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It is quiet bright afternoon in winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am working on 2 books of poetry for publication as Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprints, one, as yet unnamed by Gregg Dotoli and A Book of Travel for Margaret Saine. The March 2019 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry is up at www.subterraneanbluepoetry.com. A new book of poetry, Sleep the Winter Moon is writing. Stay Tuned . . .

A treatise on the unofficial elite white culture. Signs and symbols of culture (picture thoughts, food preparation, gifts to lovers, actions, body language, speech) are fascinating and can give direction, an understanding of what is, perhaps a certain karma but they should never be backed by violence. By unhooking the unofficial cultural milieu from violence, a number of very positive things begin to happen. People who have not been socialized properly are not in abeyance. There are no child operators, children under 16 years old being used in false corollary situations that hurt people. (These children are not usually blamed by the Holy Spirit which is often born out in karmic redemption.) Usually these children may be given specs on their love lives that may cause personal chaos, but they are not responsible for a family that may not socialize them effectively or the violent actions of other people who are not well.

If no one squares off on a prospective marriage partner (it is not backed by violence) then people are not made the slave of someone else's ego. These situations traditionally have been long-time battles over more than 20 years+ that cause people to be in serial sexual relationships so that they are incredibly broken, angry and depressed contemplating suicide, violence and addictions or celibate which can be very unnatural and uncomfortable if you have a calling to be married. Sometimes people experiment with becoming queer where defiling the font of a same sex person can cause karmic impurity and the negative karma may cause the relationship to break. Not backing the unofficial cultural paradigm with violence frees people up from a control scene in their love lives so that they have the freedom to choose their Starcrossed or more suited lover on a positive SignfromGod, or to follow their natural inclinations without having to worry about the safety of their people or depression, addictions and violence.

People's love affairs are never meant to be corralled from a distance, a happy marriage is never meant to break and there are severe consequences for broken covenants, like a mark against the soul of anger and depression that could be life threatening (suicide). Silent operators are not supposed to happen, everything is supposed to be upfront (like attempting to control for disaster but the violence can be traced). Anyone caught causing violence in someone's life in a silent operator scene can be severely castigated, they are criminal and are treated as such.

All unofficial culture/elite family rules should have a forgiveness clause, so that any harm enacted in a fit of pique or in the depression of a lost lover or capriciously can be undone so that no violence occurs.

The unofficial culture when backed by violence is like handing someone the poison apple of doom, not only for who gets trespassed against but who causes the trespass. The bad karma of causing violence to an innocent returns back to the perpetrator thrice x's thrice (9 x's). It is an antiquated system based in Satanism and a disconnected slow time economy, probably sparked by the charismatic psychotic witch Hecate around 1300 B.C. (psychically intuited).

The suffering of the innocent in these social control/elite white cultural/geopolitical/Satanist scenes becomes the karmic turning point on which the truth becomes evident. These scenes of violence are supposed to promote an honour code because the truth emerges in SignsfromGod eventually due to the suffering of the innocent. God knows his own and there is the karmic paradigm for a reckoning for justice when injustice has occurred operating in the background of everyone's life. (When the truth becomes apparent in Signsfrom God the Community of Saints and the Society are supposed to rally and back the innocent one backed by God.)

Because losing an in-covenant lover can be a life-threatening situation (suicidal tendencies) people are expected to follow through on their intentions (cultural sign). However most young people are not bell-weathered enough to know what they are doing when they commit to a relationship, sometimes they are not socialized properly or do not know about the Holy Spirit signs or have too many specs from people in the Community. The answer is better mentoring and discernment in the culture/politics and in the Holy Spirit Way around marriage. Because you have made a mistake in choosing a marriage partner does not mean you should have to pay for it with years of broken intimate relationships or celibacy.

There is an unofficial rule book based in the Holy Spirit wisdom that keeps everything clean and protects the innocent, will steer people clear of suicide and violence and unrighteous calls. It is knowledge handed down through generations and usually known by the Catholic Church and the village elders. Following this unofficial guide keeps innocents from suffering too much and prevents suicide, violence and injustice. The repercussions for not operating in the Spirit of The Holy Spirit are extreme, karmic and actual. When the unofficial government is unhooked from violence, it frees up elite security paradigms or specs for face card marriage houses. Initially, I suspect security paradigms were there to protect the elite and psychotics and may also be a long term marriage solution to having had too many lovers. The problem with face card specs on your love life is there can be huge suffering when people are not discerned effectively. God has a plan for each of us in SignsfromGod for a happy marriage (a Starcrossed Lover), perfectly discerned in the Guft before we are born or a good settle. When the vast majority of people can begin to make their bed rite work as the Spirit of the Holy Spirit intended by marrying their Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover on a positive SignfromGod the world turns into a place of peace. Happy solid marriages produce happy well-adjusted children and workers. The vast majority of people should be happily married by the time they are 25 years old, regardless of their prospects for work with free or inexpensive birth control for family planning. The arguing and infighting and violence over people's beds will stop and the good karma from happy well-suited marriages will create prosperity and peace, the weight off the healthcare system and the prison system. I suspect the economy would become online and no longer be a violent debt-ridden war economy. The world becomes free in dance and prosperity, the way the Spirit intended. The Holy Spirit Way.



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