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It is quiet with winter on the edges of warm, at Tea at Tympani Lane Records this Harvest Home. The International Association of Recording Artists, which monitors electronic billboards playing new songs, has told me that Angel Song from the CD: The Madrigal has ranked 58 out of 100 on international billboards. Also, the Canadian National Archives has been looking for my CD’s and possibly writings. This month I will be getting photos taken by Muhammad Choonara, www.visualjourneys.ca for the new CD: Dance Summer Blue and hopefully heading into the studio for an all night recording session. Writing has slowed, but I am working on a new children’s story, poetry and waiting for new songs to write. I hope to continue the busking schedule in the Montreal Metro into the winter . . .

“A good reputation is more valuable than money.” - Publilius Syrus (Writer/Philosopher)

The following thoughts are on what a personal code of honor and good reputation means to the individual and the Community . . . Somewhere someone knows your entire history (and so does God), all an interested person has to do is ask your friends and acquaintances what you have done. Most people have their own personal history story or legend. Everyone is known by reputation which builds trust with your family or Community or not.

What are some of the things that can cause you to lose your reputation?

In general any word or deed that seriously harms another or trespasses against peace in the Community.

e.g. breaking social mores/telling lies/slandering someone/breaking your word of honour/accepting or giving bribes/hurting an innocent/cursing an innocent/stealing/violence/murder/breaking the 10 Commandments or the law of the land/acting against the Holy Spirit, following the letter of the law rather than the Spirit of the law . . .

What happens when you lose your good reputation?

The consequences of losing one’s reputation or ruining someone’s reputation when they are righteous, can be public shunning and ostracism, if you have a questionable reputation, people may not be comfortable in their dealings with you and may drop you from their social/business roster. Depending on the severity of the crime you can possibly lose your teeth (from shame), become insane and/or possibly commit suicide. You may not be able to obtain work, your business may not prosper, you may lose peace in your family (possibly losing your lover), losing respect from your friends, family and people in the Community.

What is the most common cause of a loss of reputation?

In Western society, the most common crime of reputation is a misguided love life, a marriage vow that has been broken. Sometimes young people and lovers become bound in honour binding situations that are not mentored or discerned effectively. Breaking a marriage intention after the marriage has been physically consummated is usually an act of war.

How can you avoid a broken marriage vow?

In my opinion, if you are karmically pure you should not be making love to someone unless it looks like the marriage can last. Ideally, you should be able to take your perspective lover home to your grandmother/grandfather, and if they are a righteous elder (do some discernment and everyone has a reputation so ask around) she will then tell you her impressions of your choice. Even if the person is your Fated Other (star-crossed lover), there may be other important considerations. The person should be the same or similar psychological type (can be discerned through free psychological tests over the Internet and/or the discernment prayer) and most of your favorite colors (or soul colors) should match. Also the person should probably not be of a family of your traditional family enemies unless you are star-crossed or exceedingly well suited. And they should be an attractive physical type. In my experience, most women will settle in a marriage relationship fairly well if it is well discerned, men on the other hand may have wanderlust, and not be ready to settle down until they are in their late 20’s or 30’s unless they find someone very simpatico. Being karmically pure in a covenant relationship that is happy (positively mentored) keeps peace in your personal life and peace in the Community, preventing war.

What does having a personal code of ethic in your love life mean?

It is important to be honest in intentions in your love life, whatever your intentions are it should be understood by your lover. It is important not to be misunderstood because your lover could be hurt (sometimes depression and/or suicide are not uncommon when a marriage relationship breaks) and the Community could go out of their way to wreck your peace because you have left a covenant relationship. One particular bone of contention is making someone karmically impure, unless you are very certain the marriage has a chance of lasting it is a grievous sin to make someone karmically impure. Also, for some people it is a point of honour that they would not take a young adult as a lover because they are not emotionally mature enough to understand what they are doing, because they are karmically pure and because they very probably have a Fated Other (star-crossed lover) waiting to be discovered. There is an old adage that says it is bad karma to give sexual favors for monies, it is alright to give large or small gifts but love should not be about business, love affairs should be about the covenant of love (this is in the Spirit of love, I suspect there is a for shame aspect as there is when anything is taken out of its intended context). Always ask for advice from friends, neighbours, family, elders.

How are understandings of the truth in contentious situations determined?

Village elders are very important as they have suffered in their life’s journey they have special gifts of the Holy Spirit, a true spirit can tell when someone is lying, God sends signs. When a judgment in a case has been determined by an elder, another elder may also have the same sign. It is a point of honour, the Community knows which elders are trustworthy. The sign comes through the elder but others can read it as well. The righteous elders usually have the same outcome for the signs, and when they determine the truth it becomes public knowledge, someone will say that it is the truth of the matter and you can trust it.

All contentions of the heart are lessened in a very well mentored marriage, as it is less likely to break and all contentions should be decided in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit aided by righteous elders; social grandstanding is not tolerated. Also, there is a pining prayer to lessen the negative karma and enotional woundedness of a broken marriage vow.

As soon as a situation becomes about winning at any cost you lose. If you lose the truth of the matter within your own will, karmically you will lose and bring catastrophe upon yourself and perhaps upon your family and Community because you have hurt innocents. Because an innocent has been hurt or is not safe within the Community, the Community is not safe and democracy has been compromised.

What is important to know about your reputation and new endeavours?

In every new course of action there are rules (stated rules and unstated rules) whether it is obtaining a new job, joining a new organization, or taking up a new activity i.e. traveling, writing etc. In the earliest days every job occupation had guilds and there were rules (official and unofficial) for every occupation that were just for guild members. Most rules ensure the safety of the worker and the profession, if you do not follow the rules you could lose your job or your reputation by threatening the safety of your clients or yourself. Always ask the rules when taking on a new activity.

How does being of good reputation apply to the Muslim peoples?

It is as if in some fundamentalist Muslim cultures their souls have become stamped with the letter of the law – written law is a creation of the writer, usually divinely inspired however still fallible – in their search for purity they are making scapegoats of their women, the true problem lies in a past of hardship and the men having too many wives making them karmically impure (ideally they should be marrying their Fated Others (star-crossed lovers) in covenant while karmically pure). When women are murdered for breaking the law in their love lives (as if some point of law is more important than the life of this woman), the leaders who have passed judgment have ruined their reputation, the entire Community is sullied, they have created dissonance and threatened the peace and safety of the democracy of their society.

When you break the Ten Commandments or the Spirit of the word you lose your good reputation because you have hurt someone and consequently yourself (because of the negative karma created). That is why it is important to not hurt others or consequently ourselves and to be pure in thought, word and deed, following the Spirit of the Ten Commandments and the law of the land. The intertwining of thoughts, speech and actions is very subtle, a slip of speech/action/or omission of appropriate speech or action can become magnified and the negative consequences come back to you 3 fold. It is important to know who you are dealing with and what you need to do to avoid trespass and being misunderstood so you have a good reputation.

Being karmically pure in a covenant relationship that is happy (positively mentored) keeps peace in your personal life and peace in the Community, preventing war. Having a good reputation, being known for always dealing fairly with people and “doing the right thing” naturally creates good karma and will translate into a good social/business reputation creating wealth, harmony and peace.

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