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The snow falls quiet on winter night, quiet as I write this for Candlemas at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The Madrigal CD is finished recording, awaiting mixing in February, mastering in March, and on iTunes, hopefully in the Spring. The entire set of lyrics for the CD and the CD cover are on the Lyrics page, as well as song download mixes for Angel Song and Sky Dancer. I have written Watching for Daylight: A Song for Bobby with music and continue to write for the book of poetry Radio Storms. Performances are occasional in the Montreal Metro, usually at de L’Eglise and many thanks to the people who come by to chat and give some monies . . .

The following are some thoughts on communion with the Holy Spirit and what it means to have place in community. The society is built from a position of not knowing God, any insights gained comes from a long life of experience, it is as if having arrived after a long journey. Insights about “who you are in relation to the Community” can come from anyone, but the most reliable sources are the elders in your family, the elders in the Community, “reliables” such as school teachers or people of sound reputation and anyone who is willing to tell the truth. Interesting studies into values, insights and universal truths can also come from writers, songwriters, and artists, particularly resourceful sources being the writings of William Shakespeare and classical writers. This society values money, sex, entertainment, youth, and excellence. It is as if most people do not understand the karmic/spiritual mores around sex and sexual unions which causes emotional and actual violence, feeding the war economy. However, what if a society valued happiness, love, friendship. To live a good, fulfilled life takes cultural knowledge, karmic knowledge and knowledge of the spiritual mysteries that come from the Godhead all within a framework of good emotional boundaries so that people do not trespass against each other. The results of not having these understandings is you may not discover your calling for work, therefore missing your mission in life and you may miss having a Fated or most suited other and a family of your own, this is tragedy. All humans regardless of race receive the spiritual mysteries, the Holy Spirit speaks to all of us in pictures. Sacred knowledge is usually not spoken about, in my experience it is a cultural taboo. Sometimes the messages will come automatically and sometimes it is possible to call on the Holy Spirit for help. The Holy Spirit will answer you, all you have to do is ask and keep clean in the Word, or not trespass against God or anyone in the Community. There are discernment prayers around finding a lifemate (when you’ve missed your Fated Other) and prayers that ease pining if your lover has left. If someone is asking the Holy Spirit for a reading, it is a sin to interfere with the conveyance of that message as it could seriously alter someone’s life path which is a sin (it is also a good idea to get multiple readings from reliable people (oracles, elders, psychics . . . ) in the Community before finalizing any decisions). When everything is left to rest and no one intervenes, a definite message will come through from the Holy Spirit. There are always messages from God when you live life in the Spirit as a spiritual person.

What does it mean to have place or “home” in a Community in the Western World. If people say “I cannot see you” and you are having a difficult time, no job or friends and people aren’t telling you anything or you are being disabused (people being mean and “dumping” on you for no apparent reason) by your family and the Community, your Community does not know you, it may be best to move physically to another city or country, to a place where people say “I see you.” (maybe a place where your relatives are from or somewhere you always wanted to go or somewhere far away) or it may be as simple as asking a few questions and figuring out what has happened or what has gone wrong, if you can get no answers from anyone, move. If you know what has happened, you have probably trespassed somehow and it is best to make restitution, so there will be peace in the Community and peace in your life. Another version of this is if you have contravened your families values somehow, may be in “trouble” or may not have been a wanted child, and you can’t go home. This means that you can never go home to live with your family again or they will scapegoat you, perhaps even to the point of putting you in a mental institution or to the point of suicide. Possible examples of this is coming out as queer in a very conservative family or you were sired by someone other than your mother’s husband.

I suspect approximately half the population of the Western world is emotionally “homeless”, without a suitable covenant relationship. Sometimes migration is about finding a home, you are meant to be somewhere so you go, maybe a place where there are like minded people, or distant relatives or a place where your life can flourish, where you can find a lifemate. Sometimes you will get inklings about where this place is through dreams or researching where your people are from (however if there seems to be a lot of trouble, it is probably best to stick to big cities, there is more going on and it is easier to make friends). I have a theory that if you perceive a place as a colour, you are in a good place for you if it is blue or one of your favourite colours. When I perceive a place as red, it is not a place I should be, red is not one of my favourite colors, I take it as a warning sign. When I perceive a place as blue, it is a good place for me, it is one of my favourite colors and is calm and beautiful.

What is migration about in the Third World. Often people have food security issues and are moving in search of food and employment, this must put tremendous pressure on Communities, causing stress on social constructs and resources. Statistics state that nearly 2 billion people on a regular basis are not able to grow or acquire enough food, with 75% of these people in rural areas of Third World countries. Up to 6 million children per year die of hunger and related diseases which are treatable. Often the elite is educated in the West and stay in the West because of a higher standard of living, draining Third World countries of their leaders. Building Third World economies and generating adequate food, shelter, education, healthcare, helping people find their calling for work and helping sort their love lives so they have their Fated Others or most suited other is the promise of the new world and the new economy.

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