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As the winds of Summer blow the cold into Spring it is quiet night at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Songs have been writing for the CD: Songs from the Second Floor, and I am currently working on a piece inspired by the Muse and the fairy tale The Little Mermaid called The Talisman Rose. Also, poems are writing for the book of poetry Radio Storms, including As with the perfume of jacinthe . . ., and By the silhouettes and grays . . . The Madrigal has been stalled but I am signing off on the mixing this week, with mastering and iTunes distribution hopefully by Spring . . .

It is better to do the wrong thing for the right reason,
than the right thing for the wrong reason.

- Collective Wisdom

There is no such condition as “schizophrenia” but the label is a social
fact and the social fact a political event.

- R.D. Laing (Anti-psychiatrist)

We are all murderers and prostitutes – no matter to what culture, society,
class, nation one belongs, no matter how normal, moral, or mature one takes oneself to be.

- R.D. Laing (Anti-psychiatrist)

Insanity – a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.
- R.D. Laing (Anti-psychiatrist)

. . . to heal the brokenness of a society that doesn’t understand itself . . .
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Writer, Composer, Musician, Singer, Philosopher)

"The world is quietly insane, why endorse it?"
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Writer, Composer, Musician, Singer, Philosopher)

The following are some thoughts on the state of the soul of humankind and the psychiatric system. What is “insanity”? “Insanity” is behavior that is considered aberrant by the Community and may be as simple as breaking societal norms or as dramatic as acting out (in violence and/or raving) or acting in (in self-abuse or suicide). There are multiple possible causes of aberrant behavior including i. lack of socialization ii. not being held enough as a child iii. the karmic implications of breaking the 10 Commandments or not acting in line with the Holy Spirit iv. nutritional imbalances v. organic brain syndrome - the brain is malformed in the womb causing thought processes to be different vi. inorganic brain syndrome - the brain is altered after birth (through an accident) that causes thought processes to be different vii. lack of social contact viii. drug or alcohol abuse ix. grief from death/loss of a loved one x. grief from loss of a lover xi. experiencing a traumatic event xii. political ascription (disagreeing with someone of influence) xiii. senility xiv. clashing soul colours (the coloured light bands that are the soul are of differing values giving the person tendencies towards violent or antisocial behaviour). Any of these preconditions can result in altered states of perception sometimes with negative karma and often with public disabuse that can cause aberrant behavior, “insanity” or one being given a stint in a state mental hospital with a psychiatric label.

In the very distant past in agricultural Society, those considered estranged or “insane” were locked in their rooms or were ostracized, the local Community giving them a wide berth. The first asylums used restraints to keep people from hurting themselves or others and so they would be less trouble for their care givers. The medical model of disease was applied to “insanity” as it came into being with the false epistemology of “illness” diagnosed by aberrant and disruptive conduct that became treated biologically. As if the application of physical illness could be ascribed for social concerns and psychiatry as a form of social control, a function of compliance to the state. In the early part of the 20th century invasive physical therapies were developed including lobotomy, insulin-coma therapy, electroconvulsive shock therapy which made the patient more manageable for their care givers but were not very effective for the patient and have since been largely phased out. Pharmaceuticals then came to the fore with the development of psychotropic medications and antidepressants. Some psychiatric reformers call these medications a chemical strait jacket and it is my opinion that a physical work-up should be done with blood tests (to determine if electrolytes are in balance) as well as a full history with better diagnostics and more holistic therapy interventions explored before giving psychiatric medications. With better diagnostics a basic model of both how thinking processes work as compared to how the clients thinking processes are working and explained to the client as well as a presentation of understanding of social mores (and if the person has not been socialized properly to socialize them through group therapy). Incarceration is considered an intervention if the person is a danger to themselves or others or if they are so distressed they have given up their free will. In my opinion most of these types of crisis could be prevented by a more caring Community. Often psychiatrists will prescribe medications because it is easier than doing any kind of constructive therapy and they may not have done their own emotional work and can become triggered by their clients causing them to scapegoat their clients. When looking for counselors to do emotional healing it is important to find someone you are comfortable with (it helps if they are a similar psychological type) and someone who has done their own emotional work (consumer/providers). Deep Process Workers help people with holistic therapies that involve journaling, release work and group counseling. There is also a new therapy called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)that involves the tapping of the pressure points used in acupuncture with the fingers which is calming and can be effective for emotional healing. Healing is like a helix, as you deal with your emotional brokenness regularly, it becomes less painful moving up the helix over time, until the issues that were so very painful in the past, you can now think and talk about without being as distressed.

In the evolution of psychiatry with newer streamlined medications, clients were encouraged to live in the Community, often ending up in ghettoized situations such as rooming houses (like Parkdale in Toronto in the 1970’s).These rooming houses/subsidized housing situations could work better if enlightened lay people who have done their own emotional work could live and mix with ex-psychiatrics, helping them as friends with their emotional issues and like any dialogue there is learning and enjoyment of conversation on both sides (and this may happen on a casual basis). Bringing emotional healing work, good advice and a caring concern down to the Community level where it has always belonged. An emotionally healthy society would not hold people with emotional disturbances at an arms length in mental institutions attempting to manage their emotional states because they are distressing to others, as who among us has not felt grief at the loss of a loved one, loss of a lover or stress in living. And in an even broader sense, Community inclusion to aid the healing of the distressed individual or help bring holistic counseling, release work to the level of the Community where everyday enlightened lay people who have done their own emotional work help friends and acquaintances who are struggling with issues. As in the old world agricultural community, people would often seek the advice and assistance of Community elders and friends. As people have come to realize the reality of their own brokenness, it is my opinion that the stigma around ex-psychiatric patients has lessened and they have largely been reabsorbed into the Community (even Parkdale has been given a new face). Rather than the recidivism of psychiatric clients better socialization, diagnostics, holistic counseling, mentoring, marriage discernment and a better understanding of spiritual as well as cultural mores within a caring Community that has time for each other and acts in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit could ease the stress on the health care system and the need for psychiatric medication.

In such a complicated and stressed culture where I suspect half the population does not marry their Fated Other and may be in serial relationships causing addictions and possible violences (including suicide and murder), it is important that everyone understand the cultural/spiritual mores around love relationships. I find it strange and troubling that the half of the world who can't get their love life to work may be either drinking alcohol, taking street drugs or on psychiatric medication, it should be possible to get through life without an addictions problem. When an intimate love relationship breaks, I believe serotonin levels in the brain may decrease causing depression as well as a certain negative karma. Release work and/or physical exercise becomes important to process grief and help re-establish brain chemistry as well as prayer/meditation and good counsel. And instead of worrying about brain chemistry when a love relationship breaks, why not help heal the person's love life (either healing the old love or finding a new one)?

The Way of Peace,



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