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World Message of Peace

It is quiet with cold blue night in the season of Beltane at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. At the beginning of the month Rough Squares: Blue, a poem for Radio Storms was written and the Children's Story, The Story Girl, about a young girl, Rosamund, the story of her grandmother's people and the Lute was written and is available at Children's Stories. The infringement Festival Montreal is gearing up for another Summer in June 2010 with readings from Radio Storms and a concert performing songs from The Madrigal. The CD: The Madrigal is to be mastered in May and should be available on CD Baby and on the Shopping Page in June. Concerts have been exciting down in the Montreal Metro of a Saturday afternoon, with little children dancing, a young couple slow waltzing, occasionally someone happens by to talk and always people are generous . . .

“ Evil is largely unconscious . . . “
- Collective Wisdom

“ The unenlightened person is dead . . . “
- Collective Wisdom

“ Good anarchy doesn’t hurt. “
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Composer, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher)

“ White culture presupposes schizophrenia. “
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Composer, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher)

" At his worst, white man defines himself through making a scapegoat of Black people, Jews, immigrants, women, queers, children . . . giving him something to live for, keeping him from suicide . . . "
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Composer, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher)

Some thoughts on the politics of discrimination . . . The paradigm of the “other” plays into social and actual violence, mysogeny, xenophobia and war. The venting of fear and anger on innocents, often through the assignation of roles e.g. queer, schizo etc. causes objectification. When a label exists for someone, immediately a list of negative points are applied to that person, which makes it easier to scapegoat them, objectify them and in essence murder them, their souls, often causing suicide and sometimes murder. The other side of this objectification is that you can relish in the fact that you are not those qualities and can feel superior, leading to greater hatred/objectification of the scapegoat, leading to racism/xenophobia making it easier to hate. Also it gives the person who is venting, a feeling of power as if they have affirmed themselves, however there is karmic dissonance if they have hurt an innocent.

This hatred of another person or people is a vent for all that is wrong with the individual making the scapegoat’s world. If there have been individual transgressions by people of one race against another (or one family against another), it can escalate into violence. It is my theory that negative karma of multiple transgressions (e.g. broken marriage vows, violence, murder . . . ) between 2 groups of people can become reflected in the daily transactions between relatives of the 2 families or ethnic groups, in other words there is more likliehood for misunderstandings or violences in extended family/ethnic group members and like a snowball effect can escalate into an underground war or even national violence. Making a specific ethnic group a scapegoat, can lead to genocide or war. People who act out in emotional violence are heartbroken or venting their anger and fear in a negative way that is hurtful. They could choose to apply this energy elsewhere, journaling, physical activity, release work, an artistic endeavor, work. Channeling their energies into more positive creations. If you do not like someone (and it is as easy as being too different, a different psychological type, different soul colours or too much negative karma) and they trigger you, stay away from them, if it is a situation where you absolutely cannot avoid this person, you may need to come up with coping strategies to avoid angry outbursts and emotional or actual violence.

To keep a culture from dying because of disabuse, discrimination and violence it is important to remember and celebrate the cultural effects of your Community (particularly the positive traits, the ones that don't hurt others and are in line with the Holy Spirit). Particularly important is the language, learning and teaching the language to the children of the Community, the subtle shifts in meme, the changing meanings of words all reflect the contribution of key personalities within the Community. Also teaching the history of the peoples, the synchronicity of the culture, architecture, art, literature, business practice, design, political structure, distribution of wealth, how the disadvantaged are treated, how animals are treated, code of ethics, the celebrations, the rituals, the songs, dances, music, all the cultural practices of the Community, anything about the culture gives clues to what the people value as if bringing the ancestors alive before us. The intrinsic values embedded in the language and culture are a reflection of the soul of the people. (In my experience my French distant cousins are of the color blue and magical spiritual ipswitches of the Holy Spirit; the First Nations cousins are about synchronicity, peace and are uncomplicated). Creating safety in the Community through socialization, mentoring for work and discernment in marriage is also key to keeping a Community alive. So that trespass (e.g. rape, disabuse, violence . . . ) because of being unconscious or heartbroken is kept at a minimum. Keeping a personal journal of experiences chronicles a period of time through an individual perspective and may be a jumping off point for other artistic pursuits, “as if chronicling the end times.”

What does it mean to be a member of a sub-group within a dominant culture? It is important not only to keep the socialization/language/culture of the sub-group but to be socialized into the language and culture of the dominant culture, creating synergy and peace between the two communities, a flow of business, social and job opportunities. It is important to be around positive people that support you and don’t have hidden agendas, usually people who are of the same psychological type, distant kin or people of good hearted conviction. The dominant culture just by strength in numbers tends to have the last say in public policy, however fair and equitable empowerment for sub-groups could help create more work opportunities and more peace and safety in the Community.

Know your rights. Exercise the right to protest and to vote (only support candidates who are of good mental health and who support your right to life). Become politically active and informed – the Internet is a great information search tool (it can be accessed for a couple of dollars at Internet Cafes and at the public library) also network, other people may have the information you are seeking.

The Way of Peace,



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