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A quiet, dark Spring afternoon at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Some beautiful flowers down at the Market . . . contemplating the next Kintsugi Art Quilt project, poetry is writing . . .

"All things are given, you can't take anything."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

"Sex outside of a happy covenant marriage . . . is war."
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

Having a desire for something or someone is not negative in and of itself. However forcing situations for your desired outcome onto others can manifest karmic dissonance if you trespass against an innocent. Large egos and not recognizing the rights of others can backfire in bad karma and negative karmic consequences because it is not good to transgress against innocents, it is against the Holy Spirit. Any actions against the Holy Spirit is karmic dissonance and results in violence of some kind. All actions should be win-win situations for both parties, creating good karma. Respect for others' opinions, love lives, work lives are important, everyone has a mission from the Spirit, a calling for work and a calling for love and to not hurt innocents. When everyone is mentored and discerned effectively for their lives the world begins to move into positive aspects creating magic, safety, peace and healing, the way the Spirit intended, The Holy Spirit Way.

In the white cultural way and elite power paradigms it is too easy to step over the bounds and trespass against an innocent. It is important to know where you begin and end and where the other person begins and ends. In love relationships it is important to know yourself, be well versed in The Holy Spirit Way and in the cultural way. Never force a situation, being insistent causes undo suffering and can come back to you thrice x's thrice, karmically and actually. It is very easy to do great harm that lasts for decades creating unnecessary suffering. If someone says "no" to you, just find someone who says "yes". The world is overconstructed. Good communication skills and basic knowledge are the beginnings of a happy love life, if someone has no information or doesn't understand the situation it is important to instruct. In love relationships having the basic knowledge of the Holy Spirit Way, the cultural way and what psych type you are can go a long way to keeping you and your love interest out of trouble. Often people have issues of essence problems or do not realize who their Kismet is, a positive SignfromGod for both of you is the basis of a happy longterm marriage. (please see Christmas 2011 World Peace Newsletter for discernment in marriage).

If the Spirit had wanted us to be in serial relationships, celibate, queer or in unhappy marriages he would not have sent a Starcrossed Lover for a happy longterm marriage. In my experience a Starcrossed Lover is always of the opposite sex.

"In the Christian religion the symbol of the cross, the cross that Jesu was crucified on is a fantastical metaphor about trespass, suffering and release. What it means to be "put on the cross" and what it means to be "taken off the cross". Going against The Holy Spirit Way and the 10 Commandments is trespass, trespass is suffering, both for the one trespassed against and the trespasser, hurting innocents which in turn hurts you, it is being "put on the cross". (And sometimes people are "put on the cross" when they are cursed by other people). What you say and do comes back to you 9 x's, either positive or negative according to the wisdom of the Wiccan Religion. Serial intimate relationships for the vast majority of people are trespass, the Spirit sent each and every one of us the ideal Kismet Lover or very well-suited lover on a positive SignfromGod, for a mutually happy long-time covenant marriage. A happy covenant marriage is the basic unit of peace in the family and peace in the Community. Not being socialized effectively or mentored and discerned effectively for life, work and love sets one up for trespass.

What is trespass?

Worshipping capricious gods, cursing the Spirit, not following Spiritual ritual (not praying at least once a week, working on the Sabbath, not meeting with Saints occasionally for prayer and worship), not respecting Saints and the Community of Saints, murder, rape, stealing someone's wife or husband, stealing goods or property, lying or bearing false witness, sexual blasphemy, fornication (sex outside of happy covenant, serial sexual relationships, sexual relationships without love and/or for monies)**, bullying or hurting innocents, sins of omission.

What is the suffering from trespass?

