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World Message of Peace

“Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.”
- Samuel Lover (Novelist, Dramatist, Songwriter, Painter)

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.”
- Mother Teresa (Catholic Nun, Humanitarian)

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.”
- Thomas Carlyle (Philosopher, Writer, Historian, Teacher)

“Love is largely an illusion, unless star-crossed or very well suited . . . affairs of the heart are free.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Collective Unconscious connects everyone through thoughts, people can shadow you and know what you are doing and thinking.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Collective Unconscious can connect everyone to God, the Angels and the Spirit World through thoughts.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Life is magic . . . like a fairytale.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Holy Spirit sings to us in the background of our lives.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are some thoughts on love, St. Valentine’s Day Revisited . . .

Love is the driving force of human nature, it mends us when we are broken, it keeps us from loneliness and inspires us to creative endeavours and good works. If someone could invent a happy marriage that lasted forever, it would be priceless, a gift of good health, harmony and peace. Most of what is wrong with the world stems from the fact that a majority of people are not in longterm happy marriages with their star-crossed or most suited lover. When people are not happy in their love lives, they may develop addictions and suicide behavior. The family unit becomes unhealthy, the emotional issues of the parents are visited on the children and the children may not be socialized properly or may be more likely to have emotional problems and be psychiatric. The cornerstone of society is the family unit, a healthy family creates safety and happy functioning members of the Community. Often love lives are like obstacle courses, it is important to stay karmically pure, be positively mentored and discerned and avoid cursing and being cursed. The goal is a longterm covenant relationship creating happiness, stability and peace. The good karma from these relationships would theoretically mend the world, the love and happiness creating wealth and enough.

Haven’t seen your Lover in a week, wondering where the relationship is going, if you still have a relationship? Someone stormed out of your life and you don’t know what happened? You’ve been celibate for 10 years and haven’t met anyone interesting, the biological clock is ticking? You secretly wonder if your family has plans for you, are you going to end up celibate in the Church, or being honed in serial relationships so you become an economic driver running their businesses (if you don’t suicide) or with some cabbage head person as a husband who is from a family your parents are friends with? You secretly wonder if your ex-lovers have plans for you or have cursed you? What could be going wrong with your primary relationship, Dear Reader, read on . . .

All your lovers keep leaving.

1. You may be cursed and not realize it (stay in the social loop from high school, university, ask a lot of questions, someone may have plans for you, you don’t know about).

2. You may not be socialized enough and may be scaring your boyfriends/girlfriends (ask a lot of questions).

3. You may need better mentoring and discernment in picking your lover (you may be attracted to them but they may not be suited to you).

4. Stay away from traditional family enemies or anyone who may have something against you or your family unless Starcrossed Lovers or very well suited.

Everyone wants to sleep with you.

1. You may be very attractive or something is wrong (and the men in the Community are making you karmically impure. Ask a lot of questions, find out what is going on).

No one wants to sleep with you.

You may be a different cultural or psychological type. It is best to network with people who are cousins and/or the same psychological type (people in the same line of work). If you are from a different culture it may be best to go to the place your family is from, or a place where your family has people and find a suitable cousin for marriage.

If you are thinking of becoming gay.

1. Get some insight/healing counseling. Often people who think they are gay are emotionally wounded from childhood and need to heal. There may have been issues with the same sex parent.

2. You never know when you are going to meet someone of the opposite sex who is a good match. Network, even people who think they are gay have a Starcrossed Lover of the opposite sex.

3. Truly gay people often have hormonal difficulties. You can get an unofficial reading from people in the street or from people who know you.

(If you do go this route, practice the least blasphemy possible in sexual relations, otherwise the relationship may break).

Someone with power and influence wants to sleep with you but you are not interested.

1. Tell them why you are not interested (your soul colours/favourite colours don’t match, you are not the same psychological type, you are happily married etc.) and don’t have anymore contact with them if they are insistent.

2. Curry your contacts and rely on your friends if this person is insistent and screwing up your life. Let people know what is going on.

