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World Message of Peace

It is a cold New Year winter night @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We are working on the poetry Anthology Marula by Michael Ellis and Keynote Poets Worldwide. This Anthology should be available at Amazon Stations in January 2019. Tango Blue and me spent a quiet New Year's. Poetry is writing . . .

About a year ago, Dollarama, a nationwide chain of inexpensive food and household goods introduced green biodegradeable bags (BioBags), made of largely natural fibers. They charge 25 cents per smaller bag and $1 for the larger bags. They are strong and can be recycled. And for use for kitchen garbage they are better than plastic bags because they may return to the soil in about 20 years instead of 1,000 years. It would be interesting to determine what happens when they are exposed to water and what kind of effect they could have on large bodies of water and the environment as they break down. The biodegradeable bags are a huge plus because they will disintegrate into the soil so easily, which could save the fish and mammals in the oceans who are beaching themselves and dying from swallowing plastic in garbage pollution in the water. Perhaps this type of largely natural fiber bag could be introduced in all supermarkets and stores. If you are purchasing groceries and need 8 bags, it is only $2 and you can bring them with you for the next purchase or use them for garbage. Perhaps even larger biodegradeable bags could be manufactured and used to replace the large plastic green garbage bags. Biodegradeable packaging is a great idea, as it could create less toxic pollution and lessen the stress on the natural systems of the planet.

The goal of a zero waste society is a good thing.

Recycling and repairing and reusing existing things creates harmony with the universe, can lessen purchases (increasing in-pocket cash), can preserve artefacts of art, creates enough and lessens stress on the economy and on the ecology.

The Way of Peace.



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