In my experience trespass causes a shadow across the soul of the trespasser. Depending on the severity of trespass against the Holy Spirit, Community and the Individual, the violence will manifest karmic dissonance. In cases of serial relationships, the ending of a good intimate relationship is a type of trespass, a breaking of peace with the Holy Spirit, a breaking of a Holy Union, the people become angry and depressed, and may be prone to suicide, in extreme cases may be capable of murder. In severe cases of trespass (murder) the trespasser loses his peace, becomes insane, suffering anger, depression and paranoia, arguing with people, relationships breaking, negatively affecting their reputation, their monies won't stick with them, their teeth may fall out from shame and they will be out of step missing opportunities.

What is Healing?

Healing is feeling in a positive mood, not suffering emotionally, having positive affect. How does one "come off the cross"? By following the Holy Spirit Way. All the Spirit asks of us is to follow your calling for work, follow your calling for love and not to hurt innocents. Follow Spiritual ritual, pray once a week, not working on the Sabbath, meeting in communion with the Community of Saints occasionally, raising others' consciousness and helping people in the Community. It is also good to mend any riffs you have had with people in the past (if it is too difficult to talk to them, at least think good thoughts to them, wish them well, wish them what they need and keep them in your prayers). (If something is seriously wrong and people's safety is being compromised it is up to the people in the Community to come up with creative interventions and solutions to prevent violence.) When your good works and the good you have done outweigh the hurt and damage you have done your mood and emotional landscape will improve. It also helps to process anger over broken relationships/arguments by doing release work, meditation, journaling, following an arts or sports calling, talking to village elders (clergy, doctors, therapists) spending time alone in contemplation, spending time in nature and more (please see World Peace Newsletter mid-November 2011). If what you have done is against the law, it is also good to turn yourself in to the local police. There can be great healing and relief in "coming clean" and telling someone what you have done. It is not possible to lie, village elders can tell where you have been and the first rule when you trespass is that everybody knows. In terms of sexual intimacy, developing a mutually long-time happy marriage on a positive SignfromGod can be very healing. If you are in serial relationships being in a happy marriage all the time can keep you mended but it may be uncomfortable like "picnics in awkward spaces" if you are not that well suited and know it is going to end at some point. Also "the space between" can be very emotionally painful, full of depression. There can be great healing in long-time celibacy. I have heard through the grapevine that if you become a celibate in the church on a true calling you are married to the Lord and have healing (if you do not break your celibacy). In my experience after 20 years of celibacy with an arts calling or a special calling for work and you keep the Holy Spirit Way, you are "mitred in the cloth" and it is as if you are married to the Lord. The ultimate "coming off the cross" is going home to the Lord by following the Holy Spirit Way and the healing of an arts calling or a calling for work. Over long-time (37 years of arts calling) I have suffered gravely but in discovery of these basic principals of the Holy Spirit Way, doing Deep Process Work, becoming socialized and following a calling for the Arts I have found new ground, spiritually and emotionally. Like coming into the light, my mood is good almost all the time."*

Being inline with the Holy Spirit in all things brings about happy occurrences and causes many positive synergies keeping people happy, the society safe and at peace. It is important to follow your calling for work, your calling for love and not hurt innocents as well as fostering positive outcomes for others. It is important to remember the Spirit has a plan for each of us, deviation from what the Spirit wants for us manifests karmic dissonance and negative outcomes. It is important not to interfere with other people's callings from the Spirit it is important to avoid karmic dissonance and violence for yourself and others. To aid others in their callings from God, to support and nurture them, is creating positive synergies for others and will create positive synergies for yourself, it is positive karma, rather than forcing your will on someone else. If your love life is haywire it is important to at least follow your calling for work and/or an arts calling and not hurt innocents, work is a type of ritual and will bring spiritual healing and positive outcomes over time.

The Way of Peace.



*From The Holy Spirit Way for Artists
by Rebecca Anne Banks

** A note to "Working Girls": love affairs are supposed to be for large gifts, I suspect monies for a sexual liason should be spent on basic needs like rent and food. The reason for this is to lessen the bad karma of a broken covenant sexual relationship which can be like being Judas, resulting in suicide.

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