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It is a cool September night @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The October 2019 Issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry is ready for next month, poetry is writing . . .

"The word is the Spirit, not the Letter of the Law"
- Collective Wisdom

"Revenge is mine saith the Lord"
- The Bible

"Man thinks, God laughs"
- Old Jewish Wisdom

"The Internet is more forgiving than some of my ex-boyfriends"
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The world is overconstructed. No one wants an overstructured cultural/political system that does not include forgiveness. Because when innocents are raped, tortured and murdered it is not safe, and it is karmic dissonance that ruins peoples lives, Starcrossed Lovers and marriage partners are missing each other, family members missing each other, people living alone, people lose their peace and are grieving; the perpetrators of crimes against humanity and human rights abuses will have the bad karma of what they have done come back to them 9 x's, they will have mental health issues, be psychotics and depressives, they have ruined their reputations, will miss opportunities and their monies will not stick with them. Both the victim of violence and the perpetrator of violence are victims. Someone who hurts and murders innocents ruins his peace, may suicide, ruins his family (there will be fighting and dis-ease), family members will walk away from each other, ruining the family, people may not have children, eventually the bloodline may be extinguished by bad karma and traditional family enemies.

Often people are not mentored and discerned or socialized effectively for life and love. They may only have half the cultural keys, they may not understand The Holy Spirit Way, they may not understand what it means to be a citizen of the state.

Cultural Keys

The elite (1/3 of the population in N.A.) has a social control system for thoughts, words and actions, it is a political misanthrope hold over from the past (probably from 1300 B.C. brought in by the evil witch Hecate) and probably shouldn't exist. The cultural way is specific for different families, it is supposed to be passed on telepathically by your family and the community. In my experience it is incredibly fallible, it is too easy to use or be implied, the bottom line of violence, presuming schizophrenia, not needed and sometimes not forgiving causing grave tragedy.

The Holy Spirit Way

The Holy Spirit Way is the karmic paradigm that operates in the background of everyone's life. When God kissed the world with life and love, this paradigm for peace became activated. There is a karmic balancing for peace, so that when there is an injustice the Holy Spirit works to create justice. What you do, thought, word and deed comes back to you thrice x's thrice (9 times). Plus God left everyone a roadmap for their lives in SignsfromGod. There is a SignfromGod for a happy marriage, a happy marriage the cornerstone for personal peace and peace in the Community.

A citizen of the state

A citizen of the state is required to work and contribute to the running of the Community, contributing his calling for work, even those on welfare. Raising children under 5 years old is viable work. They are required to keep the peace and raise their children to be whole functioning members of the Community. They are required to keep the laws of the state, complete Income Tax and vote. The state in return provides safety and a community where all needs are met. The vast majority of people should be mentored and discerned effectively for happy marriage, love and sex, basic needs happily met.

Often This Writer hears, "I knew half of that", often it takes 20 years+ to know and understand the Cultural, Holy Spirit and citizenship knowledge, people always learning more, in the street and in the Community, and through suffering to trust and understand The Holy Spirit. (it is not necessary to suffer to understand The Holy Spirit, sometimes people just need to be instructed).

Transgression is too easy and people and the cultural way may not forgive trespass. Because of a lack of discernment and mentoring or a lack of forgiveness people may be ruined, their personal lives ruined, their callings for work ruined with great suffering. Despite this the Holy Spirit forgives a true and contrite heart, someone who is not hurting innocents. By listening to your SignsfromGod in dialogue, you may still find peace in an arts calling or a special calling for work (aptitude test and consultation) even though your love life may be conflicted or lost and misconstrued. (your love life may also be reinstated with karmic redemption from The Holy Spirit and if people forgive you). When God forgives someone with SignsfromGod and they have been vetted over time so people trust them (wearing "The Scarlet Letter") this person is of God and a member of the Community of Saints. For the cultural way and other people to not forgive them or trust them is a travesty. If God forgives someone why would you not? The answer is better mentoring and discernment for life and love despite Hidden Agendas, hidden power constructs, and other people's ideas of what should or should not happen for someone (the cult of ego). Everyone has their callings from God for work and love. In the Spirit everything is arighted.

The Way of Peace.



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