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It is the Spring celebration of the Veneralia, the ancient Roman festival of Venus Verticordia “Changer of Hearts”, the goddess of beauty and love on April 1st at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. In ancient rituals, the women washed the statue of Venus, and her jewelry, then dressed themselves and the statue in flowers and myrtle. It was a day to seek aid from the Spirit World and the Gods for help with their relationships with men.

New songs are bubbling with “In the night of quiet”, “So Sweet”, “Child of the quiet” and “Songs of Experience, Songs of Joy.” New poems for In the Time of Winter are also writing. In the past month I collaborated with Mickey Boston, a very exciting photographer, on some photos for an upcoming CD: Songs from the Second Floor. A new video for the song In the Valentine Rain (Remix) is being created, for release in the next few months. Also, the EBook: Radio Storms should be released soon. The Summer Concert Series in the Montreal Metro will be gearing up for May 2011 . . .

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.”
- Mother Teresa (Catholic Nun, Humanitarian)

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.”
- Thomas Carlyle (Philosopher, Writer, Historian, Teacher)

In Spirit with the celebration of the Veneralia and the rites of Spring are the following thoughts on love, St. Valentine's Day Revisited (Part II) . . .

Haven’t seen your Lover in a week, wondering where the relationship is going, if you still have a relationship? Someone stormed out of your life and you don’t know what happened? You’ve been celibate for 10 years and haven’t met anyone interesting, the biological clock is ticking? You secretly wonder if your family has plans for you, are you going to end up celibate in the Church, or being honed in serial relationships so you become an economic driver running their businesses (if you don’t suicide) or with some cabbage head person as a husband who is from a family your parents are friends with? You secretly wonder if your ex-lovers have plans for you or have cursed you? Dear Reader read on . . .

Be socialized in the culture.Know thyself. Know the karmic/cultural rules around having a lover, there is always more, ask a lot of questions. If a rule exists (learned in childhood, in school or from reliables) you can believe it, what happens in private spaces will catch up with you in public spaces. Better than watching television, is the public game of “truant” and dragging people back to someone they’ve promised to be with or castigating someone for cursing someone. It is a bad game that can end in rape, suicide, murder or violence and feeds a death culture. Most people just need better mentoring and discernment, so their love relationship will not break. When a young adult contemplating love, it is important to have an intimate love relationship in the intention of longterm in covenant but it is not realistic to expect the first intimate relationship to last. It is also important to not defile your lover sexually, or the relationship may break. You get 5 chances with 5 different lovers before you become karmically impure, the trick is to get it right in the first 5 relationships, then hopefully you aren’t dragged into a longterm horror scene of being karmically impure, with either serial lovers and/or long periods of celibacy. Become informed, do not feed a war economy.

Fated Lovers or Star-crossed Lovers.Fated Lovers or Star-crossed Lovers are perfectly suited; the same or similar psych types and the majority of their soul colours match in the same value, they may be distant cousins and they may be lovers from a past life. This is the ideal love relationship with a sign from God, it is meant to be in covenant and longterm.

Beware “Princess/Prince Syndrome.”Men or women who attempt to claim you, cursing you, as if keeping a bird in a gilded cage. The sad result of these situations is often people get into serial relationships (becoming rape victims) and may end up in suicide or whoever threw the curse suicides. Sometimes people become reflected schizophrenics. Sometimes people become so broken they end up with who claimed them, but it is like blood sport, its not the kind of thing you do to someone you really care about and usually you are not perfectly suited anyway. Often young people do not understand personal boundaries and the cultural paradigm very well, so they may try to claim someone that is not suitable for them. Sometimes it is easy to tell if you are attracted to someone but less easy to tell if they are attracted to you (the Discernment Prayer for marriage may help). If someone is not suited to you leave them alone. Sometimes people will try to “claim” someone, don’t. Everyone has a Fated Lover or most suited Lover. Claiming someone who is not suited to you is like putting someone in prison, just say no. If they tell you they are not for you, believe it.

You and your Loved One don’t have the same Intentions or goals. If someone you are attracted to says they are not ready to settle down yet, believe it, keep looking for a better suited lover and keep in touch, maybe their intentions will change in time or you may find someone else.

What if you become karmically impure.Hopefully all your relationships were good love affairs of the heart. An ex-lover could wander back to you or take you as a second, so that you could have children and an extended family. Or you could marry someone (if you haven’t been cursed) but it might be emotionally difficult, so your Loved One should be really well suited, karmically pure or a star-crossed lover. If you just sit back, keep networking to look for a partner, keep in dialogue with your ex lovers and not curse anyone more than a slight of public opinion, ideally your love life and the love life of your ex lovers would be resolved over time (my reasonable guess is over 10 years) in karmic purity.

If you are being cursed or have become karmically impure through too many lovers.If someone curses you, make it public and give a slight of public opinion. Pick up a musical instrument, get out on the street and give public performances and/or follow your calling for work. Take up an arts calling (art, music, writing . . . ), take some courses, practice the arts calling and skill will develop, eventually you may create original works and make your work public, it is possible to find redemption from the Holy Spirit and become karmically pure again. If you are righteous and don’t return the curse more than a slight of public opinion it creates better karma.

If you are cursed and considering taking lovers.Some people if not too sensitive can handle having serial relationships, my guess is about half of all men and about 5% of women (but I do not think this is the way God meant us to live). Ask others opinion on how sensitive you are, if you are too sensitive you will not be able to have serial relationships without becoming too heartbroken. Karmic impurity and the brokenness from broken love lives (i.e. love lives not lived in covenant with a most suited or star-crossed lover) creates a war machine; sorrow, anger, addictions, mental patients, violence, homicide and suicide. Always be honest with your lover(s) otherwise you will ruin your reputation and lead your lover astray. It is important to have a good reputation or it may influence whether you find another lover. Know them very well. The less broken hearts, the less trouble, use the Pining Prayer when the relationship breaks to lessen emotional pain. It is important to know when the love affair is over. In my experience do not leave your partner with empty hands, sometimes it is good to have children and/or poetry/music/art to give to the leaving lover.

If a Lover curses you, instead of taking more lovers.It is sometimes best to give a slight of public opinion, practice your calling for work or art and wait until the love argument is resolved (either s/he forgives you or s/he forgives you and has found someone else) before finding another lover. Usually after 3 lovers, someone wants to keep you and there could be trouble.

If a Lover leaves you.Don’t give more than a slight of public opinion. Cursing shouldn’t be longterm or permanent. Do some grief/anger work with release work, positive dialogue with a therapist/friends/family, exercise, meditation/yoga, practice your calling for work/art, prayer. Network for a new lover (Internet, school, work, family, friends, friends of friends, Speed dating etc.) and keep in touch, sometimes true affairs of the heart will wander back to you. It is also important to remember that you get 5 chances with different partners before you become karmically impure, it is important to not feed the war machine. And ask a lot of questions, there is always more to know.

Love is a requisite for life itself, not having a happy and fulfilling love life is a serious hurt. Mentoring and discernment in love is important, it is good to cultivate friendships with trustworthy older or wiser people who can help. Also psychic readings from reliables can tell you if and when you will meet your Star-crossed Lover (these readings can be from the Holy Spirit if no one psychically interferes.) And there are rules about cursing, ask around, even if it is just in thoughts. If you have any questions about love (or any topic) for the Oracle send me an email and I will include the answer in my next Newsletters.

The Way of Peace,



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