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World Message of Peace

Through the deep snows of winter, the Spring Equinox returns with longer days of daylight and the new fertility of the God and Goddess at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The Sabbats or Feast Day Holidays of the pagan calendar were celebrated as Pagan Fire Festivals. The large bonfires symbolized purification and the changing of the seasons, with ritual ceremonies to intone protection from evil spirits and invite prosperity for the Community. The following was psychically intuited: Everyone in the village took the day off, the women had baked and cooked, the men brought tree huskings and boughs to make a very large fire in a fire pit. Everyone had time for the children because it was a Holiday and work was suspended. They all gathered in the early evening and the Community ate dinner together, every family supplying a meal, like a potluck dinner. Then the bonfire was lit and there were pagan rituals and possibly songs and singing, and celebration . . . I have just released 2 videos on You Tube and www.tympanilanerecords.com, Ian’s Song and White Flower from CD: Dance Summer Blue. I am considering publishing a book of poetry EBook: Radio Storms on Book Baby! with distribution on Amazon.com and other listservs. The poetry book In the Time of Winter is writing as are songs for CD: In Blue and the project Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Joy. And concerts are occasional in the blue of the Montreal Metro.

The following are thoughts on ending oppression in the culture of the Western World . . .

"My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the means of realizing Him."
- Mohandas Gandhi (Prime Minister of India, Prophet)

"Change people’s thoughts, change people’s actions."
- Collective Wisdom

"We were meant to dance."
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

"White culture is institutionalized violence and oppression."
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

In the Spirit of the Holy Spirit

The Western World is not a democracy when people do not operate in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, practicing forgiveness. The white culture is institutionalized violence and oppression that causes great suffering. The culture of the Western World is like playing a card game, a bad game that hurts people. Everything happens for a reason, everyone has a plan for other people, it is a highly constructed universe. Just because a paradigm exists does not mean it was meant to be used. Any paradigm that hurts other people should not be tolerated or used. What you do (thoughts, words, actions) will come back to you thrice x’s thrice (Old Wiccan proverb). My theory is that a paradigm that hurts others creates karmic dissonance and trespass so that it is not safe, there is heartache, violence, addictions, debt, war and even though an economic driver may be created there is a pervasive air of not enough. And it is a “safety” valve that lets people relieve their angst and anger over their lives by making a scapegoat also causing karmic dissonance. Paradigms that do not hurt others create positive energy, love, peace, win/win situations and enough.

Negative Cultural Practice

What is negative cultural practice? Practices or paradigms that exist that hurt others.

e.g. cursing someone, cursing a lover who has left, having someone murdered, having someone raped, murdering or raping someone, violence that hurts someone, being mean to someone, trespassing against someone, blocking someone’s career path or ambitions, not keeping someone informed through the grapevine or keeping key information from someone.

People regularly follow ex-lovers to reunite when the relationship may not be discerned properly as they were not suited enough nor star-crossed. It is important to forgive, to practice the Pining Prayer (so the emotional pain is abated) and give only a slight of public opinion.

How could negative cultural practice be stopped?

We need a cultural awakening based on code of ethic without violence paradigms, in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit. This could be achieved through open and honest dialogue, rather than knee jerk reactions through fear, helping people to think outside the box, creating win/win situations.

The negative aspects of cursing could be lessened by better mentoring and discernment in one’s love life and by not using the curse or if the curse is used it can be stopped. There is the Pining Prayer if your lover leaves (to take away the emotional pain of loss) and you get 5 chances (with different partners) to make an intimate relationship work before you become karmically impure. The best revenge is truth telling and living well, it also helps to come up with creative solutions through dialogue so there are win/win situations. The Community has a vested interest in helping people with their love lives so that they are happy and karmically pure, creating peace and no violence. That way there is no underclass of karmically impure people becoming murderers, rapists, whores, addicts, mental patients or suicides.

Who controls negative cultural practice?

You. The economy and the personal lives of the people of the Western World are run by those with affiliations to the KKK, the Masons, the mafia, church(es), government(s), corporations, traditional family enemies, terrorist organizations, European royalty, your family and your next door neighbour. All these people may have vested interest or hidden agendas involving plans for your life.

Is there redemption in White Culture?

Yes, if you operate in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and if people forgive you.

The karmically impure who are righteous by following a calling for work, doing good works and/or making an art endeavour public may eventually find redemption and be turned karmically pure through the Holy Spirit but this may take about 20 years or more to be realized.

(People should not have to be clubbed over the head to understand God or His mysteries. God is subtle, by being instructed in the religious mysteries, e.g. being in a state of grace, the mysteries of meeting your star-crossed other, being karmically impure, finding karmic purity after karmic impurity etc. it is possible to understand that God exists.)

Revenge paradigms.

Revenge is a bad game. It is obsessive, rules thoughts, words, actions (it is like a bad love affair). It means someone has been hurt and they are acting out. As an alternative they could practice the Pining Prayer, do release work (working with anger and sorrow) prayer/meditation, journaling and have healing dialogue. It is like being in a box or a prison, reminding me of the play Les Miserables. The best revenge is living well. When you forgive someone from the heart it is like a wave of love, a healing.

What was done if there was unexplained violence in the Old World Community?

In Old World society or if something was truly wrong in the Community and there was trespass against the safety or peace of people, it was important to acknowledge it and make it public, so the trespass could be stopped. The “crime” was brought back to the perpetrator so they knew something was wrong, they were illuminated through dialogue in the way of peace, the perpetrator would make amends and not trespass anymore. If the perpetrator continued to trespass, the “crime” would be made public knowledge and they would be shunned until they understood the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and stop hurting others, perhaps with a new approach of dialogue every so often to encourage enlightenment to create understanding. The elders in the Community would be called on for impressions, signs from God to determine the truth of the matter so innocents were not scapegoat and so that any violence was stopped. No violent situation would be allowed to develop over the longterm, every trespass situation should be investigated and ammended so it does not become a longterm nightmare. There should be no negative cultural power paradigm that cannot be circumvented or stopped; cursing needs to be rethought in terms of the Holy Spirit, so that the negative karma/emotional pain of loss of a lover is not allowed to take root. There is the Pining Prayer, and an entire Community of friends, elders, family to help you through the hard time; with a little luck, prayer and the hand of God, help from friends/the Community everyone’s love lives could be happy and karmically pure creating a Community in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and peace.

Peace in Community comes with a shared understanding and recognition of the equality of everyone, that everyone should be socialized, that everyone has a calling for work and a star-crossed or most suited lover. Any paradigm of oppression that violates the natural callings of work and love life or physically/emotionally hurts the person or others breaks peace with the Spirit and creates a lack of safety, a lack of trust, heartache, addictions, violence, mental patients, suicide, murder, debt, apathy, war and not enough. When people’s lives are allowed to develop with enough food, shelter, education, healthcare and love in the natural course of life in the Spirit the world becomes a more peaceful, enlightened place with karmic sonance, a place of love and enough in the dance of life.

(Inspired by the protest in Egypt, February 2011)

By the days and nights
by the people of the street
by the Spirit
by the prayer
by the love,
And then the walls fell . . .

- Rebecca Anne Banks from In the Time of Winter

The Way of Peace,



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