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It is a quiet mid-winter night and the pagan festival of Carmentalia, a celebration of the Italian goddess of prophecy, at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Subterranean Blue Poetry is created for St. Valentine's Day and will feature a Book Review of Marula by Michael Ellis and Keynote Poets Worldwide. We have accepted poetry from 6 new Poets for publication in the last 2 weeks. Poetry is writing . . .

"Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right".
- Abraham Lincoln (President of the United States)

"First they came for my neighbour than they came for me".
- Collective Wisdom

"Live by the sword, die by the sword".
- Collective Wisdom

"If something is seriously wrong, it is important to say something and to take positive action".
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

"There is an innate balancing for justice through The Holy Spirit Way, the paradigm that operates in the background of everyone's life".
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

The West is living inside a violence that is growing louder. Perhaps due to the accumulating bad karma from the death of innocents in foreign wars, the wholesale abuse of women from broken engagements, broken marriages and rape, the killing of innocents from gun violence and violence caused by the curse of a broken bed rite, children being abused and the infiltration of chaos operators. Because a majority of people are so badly broken from too many lovers, becoming drug addicts and alcoholics, they may not be able to work, may be street people, a stress to the healthcare system creating a violent, debt-ridden, war economy. As citizens of the world we must take responsibility in who we support, if a chaos government or anyone is hurting or murdering innocents, it is important to say the truth. If an unofficial "government", an antiquated cultural way is causing chaos and hurting innocents it is important that all people are mentored and discerned effectively, that good mental health is supported and people do not contravene the Holy Spirit Way, so that there is no violence of broken bed rites. It should be O.K. to make mistakes in your personal life and not have a lifetime of suffering ensue. It is important to have feedback and guidance so that you know what psych type you are and what psych type you are looking for, the Holy Spirit signs around bed rite, and if you have an inclination to have serial relationships. In my experience the vast majority of people should be happily married in longterm happy covenant as the Creator intended and currently, there are too many karmically impure people and too much suffering. The Creator would not have sent each of us a Starcrossed or more suited Lover on a SignfromGod if he had wanted us to be whores, in unhappy marriage beds, queers or celibate.

In politics it is important to support a righteous head, if you support someone who is hurting or murdering innocents, you can be implicated in trespass. The truth when it becomes known is to be supported. Everyone needs to be properly mentored and discerned in the Holy Spirit Way, sometimes just putting in a good thought can help. And sometimes Leaders can be realized by the truth, the truth may be hard but it can be loved because it creates a better non-violent world. Change people's thoughts guided by the truth of the Holy Spirit can change people's actions.

A chaos government that does not look after its people so that even the most poor and vulnerable are able to have food, shelter, healthcare, Internet, birth control, the basic needs of life and happy personal lives should be addressed with ideas for improvement and any human rights abuses should be addressed and amended. To support world leaders that are implicated in the murder of innocents at the very least ruins your reputation, which extends into whether or not you have work and/or a social life/personal life and whether or not it is safe for you and other people. It is important that people are safe from violence, that people have access to information that they need to live (The Holy Spirit Way and cultural/political "rules"), that business can be conducted unimpeded on-a-daily-basis, that the computer infrastructure is safe from hackers, that when infrastructure is broken it is repaired.

In ancient Rome, under Julius Caesar, he began a war and invaded Europe in the Gallic Wars 51 B.C. without the permission of Roman prefecture and then turned the war on Rome causing a civil war, the people became enraged and he was assassinated. Marc Antony his supporter became the next warlord, the violence turned and knowing they would be murdered, Cleopatra and Marc Antony committed suicide. Cicero a Roman statesman, involved in power struggles, had members of the Roman Catiline Conspiracy murdered, he was sent into exile and was suicidal and eventually murdered. During the reign of Caesars, as the heads vied for the position of Emperor and caused war and destruction across Europe, Christians were targeted by Nero in 64 A.D. He blamed them for the Great Fire that destroyed a large portion of Rome and wrecked the economy, according to the Roman historian Tacitus, the Christians were dressed in rags of animal skins and torn to death by dogs. A 900-year congrieve across Europe by Italy was fuelled by the custom of Lupracalia, where young adults were assigned lovers through a lottery, perhaps making them sexually broken and the head abolished marriage ceremonies and marriages. St. Valentine, a local priest, was secretly marrying Starcrossed lovers and when discovered was executed. The Italian war cycle was perhaps one of the first cases of a war economy fuelled by a broken bed-rite in Europe. In W.W. II, Hitler and his heads of government committed suicide after the German government caused war across Europe and the Holocaust. Any abuse or murder of innocents in or out of a war, by a government, political group, world leader, person of power will result in horrific karma that will be reflected in the weather (droughts, flooding, hurricanes, monsoons), the country's economy will be debt-ridden, the people causing strife will be insane, depressed and paranoid, they will suffer, there will be arguments, their monies won't stick with them, they will have bad karma, their reputations will be ruined, they will be out of step with the world and may commit suicide. There are rules of the Soldiers Guild according to the Holy Spirit and how to make a good call on the battle field (based in SignsfromGod), innocents are never to be murdered. A good call can get you accolades, a bad call can get you insanity and misfortune.

There is a natural balancing for justice in the innate karma of the Holy Spirit Way. A moderate government with a social welfare policy that does not hurt innocents, that mentors and discerns its people for work and love, that has positive policies, is on the right side of God, this is a good government.

The key to a successful government, a successful life, is everyone in-line and following the Holy Spirit Way and following their callings from God. When the social economy and the bed rite is in-line, so that the vast majority of people are married to their Starcrossed Lover or in a good happy karmically pure marriage on a positive SignfromGod following their callings for work, the world moves into the light of God's love and the world becomes Eden. Being in-line with the Holy Spirit Way naturally creates wholeness, happiness, peace and prosperity. God left everyone a road map in SignsfromGod.

The Way of Peace.




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