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World Message of Peace

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village . . . “
- Bill Gates (Businessman, Author, Philanthropist)

“In the new economy, information, education, and motivation are everything.”
- William J. Clinton (President of the United States)

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”
- Emma Goldman (Activist)

The Online Economy in the New World, a response to the Computerized Age aka the Love Economy revisited . . . With the advent of the New Age, the computer has reshaped all aspects of the economy creating less employment which is drastically affecting the health of the nation. Traditional understandings of the economy may not apply as there has never been a computer-based economy before. The drastic results have been increased unemployment, more people on welfare, increased personal/business debt and “fantastic” financial leverages that are increasing national debt. Greece has declared bankruptcy and Ireland is in financial straits. The following are some thoughts on the shape of the New Economy and possible solutions to financial crisis . . .

The Concept of Ownership.

The concept of ownership reminds me of being an uninvited guest at a party. The people you know, the things that surround you, the services you use are transient, you have use of them, enjoy them for a certain finite time on earth. Life is a journey, not an arrival. Like buying heaven, ownership is an aussage in an imperfect world. Ownership of goods may give context or roots, that are passed on like oral tradition/cultural/karmic rules to your children which in turn give them the gift of context or roots. What if you have nothing? Are homeless or have nothing to pass on to your children because you are too broken? Education in the traditions and culture are necessary to the survival of the society, people need to be socialized to avoid chaos, trespass and violence and to create equality, safety and peace. At the same time the negative cultural practices that may cause violence need to be reformed and karmic principals taught. As if in a redefinition of life, we were meant to dance not suffer.

Resource Sharing.

Goods and services are gifts in a transient world. An alternative to an “I own it” culture is the purchasing and sharing of resources. This creates less disparity in a world where there is less opportunity for employment with less available monies. Groups of people purchasing homes, property, investing in private sector coops or purchasing expensive items (jewelry, property, luxury items etc.) and sharing the use of these items increase Community and create positive experiences, some people without monies may never have the chance to celebrate such high-priced beautiful items without communal purchasing. Rather than staring through a glass at the unattainable and the frustration that causes, communal purchasing may realize dreams. It would promote Community living, knowing your neighbours and inclusion which increases safety in the Community, so that monies earned can be used in the most resourceful way.

A Redistribution of Wealth: Permanent Part-time Work.

In the social contract everyone practices their calling for work, aided by matching aptitude tests with individual talents and getting the best education. In return the person has food, shelter, education, healthcare and a happy love life.

The initiation of permanent part-time work, that any new jobs introduced are part-time (20-25 hrs per week) creates many benefits. Job possibilities open up for the other half of the world that doesn’t have employment and a redistribution of wealth occurs so that there is no entrenched lower welfare class, lessening the welfare rolls. It would lessen disparity and eases in the Online Economy. The minimum wage would probably need to be at least $10 to $12 an hour, or a minimum base line created that could be topped up by welfare (particularly for single parent families). Ideally, the work will pay enough for needs and more. If there are extra work hours that are less than a full part-time position, employees could apply for them going to those of most need.

There are certain conditions that ensure the success of initiating permanent part-time work, they include low inflation (so that prices are low, so people can be able to attain what they need), low cost housing (subsidized housing, rent geared to income housing, coops, private sector coops, shared living situations, low rate mortgages), low cost education (tuition fees that are reasonable) and happy love lives (well discerned marriages in covenant that are karmically pure).

i.Low Inflation (low prices).

It is possible to network to get secondhand or inexpensive goods over the Internet and by shopping Dollar stores. The market (you) controls prices, if you shop for sales and refuse to buy an item that is too highly priced for your budget it may come down in price (particularly if no one is willing to pay that high price for it). Shop the sales - sales occur regularly in Canadian grocery stores and in most retail stores, just watch for them and shop them.

a. Transportation.

Taking low cost public transportation. Cars may be a luxury, but with low interest payment plans, low insurance costs, lower gas prices or alternative energy vehicles, not an impossibility.

b. Food.

Shop sales flyers for fresh food, possible to buy part of the harvest of a local farm, to buy organic and local supporting the local economy. Grow a garden. There are FoodBanks and Missions where you can get food or a meal if you are in financial straits or in need.

ii.Low Cost Housing.

Low cost housing including government sponsored programs (rent geared to income coops, low cost housing), low interest rate mortgages, shared accommodation (shared mortgages or rentals), private sector low rate rentals, private sector coops.

Private sector in on Coops.

Someone or a group of people putting a downpayment on a rental property (apartments) could create a Coop like the government Coops. Increases Community, safety; people participate in the running of the building in return for lower more reasonable rent. It is not a money making venture, it is an investment in Community. The initial monies are in perpetuity, the life of the Coop continues theoretically forever, it is not equity that can be withdrawn and sold. After the mortgage is paid the monies from rent can go to improving the property (purchasing children’s play equipment, gardens, improving plumbing and electricity, renovations, purchasing part of a farm harvest, paying people for their time administrating the Coop, the list is endless).

a. Seniors in Coops.

