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World Message of Peace

Summer by blue twilight on the islands of Montreal at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . we are back online after some computer difficulties. Writing continues with a new series of poems, Blue Boy , In the night of songs, The rain tree, "Untitled", The Doorman: waiting for Cathy andStorm warnings is in progress. The latest song is Come lay by me awhile inspired by the Muse and the days of Summer. June was a big performance month as I fronted the room at the Pound on June 4th and also played music and performed spoken word poetry on June 21st and 24th at Cagibi, from Stories of the blue islands: by the lilacs of August, a book I hope to have printed in hard copy. Also, performances in the Metro continue, crowds are warm and generous in the quiet blue magic of the stone caverns . . .

The following are some thoughts on collective mental health and healing the sins of the past. Often wars of the past haunt modern day populations, the Bible says it takes four generations for the bad karma of the taking of innocent lives to be cleared. Descendants of elites that caused wars are not responsible for the actions of their relatives or for other peoples actions. If someone sees that the elite is endorsing political violence against innocents and says nothing they are guilty of sins of omission, relatives of people in places of influence and power are particularly called on to be of vigilance and say something if something is wrong. As people do clearing of the baggage of their emotional lives, they could also do clearing about the sins of wars past if the torment is affecting their emotional lives (particularly the descendants of Jews of the Holocaust). As well as performing release work and journaling, projects of art promoting healing and reconciliation could also pave the way to new beginnings. Each child born is entitled to inherit the earth, without the baggage of traditional family enemies and old tyrannies. It is my theory that children do not understand the sins of the past, they are new, unwritten upon, clean. However, they may understand emotionally that they do not like another child who may be of another race and who may stir the insults of history that were caused by the karma of trespass against relatives. It is important that if you do not like someone to stay away from them and not wish them hardship. People of influence and resources may make a point of creating hardship for relatives of political or family enemies of the past as if creating entertainment from others suffering. Young people, sometimes bored create havoc by leaving lovers who are their traditional family enemies. It is important not to trespass against political family enemies or the karma between the 2 peoples could worsen perhaps causing future violence and war. Children are not born to hatred, it is learned, if everything someone does causes an argument or it is difficult to have a peaceful meal with someone just leave and stay away from them. In an ideal world people would be able to function in their calling for work and with their families and associates without being harassed or having to worry for their safety. Practicing good boundaries and not hurting others lessens the bad energy between traditional family enemies and increases the chance of peace in the present and future. When you are angry at another’s trespass it is good to do release work (physical activity while breathing deeply . . . even slamming your fist into a pillow repeatedly while deep breathing and screaming will clear the angry energy) plus doing journaling (writing down your feelings about what you are going through), practicing your calling for work/art, prayer/meditation and talking to a therapist/good friend, venting the emotional energy without hurting others leads to healing.

The Way of Peace,



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