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It is the quiet of Winter Solstice and preparations for Yuletide at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am planning on trimming the potted Norwegian Spruce with dried orange slices and cranberry strings and baking some Christmas cakes and shortbread. I have been busy writing; a new children’s story, In the Land of the Red Skyscrapers or How the King of the Meanies Became the King of Songs ; poetry for the new book, Winter Skies and songs, having written music to All the gifts of the flowered sunand the lyrics for Of the winter night. Plans for the CD: Dance Summer Blue are in the works with 2 late night recording sessions in December and to be launched @ www.tympanilanerecords.com for Christmas, on a wing and a prayer. I hope to have CD: Dance Summer Blue on CDBaby! for January 2011. I am also planning some Christmas concerts in the underground of the Montreal Metro . . .

“If you talk to God, you are praying. If God talks to you, you are a schizophrenic.”
- Thomas Szasz (Anti-psychiatrist)

“We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love.”
- R.D. Laing (Anti-psychiatrist)

The following are some thoughts on the history of the clash of the psychiatric system with the culture creating cultural diaspora; suffering and often suicide and violence. How the psychiatric system supports the Western cultural diaspora, takes sides in the “sex wars” and as if wearing a cultural condom is not effective in emotional healing. The paradigm of life with eventual death and the pressures of the culture, particularly the “sex wars” has led to a medicated world, from alcohol and illegal drug use to the use of psychiatric drugs.

What is “insanity”? “Insanity” is behavior that is considered aberrant by the Community and may be as simple as breaking societal norms or as dramatic as acting out (in violence and/or raving) or acting in (in self-abuse or suicide). There are multiple possible causes of aberrant behavior including i. lack of socialization ii. not being held enough as a child iii. the karmic implications of breaking the 10 Commandments or not acting in line with the Holy Spirit iv. nutritional imbalances v. organic brain syndrome - the brain is malformed in the womb causing thought processes to be different vi. inorganic brain syndrome - the brain is altered after birth (through an accident) that causes thought processes to be different vii. lack of social contact viii. drug or alcohol abuse ix. grief from death/loss of a loved one x. grief from loss of a lover xi. experiencing a traumatic event xii. political ascription (disagreeing with someone of influence) xiii. senility xiv. a medical condition xv. acting out against Community mores and values xvi. clashing soul colours (the coloured light bands that are the soul are of differing values giving the person tendencies towards violent or antisocial behaviour). Any of these preconditions can result in altered states of perception, thoughts and emotion causing aberrant behaviour or “insanity”, sometimes with negative karma and often with public disabuse or one being given a stint in a state mental hospital with a psychiatric label.

The psychiatric system was born of Weimar Germany, with the invention of schizophrenia by the psychiatrist Kraepalin and the medicalization of problems in living, as if any kind of perceived health problem was relegated to the realm of the hospital. With the apparent aberrant behaviour of psychiatric patients, means to control them were invented that were easier for the caregiver but were not very effective for healing, working up from restraints to physical interventions. Psychiatric medications are powerful and may help in controlling someone’s emotional state, aiding in sleep and creating a sedative effect that masks violence but they may also make it easier to suicide and usually treat the “diagnosis” which is actually a symptom of someone’s problem in living.

Western society is the juxtaposition of the cult of ego with the dispossessed. A white face lure that screams at people creating the “sex wars” destroying lives as everyone stands by and watches. As if everyone is in a movie, watching other movies; half the population walks around wishing the other half were dead. Inside the power paradigm and the “sex wars” is a time machine, like a prison movie people can be dragged like dogs behind cars for years, some find redemption, many die in straits. People break and break hard, the economy is a freak, more important than their suffering or their very lives. Fear of not enough fuels psychological cookbooks and psychological/social experiments that are dangerous and cause incredible emotional damage. The social construct of the “sex wars” is inculcated in the psychiatric system, where people take sides; it is possible to be incredibly emotionally abused by psychiatric facility staff paid for by the state.

The work of the psychiatric system presents itself as:

i. crisis intervention - preventing violence.

ii. help cure or manage people’s emotional states so that they can be constructive members of society.

iii. giving psychiatric medication to help save people’s lives.

What the psychiatric system really does:

i. casts the psychiatric patient as the “Other” creating stigma; holds them at arms length

-gives people a diagnosis/label that says what is wrong with them which is usually a symptom of a problem in the persons life, it is not the real problem; usually either a troubled childhood or a troubled love life or some imbalance in the persons life that becomes reflected as a physical psychiatric anomaly.

ii. the patient is “warehoused” in a revolving door system where the patient may never really be cured or even helped.

iii. because of the culture clash with the “sex wars” or with the lack of socialization of the person, the psychiatric system may not be able to help in the recovery of the “Other”:

a. psychiatric staff are too afraid to help the person with cultural information because it may not be allowed by cultural constraints or possibly by influential people in the person’s life.

b. the nature of the cultural paradigm may be at odds with the “Other” getting the help they need as if great suffering was the goal:

- until they follow the rules of the culture (if they can figure out what these rules are because they are supposed to be learned in childhood).

- until they make good on their promises of love partnership or are with a love partner that is sanctioned by the Family/Community.

- to make economic drivers.

- so that whatever they do achieve they are appreciative for.

- as time can heal most wounds and about half of all psychiatric patients recover over time.

- as some psychiatric patients become self- actualized over time.

- because it makes it easier to suicide or eventually die.

iv. sells psychiatric drugs.

Why are psychiatric patients happening? Families, friends, communities, intake workers, cultural motifs and the psychiatric system are clashing. People aren’t being mentored in the culture or discerned in marriage effectively, real holistic therapy in the form of Deep Process work is not being done in the psychiatric system (it is a warehousing system). The psychiatric fiasco is a drain on the healthcare system, the government picks up an enormous tab in hospital stays, drug cards and disability pensions. It is as if with the advent of Industrialization and the move off the land to cities the culture became overly constructed, as if the very soul of the Society became corrupt, losing the simple wisdom of the Old Ways and the agricultural society.

Could the elite be allowing this to happen because great suffering and suicide is beneficial to a culture that lives for new ideas (economic drivers) and the wealth it creates, entertainment relieving boredom, uses people as face cards for the elites security paradigms, relieves pressure on a limited resource employment market and a limited resource economy, also feeding the wealth created by a war machine. Because of the great suffering of economic drivers whatever wealth they create is negated by karmic dissonance, causing a debt ridden and war economy. My theory is people aren’t really supposed to recover from their “diagnosis” they are supposed to die in the arms of the blood sport of the old world culture.

Real viable creative interventions call for a rethinking of the culture so that power paradigms are benign, so that people in trouble with life’s problems are helped by the Community before they become so isolated and emotionally abused they become psychiatric patients. A psychiatric "diagnosis" is really a symptom of a problem in living that has become unmanageable. In my opinion most people with problems (depression, rape issues, stress, unplanned pregnancy, anxiety, grief, anger, eating disorders, self esteem issues . . .) were not socialized properly, have had a troubled childhood, social problems, have had a troubled love life and/or are in need of some creative dialogue for help in living. Is it so hard to find someone to help in dialogue? Village elders, lay psychologists, a network of older and wiser friends, the grapevine in the street of the old world village in creative interventions could be a great asset. It takes a Community with mentoring in the culture and discernment in marriage to help someone’s life and particularly love life to be successful. As the “diagnosis” is the symptom why not help with the person’s life problem if it is possible. People who have their needs met (food, shelter, suitable work, education, healthcare) and a happy love life – usually in covenant with their Fated Other (star-crossed lover) or most suited other contribute to a safe and peaceful Community.

The Way of Peace,



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