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World Message of Peace

It is a cold winter afternoon contemplating sunshine at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Marula poetry anthology by Michael Ellis and Keynote Poetry Press is off the boards and is available for purchase. We are working on a Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprint for Gregg Dotoli. The theme of the March 2019 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry is "The War of the Roses". Poetry is writing . . . Stay Tuned.

Becoming an Iconosphere . . . Art Nouveau is a fresh cut. Most new art work, new coins, new written poem or short story, song is cold like a stone. It needs to be caressed with the eyes and ears of the audience to make the offering warm, a familiar event. This may happen with new work by an emerging Artist. Peristence is the key to creating warmth, the more often it is viewed or experienced by the audience the warmer it becomes. To keep producing art and keep making it public on the Internet and in public performance spaces, networking, presenting and hopefully gaining accolades and selling your art.

As the Artist continues the dialogue with the audience and the Holy Spirit in daily ritual, the magic starts to happen. Not only does the Artist like what they are producing, it is something they like to do, it is something they are good at and skill ripens. In silence, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit World and the Muse (your love interest) coalesce to help with your art process.

If the Artist's love life is conflicted they have the ritual and magic of their Art. Following the unofficial role of the Artist as Oracle, dropping a bone of information (about the Holy Spirit, the culture, events and circumstances) in public, negotiating disputes, inventing and streamlining products and systems (often inventing new products for their art), mentoring artists, putting in a good word for productive change, a truth telling preventing chaos and weaving mythologies. This plus the actual production of their art becomes a process.

Over time they may gain recognition and accolades from their audience, they may be critically acclaimed (win awards) and become an iconosphere, a household name. The vast majority of people have heard of them and desire to own their work (easier to do with the invention of the Internet). Also, over time they may gain accolades from the Holy Spirit, giving the Artist karmic redemption and healing of their emotional landscape. Recognition by the Holy Spirit can free you of being self-critical and create better synergies in your art. Recognition by the Holy Spirit can also lead the audience to your door.

An example of this is the art and life of Andy Warhol. In the early '60's his art was fresh, it was Art Nouveau, a new style of painting, he was beginning life as an Artist, his work was not widely popular yet. This style of art was a new genre of modern, swatches of bright colour, portraits repeated (like a film reel) in large comic book picture-like prints, perhaps inspiring the comment by President John F. Kennedy "art should not be advertising." Ten years later this style of art became known in the '70's as Pop Art, as it became better accepted. He persisted with his art and over time became very well known, his art selling for high prices, as if the suffering of the Artist is like being baked in an oven and at the end you are famous with awards (recognition of your talents) and hopefully patrons and financial renumeration. (and this was before the dawn of the Internet Age). Also, the Holy Spirit can give out accolades and give the Artist karmic redemption and healing of their emotional landscape. Sometimes Artists are not fully recognized until after they die (Modigliani, Van Gogh) but true brilliance always comes through to the fore eventually. Sometimes this process of becoming Iconosphere happens more quickly, sometimes it takes a longtime, sometimes if the Artist has enemies they may not be recognized in their lifetime, sometimes it just takes the world awhile to catch up to the Artist's vision place. The Holy Spirit Way for Artists.

The Way of Peace.



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