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The Autumn Equinox is approaching with the last days of Summer at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . . Muhammad Choonara of Visual Journeys, www.visualjourneys.ca,a very great talent in Montreal, has become my photographer and will be taking photos for the next CD: Dance Summer Blue. I hope to be in the recording studio by November. I am selling my 6c Bass Renaissance Lute; and am planning to record a couple of Lute/Guitar songs I have written for it first and the Lute should be available after Christmas. Poetry is flowing for Radio Storms including The Expectation of rain storms and some Untitled pieces. I continue to perform sporadically in the Montreal Metro amongst the blue and stone . . .

“ Curse not, lest ye’ be cursed. “
- Collective Wisdom

The following are thoughts on the state of the cursehold of Western Society or Salem Revisited, much of the historical information has been psychically intuited . . . Witchcraft is underground in North America, no one says very much, no one barely thinks anything, everyone knows something and somewhere someone knows everything and so does God, that’s if it existed. And it doesn’t exist. But if it did exist in some form or another, this is a general outline of truth and consequences, and I insist it is just a general outline, there is much more information out there if you just ask around (most of this takes place only in the realm of thoughts . . . and may otherwise be taboo). Also, cursing is a very negative thing, to be avoided at all costs but it is important to know when you are cursing someone, when you are being cursed, what the consequences of cursing are and what to do about it, it can be a very serious matter.

I suspect since the days of Salem and perhaps since earlier agricultural times (but perhaps in not quite so dramatic fashion) people may have been secretly sacrificing each other; at first infants that cried too much quietly disappeared, possibly murdered on Wiccan Feast days (probably Equinoxes), when the community became alarmed at the silent disappearances they started to make a game of murdering old people instead (as they required too much care and there was not enough wine to keep them quiet). As these mysterious deaths accrued the Community became very disturbed and an Inquistion was held to reveal who was perpetrating these crimes. The Wiccan women were part of a secret witches society; as well as the mysterious deaths, the ways of herbalism/midwives and the sacred rites of passage of women, the mysterious miracle of birth, may have caused extreme fear in men and patriarchal paranoia. To most modern day people it was a “witch hunt” basically innocent women were accused of crimes they did not commit or as in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” women were persecuted for political reasons (if there was an argument, all the protagonist had to do was call the other (a woman) out by calling her a witch and she could be put on trial) burned at the stake, I however tend to think they occasionally sanctioned someone for murder. It was a scary time, when human sacrifice may have become initiated as a rite of paganism.

Why does cursing exist, if it does?

Originally, in the very beginning, I suspect cursing existed so that you could keep your lover and prevent them from leaving you. However, if you are married to your Fated Other (star-crossed), you are perfectly suited so would not want to leave anyway. Also, being very well suited, being properly mentored and discerned in marriage should curtail most thoughts of leaving, unless you are cursed, are karmically impure or have emotional issues you need to heal . . .

What is the karma of cursing?

As with any negative action, there is an equal and even greater reaction that return to the cursor because of the suffering and bad karma created (the old world Wiccan adage is “thrice times thrice” so it returns to the cursor 9-fold).

What happens when you curse someone?

You are acting out and hurting someone. They may end up without a job or sad and alone without a marriage partner or children or a rape victim in serial relationships perhaps ending in insanity and suicide.

What happens to you when you curse someone?

You lose your good reputation, you will create bad karma because you have hurt someone which will return to you. You could lose employment or a life mate, or possibly lose your teeth (from shame), possibly losing your sanity and even causing you to commit suicide (and maybe even murder).

What happens when a curse is taken out of context?

It is possible to have people give your lover who has left a hard time so that he returns to you (swaying public opinion) anything more than this (that may or may not include murder) is too much cursing and may make you a reflected schizophrenic. When karmically pure, it is important to take a lover only if it looks like the relationship will last which means you are star-crossed or the same psychological type and/or most of your favourite/soul colours match (the more soul colors match, the better suited you will be) plus there may be other considerations. Mentoring and discernment in love life is important (there is a staking prayer that calls on the Holy Spirit to help with discernment). I suspect in agricultural societies, young adults usually married their star-crossed lover, and if settling took their prospective lover home to their parents and grandparents before making a commitment, if the elders were reliable there was a lot of information they could tell you about your prospective partner(about their family, their soul colors, psychological type and overall suitability)and could steer you clear from a potentially bad situation.

If you were never intimate with someone and you curse them because you want to sleep with them, you in turn will be cursed – never, never do this

If you threaten someone to sleep with you, never, never do this either – sometimes prospective lovers are trying to stay karmically pure, maybe waiting for their Fated Other, or waiting for someone to return to them, may not find you a suitable partner to sleep with (it is usually possible to tell who you are attracted to but you may not be able so readily to tell if you are the right type for them, ask many questions, it is important to be mentored and discerned)

What if you curse someone because you are jealous of them or because you don’t like them (never, never do this either – it will come back at you)

What if you curse someone because they are not following the rules of socialization (this can come back at you as well – help them find out what they need to know, ask the elders/others what to do in this situation, they may need to be woken up)

What if someone is just cursing because they don’t believe the cursing will work or because they are just having a bad day?

If it is possible that the cursing might hurt someone, you wouldn’t curse them right? Because you wouldn’t want them to be hurt, right? And anyway for every curse there is usually a return curse of some kind either karmic or maybe actually (which can be very bad). So the answer is don’t curse.

What is the first thing you do when you think someone has cursed you?

Let what has happened be known so people will be mean to who cursed you so they stop cursing you (there are rules about this so ask around)

It is O.K. to return the curse as long as everyone forgives each other at the end of the day, that way no one is hurt and there are no negative consequences (also, there are rules so ask, even if its just in thoughts)

Cursing someone is compromising your reputation, it is as if you have slandered someone, causing shame to yourself and the negative karma returns to you. If there is something really wrong with a situation that you feel may need cursing, consult the elders and others in the Community for direction, to figure out what is the true nature of the situation. It is important if something is wrong that it be arighted, so innocents are not being hurt and it is not allowed to fester into a longterm tragedy. Also there is a certain glow or positive karma to not cursing that can cause you to be of clean reputation and to be successful in your endeavours.

It is a very subtle world, thoughts and speech can carry great weight, there are cultural rules and karmic rules, always do the right thing, it becomes a game, for every action there is a reaction both karmically and maybe actually. The cursehold can affect people’s love lives negatively, if they are unhappy and suffering in their love lives (either with someone they are not suited for or without a partner) it feeds into the condition of economic drivers (that great suffering will make people come up with new thoughts, concepts, products, policies) feeding the capitalist economy with ideas creating wealth, leaders and relieving the sin of boredom, there is nothing bigger than “that’s entertainment.” The increased suicide/violence statistics and the karmic dissonance may lead to war, creating job openings in an economy with high unemployment so it is my suspicion that for these reasons cursing may have been tolerated by the elite and possibly constructed. However, it is a great tragedy to create suffering for the “greater good”, it is an oxymoron or karmic dissonance only relieved by the power of the greater love of God for us, the Holy Spirit saving us from ourselves. And there are many rules about the state of the cursehold, ask a lot of questions . . . but most importantly “Curse not, lest ye’ be cursed.”

The Way of Peace,



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