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The cool of autumn night in blue Montreal at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . Writing continues with poems for Radio Storms including A finer lace and other things . . . , In the heat of Summer , “Untitled” and Quiet the falling rain . . . inspired by the Muse and the heat of Summer. Songwriting has offered up I loved you . . . Performances have slowed with the closing? of The Pound and some concerts at Berri Uquam and Lionel Groulx stations in the beautiful stoneworks of the Montreal Metro . . .

“All truth goes through three steps: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident”
- Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosopher, Sage)

The following are some thoughts on reality, social norms, what are norms, why do they exist and what happens when a social norm is broken, what is the nature of trespass? To be aware of people’s differences, people of different psychological types, different social roles, how people live in different realities. When two people meet and they have a different understanding of the world it can lead to issues of trespass and violence. It is possible to trespass against someone and not know it because you do not share the same understanding of what is reality as you may have had different life experiences, because you are different people, from different cultures or of different religions. Social mores or norms are the unspoken rules of the culture of accepted social practice that exist to keep social control, traditions give people a place to say they belong, a self-definition, a shared understanding of the world e.g. dress code, style (how one wears ones hair), work uniforms, speech salutations, rules of letter writing, acceptable ways of addressing strangers and store keeps, rules of socialization, rules of protocol, how to address authority figures, appropriate personal conduct, appropriate conduct in a love affair etc. – breaking with traditional norms breaks the status quo, feeds into fears of a loss of the old ways, a loss of Society/Community as we know it, and can breed social change and/or violence. Social norms are traditional cultural and karmic truths that are passed on through socialization, the elite in concert with the masses have the power to change these norms or reinforce them, if enough people think the same way norms/negative cultural practices/laws can change. All changes need to be evaluated in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, not hurting innocents. Someone’s different understanding of the world is a problem when the violation breaks the Spirit of The Ten Commandments or the law of the land, sometimes just making someone feel uncomfortable because you do not have a shared reality can cause verbal harangues and may lead to violence. The price of broken mores is emotional or actual violence, argument, shunning or even imprisonment. To create better understanding, people have a duty to instruct each other to create peace and a shared reality. If the situation is very uncomfortable blowing up into argument, it may be best to stay on the periphery. Not only people of different cultures or religions but even people of different psychological types within the same culture can have trouble communicating, just because they have different intentions because they are different people. Often people who are capricious and jealous may try to subvert someone but deliberately misleading someone with false information is as morally wrong as not giving out any information at all, particularly in serious situations that could alter someone’s life path creating negative karma. It is important to be righteous in thought, word and deed. It is always gratifying to converse with like-minded people, to hold them close for this is the basis of communion, common ground , social support and personal safety. An example of conflicting realities in history was the circumstances of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, he was a very creative man creating fantasia castles, who fell into disapproval because people were jealous of him and because he had creditors, he died under mysterious circumstances. In the West the largest violation is the broken norms around love lives, when people are not mentored or discerned effectively or their love lives are conflicted, often leading to suicide, addictions, domestic violence or violence creating a war economy. The Western World is reeling from changes in the social economy due to the shift from a manufacturing economy to an automated/computer based economy. Third World economies are under just as much or more stress for the same reason as well as their reduced resources and the introduction of mass media/Western thought which could be contributing to the breaking of traditional social norms leading to human rights abuses. The Muslim world is known for physical punishment of women (sometimes unto death) for what in the West would be minor infractions. It is in my perception, a very strict patriarchy, afraid of change, that punishes women because the men have defiled themselves with too many partners and possibly because of the human paradigm, eventual death that could be causing consternation and acting out. The Muslim religion is concerned with purity, a popular belief in the Muslim religion is that when a man dies he will have relations with 70 virgins. The anger at the sexual violation of too many women in multiple marriage rites causes them to act out against their women and helps create a war economy. In the strictest Muslim code men and women do not talk so it is difficult for them to meet and marry their Fated Others. Recently in the news a Muslim woman who broke the dress code by wearing pants was publicly whipped, this is draconian. Sometimes change threatens people’s view of the world, it is important to be able to understand what are minor changes and what are major changes. What constitutes a break with the Holy Spirit or Allah? All things should be judged in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit it is a worse offense to publicly whip the woman, than the original offense of the woman wearing pants. Such control issues, what are Muslims afraid of? I suspect death, depression, starvation, impurity . . . The men may feel dirty because they have too many women and then they support a purity code for women that castigates women when it is broken, the real problem being the men have had too many bed partners. Dialogue creating shared understandings of the world and a shared reality of social norms, karmic knowledge and the different cultural/social/spiritual/psychological places people come from could create peace. The Way of Peace,



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