they can marry their Starcrossed Lover on the second in, are they ready for marriage yet, are your goals the same, do you have a positive SignfromGod for the relationship?

In the realm of politics, it is worse to be on the wrong side of God, if you are on the wrong side of God, you are on the wrong side of the Community, manifesting dis-ease and creating chaos and suffering. It is good to promote peace in personal relationships, in business relationships and in all relationships by not hurting people. Hurting people or trespass is worshipping capricious gods, cursing God, not following Spiritual ritual (not praying at least once a week, working on the Sabbath, meeting with Saints occasionally), not respecting Saints and the Community of Saints, murder, rape, stealing someone's wife or husband, stealing goods or property, lying or bearing false witness, sexual blasphemy, fornication, bullying or hurting innocents.

When you do not operate properly, it creates negative karma that can affect your emotional landscape, losing your peace, causing depression, suicidal tendencies and in some cases paranoia. The same affects of suicidal tendencies may occur if you have a disturbed love life i.e. multiple broken relationships. As well as affecting your emotional landscape, hurting others can cause arguements, and people walking away from you, bad karma that messes with your plans, you may miss opportunities, job opportunities, you may affect your personal and business reputation, your monies won't stick with you.

- Apologize

- think good thoughts to the offended person, their friends and family

- make reparations – wish good things on them (like a job, happiness, happy love life)

- if you are not really suited to be best friends, at least stop and and talk with them when you see them and stay in the social loop (that is if you can talk to them without violence)

- see a Priest or Minister, go to confession, take Communion and go and sin no more

- go to church regularly

- do good works – volunteer work, pass on information (there are rules about this so ask telepathically)

- make certain you know all the cultural and karmic/Holy Spirit rules – there are certain rules of the general culture as well as elite white family rules, the elite white family rules are just for the members of each elite white family. Take direction from reliables – elders in your family, people that work for the government (teachers, police, doctors, nurses), most clergy, extended family members, people in the street – the glow people.

- spend time alone, reading positive works (religious/spiritual works, studying/practicing an arts calling) and in meditation/prayer

- if you are very hurt, get counseling (Deep Process Work), do release work, meditation, prayer (read Newsletters @ www.tympanilanerecords, what to do if you’ve had too many lovers)

- the Bible says forgive even the gravest sin. If something is seriously wrong it is up to the adult population of the Community to come up with solutions to help so that violence is not occurring.

- practice a calling for work or the arts, giving to the Community.

- fulfill your calling for love if you are not cursed.

The meaning of reputation – do not hurt others – The 10 Commandments are a rough guide so that there is peace in peoples personal lives and peace in the Community. Not giving in to the 7 deadly sins, pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth. It means you are a reliable operator one who speaks the truth, with right thinking, creating peace in a conflicted society. Doing what you say you are going to do. The moral grey area of love lives because when young, people often do not know themselves very well and get into love affairs that may break. (do the checklist for discernment in marriage at Newsletters @ www.tympanilanerecords.com, be well versed in the political/cultural and Holy Spirit rules around marriage and love lives). Be someone who doesn’t curse people more than telling the truth about someone. Be someone who is known for promoting peace with solutions in which everyone wins.

Never operate from a base of fear, you may manifest the outcome that you least desired because it is a form of self-sabotage. If you hurt someone, it creates negative Karma so not only may you not create the happiness in your life you desire (or the things you need) it may also negatively affect your emotional landscape or reflect negatively on your primary relationship or negatively in your personal relationships. You may find yourself fighting with people and feeling depressed and suicidal.

The Old Agricultural Society rules have not translated well to the Industrialized Economy and with the morphing Computerized Economy, change is causing stress. With the blooming population, in the Industrialized Economy and the move off the land from rural communities, the wisdom of the Old Society may have been lost or misconstrued. The 20th Century was marked by 2 World Wars and many other conflicts, the most violent time since the birth of Christ. It is important to keep the positive traditions that do not hurt people, and to be better mentored and discerned so that the vast majority of people are in happy covenant marriages, following their calling for work and not hurting innocents.

The Way of Peace.



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