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It is the last cold of winter at Candlemas and the coming Feast Day of St. Brigid at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Songs have been writing; The Love Song of Winter and an Untitled work for CD: Of the Spirit Horse; The Song of Zion and In the quiet of the night for CD: In Blue. More writings for the poetry book In the Time of Winter, particularly a poem inspired by the photography and life of Vivian Maier. Have picked up the pen to work on The Demaricon again, although I think it may be a slow write. I am considering the publication of the poetry book, Radio Storms as an EBook. Two videos for CD: Dance Summer Blue are being created over the next few months. I have been playing sporadically amongst the beautiful stonework of the Montreal Metro . . .

“There is a great deal of political pressure to only talk about abstinence,
and to deny support for condoms and education on using them. This policy
will lead to the unnecessary deaths of many people.”

- Hillary Clinton (Former First Lady, Politician)

“It takes a community to raise a child.”

- Native Collective Wisdom

“Every child a wanted child.”

- Collective Wisdom

The following are some thoughts on Birth Control in the New World . . . For thousands of years the world was centered on the agricultural economy, most of the world lived in rural communities, in Europe as serfs, working on farms. In these Communities most people married and as there was no Birth Control had many children, most of whom grew up to work on the farms. So the agricultural economy was in synch with the natural practices of childbearing. With the invention of the steam engine, the shift in the economy to an Industrialized economy and advances in science and medicine, there was better nutrition, sanitation, indoor running water, and Birth Control was invented; people started to live longer and there was better health for children, the world population began increasing exponentially since 1859. In the 20th century the world’s population increased from 1.6 to 6 billion, it is projected to increase to 12 billion in the 21st century which may place extreme pressure on resources, clean water and food production.

After World War II because of increasing population fears and stress on finite resources most people began to have only 2 children (an unofficial policy), much fewer than the big families of 8 or 9 children of the agricultural economy. I suspect a 2 child household conflicts with the mission of the Catholic Church, out of the very large families of the agricultural society at least one child was usually expected to take up the “cross” and become a celibate priest or nun. With the reduced size of families the number of priests and nuns became reduced, and there are other reasons for this decline, including a backlash against negative cultural practice with regards to the Catholic Church.

How does Birth Control affect the Spirit World and the process of souls being born on earth?

(The following was psychically intuited through foreknowledge of my own experience in the Guft before coming to earth in this lifetime).

After a person dies their Soul exists in the Guft where over time it heals (from the golden light of being in God’s presence) waiting to be born. After the Soul has healed and ripened (anywhere from 200 to over 1,000 years) it becomes full and with movement anxious to be born. The Holy Spirit sends possibly suitable male souls to hover over the female soul, the female soul analyzes the soul for psychological type and soul colours and if the male soul is simpatico enough the souls fuse creating a star-crossed other, fusion is decided by the female soul. (After both souls have been born, the star-crossed others meet, there is a sign from God and they hopefully marry). Then the Spirits wait in line to be born to people on earth. By using Birth Control and having only 2 children, the souls may have to be realigned to who they are born to, this may have a slight effect on whether the person meets their star-crossed other on earth but does not make it impossible. There is the precipitous hand of God guiding these meetings and you are usually automatically in their thoughts when you enter their presence.

Birth Control (pills, creams, condoms) as well as preventing pregnancy or helping with family planning can also help with some medical conditions and can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Cost as an issue can be negated, by producing Birth Control in extremely large volumes, the higher the volume produced, the lower the cost.

In the Old Agricultural Society people participated in the May Pole ceremony (I believe most marrying their Fated Others) were married at 15, had families that worked the farm, and maybe died in their late 30’s or 40’s. In the post-Industrialized economy the world is overly constructed, people delay marriage often until they are in their 20’s or 30’s, if the person is in serial relationships or having trouble finding someone to marry their suffering could be feeding family businesses and/or the economy. Because of the complicated cultural constructs around marriage, sometimes people do not marry or do not have children reducing pressure on the limited resources economy. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with using birth control (pills, creams, condoms) for family planning. - it is better to use birth control than to have an abortion. Abortions are killing a living thing – the girl could temporarily become a reflected psychotic (for breaking the Thou Shall Not Kill commandment of the 10 Commandments). There are exceptions if the mother’s health is at risk. I suspect the bad karma of an abortion may negatively effect your relationship with your lover/husband. Financial concerns about having a child can be abated, by picking up sales and what you need in secondhand markets, it is important to have strong social support so that the child and mother are not isolated. “It takes a community to raise a child.” What looks like a burden at the age of 18 could in the longterm be a very great blessing, sometimes the only chance to have children is when you are young. Ideally, you should be able to financially support your family. However, if one is on welfare I would have no more than 2 children, if your financial circumstances change perhaps having more children. With the changing economy to a Computerized Economy, the reality is there are less jobs, and with the constantly changing technology, the bottom lines of businesses are in flux, creating uncertain circumstances that are not favorable for creating jobs. With the social contract everyone should practice their calling for work (create a job by opening a business, do volunteer work), even wives and mothers should have an outside the home interest but their main concern should be their children in their first 5 years of life. Just because the economic world is stressed and people may not be considered “economically viable” does not mean you do not have the right to a committed love life and a family. Ideally a family gives you a social construct that builds safety, community and fulfills a natural calling, it is the cornerstone of the social aspect of the larger Community. Like a calling for work, there is a calling for having a family, (a deep yearning and perhaps a sign from God) if you do not have this calling you are probably relieving stress on the ecology/economy by not having children (it may help to be a satellite for other people’s families (a friend of the family) as a resource person, helping with children, young people, old people, a listening ear, relieving stress on other people’s families). If you are financially independent and have a calling for having children, having children becomes a personal decision, adoptions are gifts of the heart and are free.

People should have their love lives worked out in covenant in the first 5 intimate relationships so that they are still karmically pure. Karmically pure relationships in covenant, when the lovers are well suited creates light and a golden glow casting on the entire Community in a synergy of enough and prosperity. Karmically impure people (more than 5 lovers) are more apt to be mental patients, have addictions, be suicidal or violent creating stress on the healthcare system, in the Community and creating war situations. They are also more likely to be artists, self-actualized and economic drivers creating wealth, however their suffering creates karmic dissonance, debt and war.

The Third World – in a poor society with fluctuating food resources, having a limited number of children (2) is not a bad idea. It must be very heartbreaking to give birth to a child who dies because of malnutrition. Having a child die before the parent is not natural, this kind of heartbreak breaks the soul and may feed violence. Birth Control is not a bad idea for the Third World, and Third World people also have the right to have a family. Also, the karmic principals of finding a love partner in covenant apply to people in poorer countries. Creating positive economic solutions and building Third World economies, so people have enough food, shelter, education, healthcare and love is a vision for peace.

The Way of Peace,



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