Some seniors coverage; they stay in the Community, dying amongst their families and friends with home care, and being members of the Community (as fonts of information, friends visiting until the end, possibly visits from young adults on school placement). Trained nurses in the Community helping look after the Seniors as part of their administration duty to the Coop. This could take financial burden off the healthcare system and keep continuity in the Community, creating a more positive death experience for seniors and their friends.

iii.Low Cost Education (reasonable tuition fees and universal access to the Internet).

Higher Education is incredibly expensive, tuition fees should be reasonable. Currently, average university tuition fees in Canada, including living arrangements and food are around $10,000 to $12,000 per year or more. It is practically impossible for a young adult to save this kind of money from a part-time job. Introducing reasonable tuition fees would lessen the weight of paying back government or bank loans and create more opportunity and enfranchisement. It must be incredibly frustrating to have a calling for work but not be able to afford education (and bursaries and scholarships help the disadvantaged and the gifted with financing) or graduate with a huge debt load that you may not be able to pay back if you cannot find work. Lower tuition fees would increase the labor pool with skilled workers following their calling for work with the availability of permanent part-time work after graduation. (Beacause there is less employment in a computer-based economy, are the powers that be trying to reduce the number of qualified people, a fear response to a negative economic indicator?)

a. Access to the Internet should be a universal right.

Access to the Internet should be a universal right, ensured by low costs or free. In the New Economy it is the source of information, ecommerce and communication that creates an inclusive local as well as World Community, ecucation, opportunity and enough.

iv.Love Lives are Happy.

People who are better mentored and discerned in their love lives, marrying their star-crossed lover or a most suited lover (soul colours/favourite colours match well, they are the same psychological type, a pleasing physical type, may be cousins). Karmically pure covenant marriages are more likely to be happy without addictions or too much emotional baggage from past relationships. Happier marriages, make happier parents, make happier children. With permanent part-time work, parents have more time for each other and their children. Currently, psychiatric and disturbed children on psychotropic medication is up exponentially, I suspect because peoples love lives are so broken and the parents so broken that they are not very available for their children (also, they may be working full-time). Happy love lives and part-time work could take weight off the healthcare system and bring emotional investment into the Community so that children are raised properly promoting safety and peace. If a marriage breaks it is important not to curse each other more than the weight of public opinion so that people don’t suffer too much. Change is inevitable and with time it is possible to find another more suited partner, time heals all wounds and there is the help of the Pining Prayer to take away the emotional pain of loss.

Benefits of Permanent Part-time Work.

Individual Economic Stability. If the part-time work becomes permanent it creates individual economic stability. The more monies you can keep in your pocket from sharing resources, shopping for sales, using public transportation, low cost housing etc. increases the possibility of purchasing investments, property, stocks, bonds, RRSP’s, and savings etc.

Enfranchises People. Permanent part-time work takes people off welfare giving them opportunity to practice their calling for work and fulfill their life’s mission.

Lessens Disparity Issues. Permanent part-time work lessens disparity issues by taking people off welfare, so there is less of an underclass of unemployed/underemployed worker. Possibly causing less shrinkage of the middle class.

Reclaim Your Life. Permanent part-time work also creatively reshapes the look and feel of everyday life, it gives people back the gift of time. People get to spend more time at home with their kids and spouses, or on other heart warming activities like having a coffee down at the café or a beer at the bar, going fishing, cooking, gardening, traveling, seeing friends and family (takes people off the tread mill of being overly busy and stressed).

Better Workers. Permanent part-time work could create less burn out at work and happier more rested employees, needing less sick time.

Better Health. Happy love lives and part-time work takes weight off the healthcare system. There would be less addictions, less mental health problems, less stress related problems, less suicide/violence and happier/healthier children. Their health may be better due to working less and being in happier marriages, their children may be raised better relieving stress on healthcare and creating a healthier Community.

Benefits for Permanent Part-time Workers. Part-time workers could have benefits in permanent positions. Healthcare plans and retirement pensions could be made available. Pension monies would not have to be large amounts`but could take weight off the government budget and relieve the burden of having less retirement monies, RRSPs etc. instead of those on welfare having no retirement monies at all.

Emphasizes Community. Part-time workers have less monies so they may need to network and connect with others to purchase big ticket items (property, luxury items etc.), for sharing resources (low rental apartments, appliances, lawn mowers, other goods etc.) increasing friendships within the Community creating more dialogue, inclusion, continuity and safety.

Creates Work for New College/University Graduates. The creation of permanent part-time work creates more work positions, and could give graduate students greater opportunity to practice their calling for work without having to stagnate on welfare. This could mean less adults living with their parents and more adults creating their own families and futures.

