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The quiet blue that drifts with the coming of autumn at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . I have written the song On a blue starlit night . . . and continue to work on the book of poetry Radio Storms, with the new works Fish and Stone, The harvest of oranges . . .,Lilacs and Roses. Also bubbling is the children’s story The Songbird and the Prince. I have booked studio time for October and am to begin to record The Madrigal, featuring “The Valentine Rain”, “Under blue sky night . . . “, “On Summer Moon”, “Blue quiet love . . . “, “Angel Song”, “Sky Dancer”, “Windsong”, “By the Rivers of Osheaga”, “Somewhere the night rain . . .” and more for iTunes. Concerts are sporadic and at the performance at Lionel Groulx Metro on the evening of September 16th, many thanks to the people who came by to talk and particularly the gentleman who gave me a coin and blew a kiss as he left . . .

“There never was a good war or a bad peace”
-Benjamin Franklin (Inventor, Author, Printer, Politician, Statesman)

“If someone needs something, they should have it”
-Rebecca Banks (Poet, Writer, Composer, Musician, Artist, Philosopher)

“Strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet”
-Rebecca Banks (Poet, Writer, Composer, Musician, Artist, Philosopher)

“All geopolitics ever did was get people killed”
– Rebecca Banks (Poet, Writer, Composer, Musician, Artist, Philosopher)

Traditionally, a number of factors went into creating war, on a national level, usually there was a struggle for resources (the number one reason wars began was a lack of food for the general populace) coupled with certain social conditions (such as discrimination against a particular race of people and/or social violence). Assassinations, political violence and violence of any kind including rape through turmoil in personal lives and sexual assault ripens a country for war. Traditionally, a war kick starts the economy, by turning the unemployed and karmically impure into soldiers, cleaning out the unemployed, feeding the education and military hardware industry and providing a purpose, a chance at redemption through service as well as “entertainment.” Geopolitics as a factor occurred to obtain more resources and land for people of the home country to use and populate. War is an us and them phenomenon, feeding into geopolitical rhetoric, people who don’t speak the same language, with limited resources in opposition to each other, undermining each other through violence to create an opportunity to obtain more land and resources. There is a certain honor code amongst nationalists, that you look after your own, that creates an us and them mentality, that does not see “the other.” It creates opposition, misunderstanding, enemity, dehumanization , objectification and makes it easier to kill each other. Like giving a label or flashcard analysis, “queer” or “guke” automatically conjures the essence of “the other” giving someone “something” to lob projectiles at. This bad game of “the other” played into the building of the arms race, so that bigger and better bombs were made until the atom bomb and then the H-bomb, the ultimate tool of warfare that enabled our side to always win the war (amidst the bloody devastation of potentially millions of wounded and murdered innocents). After W.W. II, to have won a war at such great cost, there was only silence. Geopolitics like discrimination, that gives “the other” less opportunities, denies equal rights and may lead to disabuse and violence. Often people are mean to each other because they are not like us, because they are not our cousins, because they have not been socialized in the same way, because they are perceived as having more opportunities (they’re taking “our” jobs) or because it is a scapegoat “game” that allows someone to vent so they don’t have to feel anger and fear over their life or eventual death. If you absolutely do not want to communicate with someone, there is no need to be rude just say, “I do not want to talk to you because we are not similar enough, because you make me nervous as we have been socialized differently, because I do not feel a kinship with you, because I am jealous of you, because it makes me feel better to yell at you . . . ” And these few sentences could be starting points for questions, communication, education and dialogue. This society values wealth, entertainment, youth, it is more important than happiness. The societal cultural mores around love lives creates violence that feeds the economy by making economic drivers. If there has been great violence between two families, there is often a karmic shadow that may make communication difficult, also people tend to feel more comfortable communicating with people of similar psychological types, similar socialization, kin or people who they feel safe around. There is no need to relentlessly disabuse someone just because they are different. Everyone should have the same opportunities at birth to have their basic needs met – food, shelter, healthcare and education. To be able to discern their calling for work and become educated as well as marrying their Fated Other or most suited other and having a happy love life. It is most desirable for people to be married to their Fated Others – it is based on a sign from God, happy marriages cause peace, good will and the light of a covenant relationship shines peace on the entire community. Once everyone has enough it negates the bad game of war and geopolitics. What does this mean in the modern age with the advent of the welfare state in the Western World? Ideally, the economy should meet the basic needs of the populace with room for growth but without relying on violence. Ending the negative cultural practices around love lives and the “sex wars”, practicing forgiveness, so that everyone in the populace has a happy love life would create good karma and therefore create more wealth both spiritual and actual. Another way is new inventions that increase resources and do not cause harm, as the industrial growth crops, that multiplied the amount of produce per acreage and fed one billion people. The Free School via the Internet could create inexpensive learning opportunities in the Third World. Also, international win/win situations with the International Monetary Fund helping to build Third World economies and building infrastructure, indoor running water, food, shelter. Also, win/win growth opportunities for businesses from the Western World in the Third World, that also create wealth for Third World peoples. The Way of Peace,



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