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World Message of Peace

It is the flower of the High Season Summer, within all the blue and quiet of Montreal at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The CD: The Madrigal is out as MP3 downloads on CD Baby (and affiliates) as well as on my Shopping page. Many thanks to Philip Gordon and Sebastien Perry who recorded the CD, Kevin Jardine @ Uplift Productions who mixed and mastered the CD, Saad of SaadVision Photography who took photos of me for the CD cover and the “Angel Song” video. A video, The Madrigal: Angel Song was produced by me and released mid-June. I played the infringement Festival Montreal @ Galerie Xpression, to a warm reception and am currently playing the Summer Concert Series in the blue quiet underground of the Montreal Metro . . .

" Sun comes up . . . "
- Buffy St. Marie (Singer, Songwriter)

“ The truth doesn’t have to be ugly, it is just the truth. ”
- Communal Wisdom

The following are some thoughts on the coming Enlightenment or Remedies for a disembodied soul in the 21st century . . . The introduction of the computer has changed the social economy into a playground for intellectuals, manufacturing jobs have been automated, business administration perfected and a new information/communication/business tool has reshaped the entire face of Society. How will freedom from the industrial machine reshape the nature of work, business, school, communication, love and family life? The New Information Age has freed mankind from rote physical work and we are now on the other side of a keyboard that is a window on the Age of Knowledge and Global Communication. It is a mass awakening of culture and consciousness that takes place within the space of seconds as if reweaving the world inside a blink of the eye of the Creator . . .

As if breaking free from the violence, depression, death and particularly the massive death of innocents because of the atomic bomb that caused a psychological pall after WWII, the counterculture of the Hippies began an awakening to life, enlightenment and free spirit, evident in such sayings as “Turn on, tune in and drop out”, “Ban the Bomb” and “Flower Power.” Soon to follow was the end of the Vietnam War and the advent of the computer. From the age of conspicuous consumption we have fallen into a time of reduced employment as the social economy changes. This rebounds to haunt the Western World as not as many people can afford homes or cars, the cornerstones of personal economics. With the reduction of paying work, the computer becomes a tool for bargain hunters (Craigslist, Kijiji) as well as a tool of education on the self (through psychological tests, exploring fashion trends, discovering favourite colours) and being able to find a soul matching product (positive colours and shapes for each individual taste) for the least price. Anyone can have a virtual store front, increasing word of mouth, offering goods locally and globally, marketing online and inviting people to explore the world of product from the comfort of their living rooms. The unstructured time base makes it possible to work/play/email on the computer at anytime, giving great flexibility and more freedom. With the dearth of information on the computer it is an education explosion, making it possible to find out anything about any topic/product/event, from its origins to the latest developments.

The Old Culture is bigger, better, faster or more as if powered by the steam engine. The New Culture is flow, synchronicity and enough as if powered by a magic communicator. It becomes a culture of needs vs. wants, as half the world struggles with poverty issues, there is a certain Zen to less and being able to obtain what you need when you need it, quickly, at the click of the computer. The Internet has given the common man/small business entrepreneur access to the mass media with relatively inexpensive marketing, creating an easy way to become recognized, to promote products and ideas in an egalitarian exchange on a local as well as global level. As if markets have exploded with new entrepreneurs all offering products/ideas/answers that feed the consumer market with the ultimate in choices and because the number of producers has increased exponentially, in the competition for consumer dollars, prices are competitive and the consumer is king. The exponential explosion of vendors of knowledge/products in a huge array of offerings is easily narrowed down by a few key terms of product name/product type/region input into a search engine, as if finding the proverbial needle in a haystack is forever possible.

As if stretching the day, the computer gives us more time, streamlining systems, reducing workload, and increasingly working from home, making us more centered on family and friends. Free communication vendors, Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, My Space allow us to not only keep in touch with friends and relatives at a distance but also up close, the people we see everyday. The personal computer is an evolution of the town square or meeting place bringing the entire world into communication, so that people meet in virtual space for dating, business, to exchange talk and news and meet new people, often from miles away, in different countries. With an explosion in education on the self and culture, it becomes possible to find the ideal mate, Fated Other or most suited other so that there is peace and healing through relationship. Reclaiming culture through researching information, ancestors, roots; practicing the positive aspects of culture (i.e. making marmalade, pesto, pasta, family recipes; celebrating ritual feast days with joy, social communion and a holiday from work) and coming together in groups to pass the information along. An awakening of consciousness and truth telling mends the universe, between people through harmonious relationships and green ethical business practices, becoming informed and healing love lives and the environment. People become healed and “recycled”, having intrinsic value, as things of value that break are recycled, so are people. People perfectly attuned, who know themselves, are perfectly matched to their calling for work, their lover in covenant, holding themselves to upholding a higher order, so they are not hurting others or themselves, practicing forgiveness and respect, in tune with the Creator manifesting peace and safety for the Community. A caring Community that takes care of everyone, all children are socialized properly with cultural and karmic knowledge, if something is broken it becomes mended, if someone needs something, they get it, the importance of giving gifts to each other in the wholeness of social communion and love. As people flower with appreciation of each other, giving thanks to God through prayer, and each other, the world becomes whole. It becomes a culture of synchronicity, waking in the morning to a new day, rising naked to the warm Summer sky and saying yes, yes to the quiet, yes to the wholeness of communication, the Spirit and peace. As if each individual is in a happy love relationship, is in good physical and mental health, at peace with the Holy Spirit and everyone around them, and in synch with the natural world, all living creatures and the sky – living in and understanding a state of grace. As if being held in the hands of a higher power that guides, giving suggestions of needs; physical, emotional and spiritual to be filled in rhythm with the new day. As a new type of worship of God, a communal ritual of rhythmic yoga-type practice, with an entire group of people moving in synch with the Holy Spirit outdoors on some dry flat ground under the sky creating positive energies and karma. Reclaimed green spaces of gardens or woods become the sacred places of the Community/City, inviting celebration and ritual inside the worship of God.

Giving birth to the Enlightenment, synchronicity inside enough through the magic of the Communicator (Computer/Internet) and forgiveness in the Spirit of peace.

The Way of Peace,



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