Takes weight of Voluntarism. With most in part-time work, they are properly trained and being paid. Volunteering takes a backseat and is for those on welfare, retirees or young people looking for a reference.

Takes weight off Government Finance. Permanent part-time workers are not on welfare, relieving expenditures on the welfare rolls. These savings could be used to promote low income housing and paying down national debt.

Negative Aspects of Permanent Part-time Work.

Not as much available cash for the individual as a full-time job. People with permanent part-time work may have to prioritize their purchases more and do more resource sharing or bargain hunting.

Possibly not as many sales for businesses. May mean less purchasing and reduced sales for businesses.

Summary: The Industrialized Economy.

The industrialized economy of the 20th Century will be remembered as the darkest time in the history of the world since the birth of Jesus. How the negative cultural practices, the loss of the wisdom of the Old Ways as people moved off the land into cities, the compartmentalization of life into a 9 – 5 mind numbing physical labor with sex as sound bites bred 2 world wars, a number of minor wars (Korean War, Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War etc.) the atom bomb and violence, a culture of suicide and death. The sex out of context culture (out of covenant and karmically impure) led to addictions, mental patients, suicide, violence, rape, murder, debt, apathy and war.

The manufacturing economy was geared to not very smart laborers and sacrificed the sensitive intellectual. As the Capitalists made money, the Communists caused chaos. This society is geared to product, people as products, it becomes about shopping, buying and selling, about money, more, drive and the disembodied soul. The unofficial cultural rules that governed the economy were based in fear of not enough, the overly constructed universe hurting people which created karmic dissonance and sabotaged the economy into debt. The world held its breath for “This Years Model”, the suffering artist as inventor/psychologist/psychic/prophet/mental patient/rapist/addict the huge international actor who entertained and solved all the worlds problems, the lucky millionaire who has addictions, is in serial relationships (serial rape), in and out of rehab, always hovering on the edge, between life and death, beating the anvil. A bad experiment that disabused the Holy Spirit creating spastic toys for entertainment, a suicide culture laced with addictions and violence. As if some crazed researcher mesmerized with the product of disabuse, the artist as toy, the honed million dollar creator of wealth, prophet, seer decided to experiment on the entire world creating everyone as moving dirigibles of money, debt, medicated hate, sexual licentiousness, murderers, suicides. The suffering so great creating spiraling karmic dissonance, debt, violence and war. People years from now as if waking from some deep sleep will murmur it was all a dream . . .

Summary: The Online Economy aka The Love Economy.

After 1,000’s of years in an agricultural economy and less than 100 years since the invention of the steam engine the shape of the world and the economy was incredibly changed by the invention of the computer and the Internet. As if in the blink of an eye the entire world was made different causing stress with the new revolution, but ultimately the economy being recreated inside the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and the New World.

In the computer based economy, people do not define themselves through possessions and ownership, the culture becomes about Community values, friends, family, following your calling for work, the dance of life and having enough. It is a Community of information and enlightenment where everyone understands each other with constant dialogue so there is no violence. With the rediscovery of cultural/karmic principal, the irradication of negative cultural practice and the resurrection of romance with better mentored and discerned marriages the world reclaims itself, possibly causing less debt, better health and less violence. The New Economy takes away apathy and reintroduces a real emotional life that doesn’t need to be ignored and swallowed unrealized. No more negative cultural practice that causes violence, no more “sex wars”, so that people forgive each other and find better mentored and discerned covenant relationships, rather than constantly breaking relationships and the inherent violence of brokenness; this is a careful world of consideration, covenant and peace. The Online Economy gives us back time, it gives us breath and gives us back a life of dance and song without needless harrowing and suffering. The world slows down and becomes about Community, friends, family and enough. It is a redistribution of wealth with permanent part-time work that enfranchises people, takes them off the treadmill of too many commitments, and creates a society in which people actually live rather than just exist. With people working part-time for their calling for work in happy discerned love lives, children become better cared for and socialized creating inclusion, safety and peace in the Community. It is a true democracy where everyone is considered an equal member and fully socialized into their own and the dominant culture. In this economy people live slower considered lives, the wisdom of the old ways and karmic sonance creates a Community of peace and safety, not unlike the Old World village. It is geared to the sensitive/the intellectual and is inclusive of all, making space for people, enfranchising them, keeping them informed and connected to their Community as well as World Consciousness rather than shutting them out or keeping them from opportunity, in the fear of not enough. The Online Economy takes pressure off government welfare and healthcare costs which could be channeled into low cost housing and paying down national debt. It is a social economy that takes people off the streets and the endless road giving them a place, a home in context, in the life of their Loved One, friends, family, Community with meaningful work and actually with affordable housing, food, healthcare and education. As if having regained our souls and our very lives inside the gift of permanent part-time work and the Online Economy aka the Love Economy with the new magic communicator, happy love lives, enough and the dance of life within the Spirit of peace.

The Way of Peace,



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