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World Message of Peace

It is quiet in Autumn sunlight at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Tango Blue Arias is looking more happy than usual. The Golden Oracle: The Late Great Planet Rock Star Contest/Anthology is being edited and formatted, the winners will be announced in the November 2018 Subterranean Blue Poetry. Poetry is writing . . .

“the season of the witch/bitch”
- Donovan and Vanilla Fudge

“three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”
- Buddha (Sage, Religious Leader)

“hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule”
- Buddha (Sage, Religious Leader)

“the economy isn’t really about monies, it’s about karma. Death Inc. ain’t makin’ it”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

“sex isn’t really about sex as monies isn’t really about monies”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

Notes on the counter culture . . .

That one quote by a star that makes you go see their movie/concert or buy their book, that one quote that makes being an alcoholic and/or crack addict look cool, that one quote that makes the young people want to be just like you. Famous People – the golden haze of brilliance that hangs like some famous painting, colours the air with humor, wisdom, and Zen gives a certain thumbs up, an unofficial stamp of approval. They are in celebration of their suffering, in gifts from the Holy Spirit, perhaps they are karmically impure or have had their love life cursed.

Fame/the artist’s way/talents are a consolation prize from the Holy Spirt because you have an out of order sign on your love life and/or because of great suffering. Karmic impurity/sexual licentiousness is rampant in this society causing great heartache, violation issues, emotional and physical violence and suffering.

Everyone has a calling, it helps to have continuous truthful feedback so you can know yourself and know what your role in life is. People are different and have different callings but God left a roadmap in the Holy Spirit Way, the vast majority of people should be happily married in covenant on a positive SignfromGod. In my mind the most important thing is to have a happy love life (it is O.K. to have a calling for the arts and not be sexually broken). Know the cultural rules and the Spirit/karma rules. The vast majority of people are not meant to be in serial sexual relationships, in unhappy marriages or in celibacy, their suffering feeding the economy. In such unnatural states you may lose your personal peace and have a conflicted emotional landscape of anger and depression. They are meant to be married to their Starcrossed lover or more suited lover in happy covenant on a positive SignfromGod, usually by the time they are 18 years old. The world is over constructed.

The undertoad of the story is Death Inc., incredible suffering, depression and anger, the violation issues of having too many lovers often leading to addictions, suicide, emotional and physical violence, murder.

The Death Inc. culture reads like a storybook not something that happens to you, it is something over there, like the war in Afghanistan, a war outside yourself. The white culture/geopolitical fuck is about you. Death by suicide or violence in this culture is an everyday experience, it is a cliché, like a bad joke, wake up. It is not O.K. to curse someone initially with a lower cut when there is a love argument or any argument. This phenomena is an unnatural state that makes people reflected and actual schizophrenics and depressives feeding the psychiatric industry, the prison house, ruins your reputation, and can make you a puppet of the elite as they set you up. There is a huge smoke and mirrors scene where you may be held responsible in secret revenge set ups. And powerful traditional family enemies may have plans for you. You may not be able to marry your starcrossed lover or more suited lover, you may not get the job you want and if you are cast as an enemy agent, the grapevine may not work for you, people may not trust you and you may get an uppercut wherever you go.

The whore is heavily celebrated in the 20th century. It is the unofficial female archetype in the United States. A patriarchy without a conscience, that likes no-strings attached sex where a woman (or anything or anyone) can be bought. Perhaps a byproduct of a culture where people are often not married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover because the cultural protocol may not be in sync or infiltrated. As if the elite hold out the magic millionaires row as the be all and end all, milking the karmically impure for their business ideas when it may be more likely that they will suicide.

In the Agricultural Society, my impression is the female archetype was the wife and mother. In Victorian times, prostitution was not a subject for discussion, the elite were married (Royal households), marriage was the institution of family. In Queen Victoria’s reign (1837 – 1901) there were no major wars, perhaps a more copacetic time in the sense that society was more cohesive with an idea of sexual propriety and the Holy Spirit. Before 1750, if a family was not economically viable and could not keep food on the table the family might drift apart, “the economic base of the marginal peasant family was flimsy because it was subject to cyclical strains resulting from the impact of war, climate and the harvest.”* The people in such a family found births, some of the children may have gone to friends or relatives who had stable income, become endentured servants, the older children may have found apprenticeships, may have joined the army or the Church. From the pain of such broken families may have been the seeds for the social welfare economy.

This cursehold system teaches people how to hate. Children do not naturally hate, they learn how to hate. The white culture/geopolitics is making people rape victims and soldiers, feeding the military complex (that doesn’t really need to exist in its current full blown form, out of sync with the Holy Spirit), the psychiatric industry (that sells psychotropic medication when most people just need to be in happy longterm covenant marriages), the sex trade, the prisons, the celibate Church, Hollywood. People were born to dance, not to be slaves to the machine. It is important that people have an understanding of culture and the background Holy Spirit paradigm as this will keep the Community in peace. It is also important that they understand themselves and their personal missions from God for work and love and do not hurt innocents. Signs from God are there to keep the vast majority of people in clean, happy marriage beds to a Starcrossed or more suited lover. Happy covenant love life is freedom and peace, personal peace, Community peace and peace in the world.

The Way of Peace.



* Levine, David and Gary Cross. “From Agriculture to Industry”. Economics and Children in Western Economics Encyclopedia. February 2014. Web. www.faqs.org/childhood/Co-Fa/Economics-and-Children-in-Western-Societies.html.

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