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It is the deep cold of winter at Winter Solstice and in the New Year at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The new CD: Dance Summer Blue is available for Christmas @ www.tympanilanerecords.com and will be on CD Baby! for January 2011. The last late night recording session was on December 20th, the night of Winter Solstice, the lunar eclipse and I think Mercury was in retrograde. It was as if the stage was cursed for the first hour or so,the guitar kept going out of tune, a string popped and I couldn't get a good performance in, however the negative energy cleared up after an hour or so and the last 4 songs were recorded. The Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer is Kevin Jardine of Uplift Productions. The cover photo is by Edie Steiner of Extra Sensory Productions Inc. Poetry is writing for the book of poetry, In the Time of Winter, and music has been written to the song “The winter night” for the CD: Of The Spirit Horse (former working title Equus: Of Summer Storms). Concerts continue sporadically in the blue and warm of the Montreal Metro underground . . .

“Everytime a man sleeps with a woman whom he is not ideally suited for and leaves he is raping another man’s Fated Other.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Artist, Writer, Philosopher)

“If God had wanted us to be whores He would have put it in the 10 Commandments.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Artist, Writer, Philosopher)

“Rape is like killing the “enemy” after the war is over.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Artist, Writer, Philosopher)

The following are some thoughts on rape and sexual defilement as a weapon of war and annihilation against men and particularly women, as used by the capitalist economy/Western cultural system for social control and to make economic drivers.

Why would someone be raped or in serial sexual relationships?

i. someone may have cursed them

ii. they are perceived as “acting out” and not conforming to cultural rules

iii. they do not have an understanding of the karmic/cultural rules around love relationships

iv. happenstance (they are in the wrong place at the wrong time)

v. someone is breaking them in their sexual relationships until they are with a particular person, a face card,
in line with the elite’s security paradigms

vi. ethnic cleansing - are perceived as the “Other” (traditional family enemies or a member of a minority group) and they are being violated with the goal of making them suicide

vii. an ex-boyfriend could be looking for you

viii. it used to be a sign that something was wrong; it is important to make discreet enquiries

Why would someone rape someone?

i. they are karmically impure and violent

ii. someone may have cursed their love life and they can’t stay in a longterm relationship

iii.social control

iv. to make an economic driver

v. discrimination, projection of self-esteem issues onto “the Other”

vi. making a scapegoat, the fear and stress inherent in living (fear of losing one’s wife, job, house, life . . . )
drives them to act out in a violent way and if they can make it righteous they can feel better about it

What happens when someone is raped?

i. sexual defilement causes trust issues, violation issues, depression,
addictions and can cause anger with suicide (acting in) and/or violence (acting out)

ii. is a boundary violation and causes negative karma

What happens to the rapist?

i. he has broken with the Holy Spirit, has created negative karma and
becomes “insane”

ii. he may eventually lose his teeth from shame

iii. he may become increasingly violent, raping other women which could
lead to addictions, suicide and more violence

iv. contributes to making him karmically impure

There are cultural and karmic rules around sexual relationships which until recently, in my experience, were hidden. The basic tenets of intimate relationships are that they are with a Fated Other (star-crossed) or most suited other (the 2 people are the same psychological type with matching soul colours or favourite colours and may be cousins), that the 2 people are karmically pure, that the relationship is in covenant, that they do not sexually defile each other. Sexual defilement is anal sex, manipulation of genitals . . . oral sex borders on sexual defilement, as you could lose respect for each other and the relationship could break. According to Statistics Canada gay relationships do not last as long as heterosexual relationships, my theory is that the very nature of the gay sexual act may be karmically negative and be considered sexual defilement. “Gay” people have Fated Others of the opposite sex and although may have a psychological/physical predilection for a same sex partner, it is not impossible to find someone of the opposite sex who is a most-suited other. If you think you might be “gay”, there is an unofficial empathic hormone scale that a village elder may be able to read, take heart and remember that there are some successful longterm gay couples, everyone is suited to a calling for work, and don’t have regular social contact with people who scapegoat you. The sad truth is that the cultural diaspora around the “sex wars” can leave one very emotionally wounded and seeking shelter with a same sex lover. “Gays” are noted for being economic drivers because they suffer so incredibly.

Men and women tend to understand sex differently. Men tend to be more outer directed, they produce new sperm every 3 days, giving them a need to masturbate or have sexual relations, sometimes they are not as sensitive as women and sex is more just a physical release. To most women, a sexual relationship means they are home (although this might not be the case). There is a small number of women who are not too sensitive and may have multiple sexual partners without being too emotionally upset. However, on a sign from God, we are sent a perfect star-crossed other for a marriage partner, having multiple sexual partners often causes karmic impurity, emotional discord, drug addiction, suicide and violence. And I also have a theory that everyone has their breaking point, the point at which they may end up celibate or in suicide. If one is karmically impure (has had too many lovers) it is possible to find redemption by following ones calling for work, doing good works, following the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, and/or a cultural pursuit that is made public.

Rape as a tool of the Capitalist Economy

When people are raped, surreptitiously, in the open or in serial relationships they suffer incredibly, they may become mental patients, alcohol/drug addicts, suicide, commit violence. Rape as a method of social control and creating economic drivers/sexual violence is like pig art. If the rape victims channel this negative energy in a positive way, their suffering can lead to gifts of the Holy Spirit and they may become self actualized and economic drivers. I suspect the elite tolerates and may support the “sex wars” with the cursing of ex-lovers for this reason, as if new ideas to drive the economy becomes more important than people’s vary lives. The suffering of the “scapegoat” or “economic driver” is so great that it causes karmic dissonance, the wealth created is negated by contributing to a debt-ridden and war economy.

The “Sex Wars” and the Broken Family

Because of cultural/political constraints that may not allow someone to be with their Fated Other (star-crossed lover), the constraints of the “sex wars”, and a lack of mentoring and discernment in selecting a marriage partner, marriages may not last, creating stress and violence on families and particularly on children. The parents are suffering possibly leading to alcohol/drug addictions, violence and suicide. Children may not be socialized properly and are taking on the emotional violence of their parents mismatched marriages becoming heartbroken.

Western Society is complex, it is important to understand the culture and social mores, to be in dialogue with your friends, family and Community, using the grapevine in the street, keeping up with contacts (sometimes just by using telepathy) so that you are not misunderstood and do not become a victim of violence or rape. It is possible to recover emotionally from experiences of rape; Deep Process Work and release work, prayer/meditation, Yoga, exercise, dialogue with good friends, following one’s calling for work, the passage of time; and even go on to have a fulfilling love/sex life (it is important that the relationship be mentored and discerned and in covenant). The New World Order would allow for benign power constructs and healthier, better suited, karmically pure covenant marriages, the positive karma reflecting on family, friends and the Community creating wealth and enough.

The Way of Peace,



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