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World Message of Peace

It is the celebration of Yule-tide and the New Year in the deep of winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . I have been writing Radio Storms . . . the latest works being Somewhere in Taipai and With the horses of emporers . . . Also songs have been bubbling with the creation of Blue on Blues . . . Recording of The Madrigal continues with another late night recording session in the middle of January, hopeful release date for iTunes in the spring. I was playing at The Barfly up on the Plateau in early December. Busking continues sporadically in the Montreal Metro with a performance on Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 in the late afternoon . . .

More thoughts on the New Economy . . . It is as if the West has reached its cultural zenith and is disseminating, into a more ideal post-apocalyptic time. The Western economy may never translate into full employment statistics with the transition to a computer-based economy and with the changing times, needs a new birth. How long can they flood billions of dollars into the economy(putting the government into debt) creating jobs that may become nonexistent after the initial monies have been used. To live in a reduced employment economy requires some creative thinking if debt and violence are to be prevented. It is my theory that people who have happy love lives, are living in covenant relationships with their Fated Other or most suited other and karmically pure (haven’t had too many lovers) are less likely to get into personal debt because they are sorrowing, are less likely to have addictions, less likely to have sexually transmitted diseases, less likely to need mental institutions, or be acting out and be put in prisons, are less likely to be violent, are less likely to be living on the streets, less likely to be child molesters, less likely to be queer, less likely to suicide, less likely to murder, less likely to become soldiers and kill people in wars. Happy love lives would take financial strain and workload strain off the healthcare system. Also it would make the community healthier, happier and safer. To take strain off the social welfare system it could be possible for people to share their resources, for example a group of friends or couples with part-time work could purchase a house. (however the part-time work would have to be constant (as it is not possible to own property on welfare)). Also if someone wanted to leave the community, they would be taking their equity from the mortgage and that equity would have to be put back into the mortgage by a new community member or the house could be sold and a new property invested in. If you need more space for children or new members you would have to work that possiblity into your house purchasing plan. Working part-time if prices stay low and you are good at defining wants from needs and ferreting around for what you need in secondhand spaces life becomes sustainable, and even palatable with a happy love life, possibly working from home, bringing up kids in a satellite family or intentional family with friends pooling resources. The Internet workplace, a revolution that will free the world into enough. The only major negative effect of having a happy love life on the economy is people may live longer, but they may be less likely to be infirm. Perhaps retirement and the care of the elderly needs to be rethought in terms of what is sustainable. Could people working part-time come up with co-op solutions to their care as they grow old? Perhaps young adults could participate in the care of the elderly in the Community or even in the care of their elders for coop credits in high school. The young people could be given basic safety courses and help ease the strain on the healthcare system. If people of different ages are living in satellite communities perhaps the younger people could participate in the caring of their older friends, keeping the older people as viable sources of karmic and cultural information being active in the community for as long as possible. People dying with dignity amongst their friends and family and with their life partner by their sides in an at-home setting. With reduced incomes, there may be less monies feeding the purchasing of goods and services but you may not need to redecorate the house again if you have a happy love life. (If prices for goods remain low it would be good for the consumer but may put pressure on the small business man). Also there is the possibility that the population could increase because of happy love lives, putting strain on resources, so birth control comes to the for.

The New Economy would be a community-based economy, actually freeing people to have social lives, a happy love life in covenant, pooling resources and becoming an emotionally sustainable place where people are safe and well cared for, rather than an addictions and murder/suicide/rape/violence based society that values only money and entertainment while sucking off the bones of individuals who live alone staring at the walls. The New Economy would become the Love Economy. All it would take is a responsible individual commitment to the Holy Spirit, to not trespass or hurt each other.

The Way of Peace,



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