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It is quiet and warm in the month of the Summer Solstice at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. A beautiful pot of yellow corn flowers sits on my table a gift from some friends. The CD: The Madrigal will be available on www.tympanilanerecords.com and CD Baby, hopefully by the second week of June. The CD will be launched at the infringement Festival Montreal in June, date to be announced. More music projects will be coming in the next few months. Writing continues with poetry for Radio Storms and the Summer concert series in the Montreal Metro is underway, I can be found there about once a week . . .

The following are some thoughts on the disembodied soul in the 20th Century with The New World Order: A philosophy or Remedies for a disembodied soul in the July 2010 Newsletter. With the fracture of industrialized society, life became a reflection of the machine, an extension of the manufacturing machines a vast majority of people worked on in factories. The daily schedule, the aloneness of man and machine, the hours of mind numbing work and the pay cheque for commitment to servitude gave the common man more monies than ever before, often leading to temptation and the purchase of sexual services. With sex as sound bites an era of drug/alcohol abuse, a suicide culture, violence and war was the underbelly of an apparently successful and wealthy economy. Aspects of life became separate entities (as if having been put in different boxes) there was work life, social life, family life, sex life. It was a far cry from the agricultural economy, waking with the sun, working on the farm in the flow of the rhythm of the seasons and the earth mother Gaia. The move from rural to cityscapes with the advent of man and machine had a profound effect on the social economy, daily life, transportation, design, architecture, the arts, leisure, virtually every aspect of society was affected by the invention of the steam engine and its role in industrialization.

In 1914 the artist Marcel Duchamps sent a signed urinal to an art exhibit in New York City, a challenge to the ideal of beauty as art in the new industrial world. The loss of identity in big city life and manufacturing jobs coupled with the nihilism of war (World War I and II and the Spanish Civil War) helped lead to existential philosophy, popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s. So much blasphemy had been committed people questioned the existence of God, questioned moral tenets . . . alienation, anxiety, nothingness and the absurd were reflected in existential works such as “ad Nauseum” by Sartre. In paintings the Impressionists broke the tenets of classicism to reinvent brokenness in seminal works of pointillism and the searing beauty of truncated brush strokes and synergy in works by Van Gogh. Poetry became disengaged with works that did not rhyme in regular sequence made famous by Beat Poets such as Jack Kerouac a precursor to the works of Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje amongst others. Modernist architecture, particularly sky scrapers rivaled the landscape, playing into the ideal of conspicuous consumption, wealth and the concept “bigger is better.” After World War II, most architecture was bleak with smaller windows and disjointed spaces often called Bauhaus, works by Frank Lloyd Wright were usually seminal, but in general the post-war architecture was often fraught with poor design.

The popular self-descriptive sayings of the mid to late 1900’s say everything about this time period in history, “bigger is better”, “keeping up with the Jones’”, “conspicuous consumption”, “silence is golden”, “the me generation” leading to a pervasive overall psychological tone that was not very healthy. The importance of money and appearances was reflected in the shopping phenomenon for new products, people were expected to buy any and every new fad or product that came onto the market as if massaging their self esteem issues with newer and more expensive toys, so that they could make their neighbours jealous. At the same time there was a culture of silence, people in general did not talk about their emotions, social conditions were expected to be good even if they weren’t, in the spirit of gamesmanship it was considered a sign of “losing” if one actually admitted the true state of being if it wasn’t ideal. This silence was like a psychological repression, a lack of acknowledgement of the basic emotional landscape like the denial of truth played into a social paradigm of acting out, being mean and verbally “crapping” on other people as an acceptable form of communication. As if it was a society with the top down where the thin veneer of the disembodied/wounded soul would occasionally “crack” and act out emotionally or actually in violence. As if being a small hard piece in a very large machine, that after a time (too much mind numbing labor, too many lovers, too much drug/alcohol abuse) did not work properly anymore. The underlying culture was one of depression/schizophrenia and fear/paranoia within a war economy. I suspect it was a time when more than a few people settled in their love lives, as if the Old Ways had become lost and misconstrued for half the population. With the “me” generation a self-centered money centered attitude existed, a culture of aloneness/masturbation, rather than being in context in a holistic ideal love relationship. As if the human love experience was shattered and distant, an outlander out of context, on the road within a pervasive culture of death and suicide.

The introduction of the computer has changed the social economy into a playground for intellectuals, manufacturing jobs have been automated, business administration perfected and the new information/communication/business tool has reshaped the entire face of Society. How will freedom from the industrial machine reshape the nature of work, business, school, communication, the arts, architecture, love and family life? The New Information Age has freed mankind from rote physical work and we are now on the other side of a keyboard that is a window on the Age of Enlightenment and Global Communication. It is a mass awakening of culture and consciousness that takes place within the space of seconds as if reweaving the world inside a blink of the eye of the Creator . . . (to be continued . . . )



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