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World Message of Peace

Tea at Tympani Lane Records is in the midst of moving offices to Montreal, Quebec. The rain is soft in blue here and the winter is quiet upon us. I hope to be back in the recording studio soon and playing in public venues, the Metro is alive and just waiting for music. As I travel I am reminded of the Bardic Tradition. The Bards were of the ruling class and were the protectors of the community,they studied and memorized the songs and poetry of their ancestors that was passed down by oral tradition telling the stories and history of their people. They traveled from town to town and were awarded gifts and moneys largely for their performances, they also provided news from other places,and held special knowledge of prophecy, of the Wiccan religion and holiday ritual and of herbs and the healing arts. A Bard's life was basically one of a student, being mentored in the cultural traditions for approximately 20 years. Learning the history of the community and passing it on was considered important so people did not trespass against each other and it gave them points of reference so they knew who they were and could survive within community and within nature. Aided by music the stories of the community were remembered and played upon Early Music Instruments - Lutes, Recorders, Harps and the Celtic Drum. The Bards also wrote original songs and stories, eventually coming to write the chapter of their generation that was in turn added to the communal pool of knowledge.

I have of late been reading about Hermeticism, an early Mystery Religion. Like dropping a stone in a body of water, one small pebble causes waves of increasing size. Similarly with thoughts, words and deeds, the karmic energy becomes amplified three times and comes back to the sender three times. It is as if there is constantly a karmic balancing occurring, between the light and dark, between the resulting karma of the positive and the negative. So it is important to keep positive karmic energy by giving good thoughts, words and deeds. Being even handed in criticism and being accountable, not trespassing against others. On a larger scale, it is important for the community to have a thriving and active economy that is clean in the Spirit. As with all karma, moneys that are earned when people are not hurt or injured (either by pollution, rape, murder of innocents or other ills) will stay with you and multiply. When moneys are earned in ways that break the Ten Commandments (or the Spirit of good karma) there is a reflected negative karma that manifests itself in a path of burdens, frustrations and even disasters. And the moneys will not stick with you and will slip through your hands. We live in a society that manufactures victims, those who survive become better workers, those who do not end up in prisons, mental institutions, on welfare, drug/alcohol abusers or on the street. On some level the machine of the economy is fed on the elites fears of not enough and greed, and is part of the reason governments are in debt. We are still living under the veil of the auspices of World War II. Mentoring and raising children is difficult in a world where often both parents work, children who are not acculturated or do not heal the hurts from their original families are natural set ups for a troubled love life. The mass media is a strong reinforcer that often needs discussion within points of reference. However, people with emotional wounds may take refuge in the solace of work, prayer and the Healing Circle.

In sympathy with half the world that lives in poverty, the Free Store at Tea at Tympani Lane Records will continue in some form. It is important for people to be able to have access to the cultural effects of the Community (as well as food, shelter, meaningful work and a harmoniouslove life) so that peace and understanding may be woven into the Community,

The Way of Peace,

Joyeux Noel!


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