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It is quiet with winter night and the new moon sky at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . I have bought a tall potted Norwegian Spruce tree for Christmas and plan to make natural Christmas ornaments including dried large orange slices, dried small oranges, hanging shortbreads and strings of fresh cranberries. I have just launched the MP3 Sky Dancer from The Madrigal, this is a mix (as is Angel Song) and is yet to be mastered. Watch for more Lyrics from The Madrigal and a CD cover photo @ Lyrics. I hope to be back in the studio by the first of December putting down more tracks. Writing has slowed, although the book of poetry Radio Storms is bubbling and I have just written The song of the storm child . . . for the next CD: Of the Storm Child. Concerts continue as I played to a warm reception at Bar St. Laurent II on Sunday, November 15th and may still be found in the Metro of a late afternoon and evening. Many thanks to the kind people of Montreal . . .

“ All warfare is based on deception. ”
- Lao Tsu from The Art of War

“ The first rule of warfare is never draw blood. ”
- George Mathias (Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Scientologist)

“ You sanctify whatever you are grateful for. ”
- Anthony de Mello (Jesuit Priest)

“ It is possible to cause great offense and not realize it. ”
- Father Joseph MacDonald (Franciscan Priest)

“ sustainability = the sacred = real life ”
- Rebecca Anne Banks(Poet, Songwriter, Writer, Singer, Musician, Philosopher . . . )

The following are some thoughts on sustainability in lifestyle in the changing social economy. Living in Cyber space will the New Economy, the computer driven economy ever translate into equitable employment statistics (with unemployment currently at about 10 percent) and what to do about the shrinking social calendar when people are often caught up in front of their computers. It is important to have strong family ties and to keep up with friends but only if these people are good for you and support you, usually people of the same psychological type. Good support systems are important to psychological/social well being when it is all too possible to get caught up in computer work. If unemployment increases what will happen to the people who do not make the shift from the manufacturing economy setting to the service or Cyber economy? It is important to do an aptitude test for work and keep busy, honing, learning new skills, networking until something opens up for you. Also, it is important to have an active civic life, getting involved in local politics, local volunteer groups and disseminating by aiding the Community. Not only does this give something back to the Community but keeps up sociability and helps with networking to find work.

Will the economy kick in after the economic shift to a Cyber economy? Needs a retraining of people, a more intelligent economy, needs people with superior communication and social skills and of a more intelligent nature. What does the Cyber economy look like? The computer is basically a free-hold miracle that eliminates most factory jobs, makes business administration easier, taking less time, and connects us to people the world over, freeing us to live. Best case scenario, prices stay low, people work part-time jobs that frees them up to bring up children and pursue the arts, creative or research projects, travel and fulfill their interests, with work as a true calling in a self-actualized economy. The downside being that if the part-time work doesn’t pay enough they may have to resort to welfare and food banks. The worse case scenario is that a majority of people end up on welfare, unbalancing the economy, and prices increase. In either the worse or best case scenarios, to avoid violence and war, there must be a way so it is possible for people to live and have their needs met, and with room for growth. So having food, shelter, a true calling for work and a happy love life. The trouble with the modern economy is that there is too much karmic dissonance, it is like paper candy, everyone should be allowed to have a happy covenant relationship for love life without negative cultural practice, being married to ones Fated Other or most suited other without having an addictions culture based on broken marriages. It is important to discern needs from wants (and networking if you really need something you can’t afford, the second-hand goods market is huge and it should be acceptable to be able to barter goods/services). Half of societies wants are generated by unhappy love lives, so people aching with broken love lives often spend money causing a debt ridden economy or abuse drugs or alcohol relying on social services for lost work and the mental health system to fix them when they have committed sins against the Holy Spirit causing karmic shadows and mental illness. I have a theory that if people were happy in covenant relationships there would be less debt, in the spin for excellence and wealth, too many people have fallen by the wayside in suicide, violences and addictions causing karmic dissonance for the economy. And having a happy love live in covenant may decrease a conspicuous wealth culture. If people have less need for material goods and are in emotionally stable relationships they are less likely to spend monies and commit violences. This is a society of livid hatred when people do not get what they need when they need it and when there is violences (including slander, rape, murder) against people and their kin. It is an embattled moratorium waiting for clean air and a better way of doing things, God says forgive the unforgivable. Just because a war construct exists doesn’t mean you should use it, “the first rule of warfare means never draw blood.”

Building of the social structure so it is a safe environment for people to be in and this means a rethinking of the way people operate how they deal with issues of social trespass how they think about themselves and others. We are all just blades of grass under the sun, when people think of themselves as more important than other people they set themselves up as sychophants and need to disseminate so that they do not trespass against other people. Everyone is suited for a certain role in life, a certain mission, a particular Fated Other. People should not hurt other people or influence their lives in a negative way, if it is possible that someone may be hurt by a certain word or action, don’t do it. According to Wiccan principle what you think, say and do comes back to you 3 fold. It is important to know that karmic and cultural information exists and to become informed. Good mental health means having good boundaries, and not hurting ourselves or others. Father Joseph MacDonald said “It is possible to cause great offense and not realize it.” The Bible says forgive the unforgivable and go and sin no more. It is important to be pure in thought, word and deed.

For those that are disadvantaged in work, either without work or with part-time employment that may not pay very well, one can make a game of surviving by following your calling for work and fulfilling the social contract (even if only by doing volunteer work or giving back to the community somehow) shopping sales, secondhand venues and coming up with creative ideas so that things that are needed, things that break that need to be replaced can be found for affordable prices. It also becomes a game to do the least harm to the environment and buy the most ecologically sound product or in the act of daily living using sustainable or green practices. The sound alternatives – recycling; composting; Christmas trees in pots; community living or better working love lives where people stay in committed relationships hopefully with their Fated Others; if you need something you may pool resources with your friends to purchase it; holistic cleaners; organic foods without additives may be made locally; circulating things you are not using by taking them to Goodwill or secondhand shops; everyone gets what they need; undeveloped spaces may be used for the Community; historic sites should be maintained; sustainable affordable housing; modern architecture rhymes with full spaces of character and windows that has a rhythm with the universe, the landscape and other architecture in the area; sustainability in lifestyle so people are following their calling for work (their mission in life because the theory is then they usually save someone elses life); less eating of meat, not polluting the universe; being able to rent a bicycle to get around; using public transport or alternative fuel vehicles. Sound thinking, sound economics.

The Way of Peace,

Joyeux Noel!



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