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It is the time of Lammas, the beginning of harvest in Summer at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am planning for the CD: Dance Summer Blue, the photos and all night recording sessions, to be released before Christmas 2010. Songs have been writing for the latest CD work Equus: Of Summer Storms , with As with the blue riverand By the moon and the dove awaiting music. Also, many jewelry designs have been creating with the possibility of being launched as a collection at www.tympanilanerecords.com. The Summer Concert Series continues sporadically in the velvet underground of the Montreal Metro, I was awarded a Metro Busker’s License, many thanks to those who made it possible and the people who come by to dance and give a few coins . . .

“ How does it feel?
To be on your own
With no direction home,
Like a complete unknown,
Like a rolling stone. ”

- Bob Dylan (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

“ Life in North America is like a tv game show, you may not get what you want but you never go away empty handed. ”

- unexpressed thought of Tibetan friend

The following are some thoughts on the meaning of home . . . War is about being without a home. In the culture of the dispossessed, I suspect half the world is without their Fated Other, alone in a room, spinning thoughts that drive the Western economic machine. The “sex wars” and lack of forgiveness keep people at each others throats and away from their Fated Others. Such a sign from God that is ignored leads to the travesty of the wasteland. This part of the world becomes an outlander, on the road leading to the violence of alcohol/drug addictions, rape issues, insanity, suicide and possibly physical violence/murder. In this culture “entertainment” becomes a God, one’s life is about what one can do/the stage, personal suffering and what you do with it or because of it is high art, whether it is someone who plays music in theater or the bum that accosts us for monies, both presentations (and the myriad of variations on the theme) are equally appreciated. The actions of the artist and/or drug addict and/or beggar, are the actions of the dispossessed, one who is attempting to weave the day into a place of wholeness. As if in a grand pantomime, the world, in the form of the bank who forgives personal debt becomes the angel of grace in a cruel world. The matter of the “entertainment” we provide through the product of our collective sufferings is more important than even monies.

Being in context is about having a home. It is important to know if your reality or perceptions of the world are in synch with other peoples. It is important not to have misunderstandings or enemies because it can lead to the Community taking sides and fomenting against you, even leading to suicide, prison or mental institutions. Being in context in my perception means being at home with God (prayer, being in a state of grace, following the Spirit of the Word and not hurting others or ourselves), at home with the Community (being fully acculturated in cultural mores and karmic principal), at home with your lover (Fated Other or most suited other in covenant), at home with your family, at home within yourself (a positive state of mind of safety/happiness and karmic purity), at home with a suitable place to live that is safe, comfortable and affordable with affordable food, healthcare and education, a place with enough. It is important not to take for granted the daily ritual of dinner with other people, a prayer, perhaps preparing the meal together, the gift of quiet conversation, the topics of the day (without cursing and violence) over the offering of food, with the visitations by friends in a home that is a place of love. A home is a place of communion, where people laugh, where it is safe, where there is no violence. It is important to be in landscape or a place that is conducive to our souls – places where our people are from are great starting points for the creation of home, there is nothing like the feeling of walking down the street and being distantly related to most of the people you meet and being in synch with the Community. The feelings of perceived similarity or family are the starting points for inclusion and creating safety and a lack of violence. Sometimes places are predominantly a psychic colour, if this colour is the same as your favourite colour it is probably a good place for you to be. If you are on the right side of God, you are more likely to be on the right side of the Community.

The current cornerstones of the personal economy – of ownership of houses/cars/cottages etc. may not be in synch for everyone with the changing social economy. With the flux from the manufacturing economy to the Internet/Computer based economy, unemployment continues to creep up, without full-time employment it is difficult to have the means to own anything large like property. The concept of ownership in a transient world is an oxymoron, you have the use of different objects/spaces for certain periods of time until you die. Sometimes people may define themselves through their possessions, their wealth gives them personal value. Having monies is the same karmically as love, if you have enough love, a good working love life, friendships, material goods do not become as important. People often purchase things to aussage broken relationships and this is part of what drives the manufacturing economy, the game of creating wealth is like a bit that one chews on because of unhappiness in ones love life, it is the impetus for other things. However, because there are so many producers in the Internet Economy, the world becomes a consumer market which means there is much competition for the consumer dollar, keeping prices low and with a flourishing wholesale and secondhand market it becomes possible to survive and even live. However, while focusing on unemployment and throwing monies at the indicator that over time is not going away (because I suspect employment in the sense of the Old Economy will not be the same in an Internet/Computerized economy) it may be time to do a paradigm shift, concentrating on shoring up resources in a reduced economy, so that there is enough food, shelter, healthcare, and education. Food seems to be fairly well looked after in the west, it is possible to shop the supermarket flyers for sales and there are foodbanks. Shelter costs can be high making the case for more subsidized housing or rethinking housing. Currently, those on welfare are paying rental costs, not being allowed to own property, what if these people were in government owned mortgages for homes, their payment for housing going to pay for a mortgage. When the welfare recipient dies or for some unforeseen reason moves the mortgage monies goes back to the government. Universal healthcare is an important right, if you are sick or in pain you should be able to have medical attention regardless of whether you can pay for it or not. Education is also important, to be socialized into the culture and Community, be literate, being able to read and write and being educated in the great artists/writers/ philosophers of world history as well as science and mathematics. This is all made easier, particularly for those of Third World countries and rural communities through access to the Internet and the Computer in what becomes the magic of Paolo Friere’s Free School. So the still morphing Community of the Internet/Cyber Economy becomes about love and friendship relationships and enough, people have intrinsic value, it is not about appearances but about substance.

The negative karma of children dying from starvation, of people being in migration because of food security issues or of unwarranted deaths in wars (every death takes away someone’s Fated Other), like all great catastrophes I suspect becomes reflected karmically in our lives in the West. There is a communal synchronicity where one small act (either positive or negative) or the lack of an action that was needed becomes reflected and magnified back to the protaganist even miles or worlds away and everything affects everything else, it is a very tight karmic and actual weave of dark and light. And everyone is linked by the Collective Unconscience, making for a very small universe. In a world of great darkness and light, particularly in quality of life, enough is a gift. There is a certain Zen to having enough, enough love, enough work you are perfectly suited for, enough food and shelter. If one has more it is a good idea to keep great wealth moving (in philanthropy or make work projects) to improve conditions for those with less, to give back to the universe in some way. Giving to the universe through practicing your calling for work (either by volunteering or working), through good works, by practicing forgiveness creates good karma that in turn gives you a home with God, the Community and with your friends and family. In the Age of Enlightenment home becomes about enough, a reflection of karmic purity in one’s love life and following one’s calling for work in synchronicity with the Community and the Spirit.

The Way of Peace,



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