You or your husband/wife is thinking of having an affair.

1. You may need counseling for this.

2. By exploring and clearing your emotions about the situation you will best be able to decide what to do. Are you bored with your primary relationship? Was it not mentored or discerned properly? Is the person you are considering having an affair with a better match? Sometimes people move from relationship to relationship not mending the issues that present themselves becoming karmically impure (I suspect when someone is karmically impure it is more difficult to make a relationship work unless very well suited).

In my opinion everything should be out in the open, it is cleaner with less surprises. Like meeting your star-crossed lover after you are married, I would give the marriage partner the option of leaving and finding another partner or staying in the marriage while you have a mistress, so it is a satellite marriage, a husband and 2 wives.

To me karmic purity and covenant is important it keeps people from emotional violence, addictions and suicide. Affairs of the heart are free. If the marriage breaks or cannot be reconciled it is important not to curse each other more than a slight of public opinion. True affairs of the heart are also the greatest friendships.

You or your husband/wife is thinking of leaving the marriage.

1. You may need counseling.

2. It helps to discover your feelings about your marriage and do some clearing (release work). Are you unhappy in the marriage? Was the marriage mentored and discerned positively? (you may not be well suited enough to sustain an intimate relationship) Are you karmically impure? (may make it difficult to sustain a marriage). Do you need to do emotional clearing and not take your emotional baggage out on your partner? Do you spend too much or not enough time together? Is your sex life good?

If the couple are well suited, counseling and release work may help the marriage.

What do you do if you’re in love with a close family member? (a first cousin, an aunt or uncle, a sister or brother).

When a young adult it is best to disseminate and network to find your Starcrossed or most suited lover. There also may be unofficial rules so ask around (even if it is just in thoughts).

With brothers and sisters the Holy Spirit will intervene and cover your heart with a hand (it is empathic) that makes you just want to protect each other in filial or nonsexual love.

With first cousin marriages you may need genetic counseling because the genetics is so close there could be increased chances of certain diseases. There are different laws about first cousin marriages, sometimes it is allowed, sometimes not.

In my opinion if you are older and haven’t been able to find a partner and are not brother and sister, just don’t have children but there are probably cultural and state house rules about this, ask around.

N.B.: One of the worst cosmic happenstances is when a Starcrossed Lover from a past life turns up as a brother/sister or an aunt/uncle (there is no cosmic sign around it but you may have insights from dreams). It may be a karmic reckoning (innocents may have died or been hurt in that lifetime) but there is also redemption in finding your Starcrossed Lover in this lifetime.

What do you do if you are in love with one of your teachers from school?

If this is a serious matter, wait until your are 18 years old and figure out what is going on (are they single? are they cursed? are they waiting for someone? are they in a happy marriage?) I know of a high school girl who married her biology teacher and of a university student who married her philosophy professor. However, this is usually an exception.

You need to network, expand your contacts and find your Starcrossed Lover or most suited lover.

Are their special considerations for Inter-racial Dating? Yes. When men are karmically pure and white, they may have no intention of marrying or giving a Black woman a child. Some men are players, when they are young they do not understand the nature of the sensitive, vulnerable woman. A woman’s love is like the feathered inside of a coloured glass orb, it is special and not something to be played with. It is important to know and understand each others intentions so that you do not end up in an ended intimate relationship (with all the anger and depression). If you are settling know yourself very well, do the checklist for discerning a happy covenant marriage and have an understanding of the cultural/political/Spirit rules.

Be socialized in the culture. Know thyself. Know the karmic/cultural rules around having a lover, there is always more, ask a lot of questions. If a rule exists (learned in childhood, in school or from reliables) you can believe it, what happens in private spaces will catch up with you in public spaces. Better than watching television, is the public game of “truant” and dragging people back to someone they’ve promised to be with or castigating someone for cursing someone. It is a bad game that can end in rape, suicide, murder or violence and feeds a death culture. A slight of public opinion can get someone disabused (an upper cut) and the doubles of the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in rotation in front of you every time you leave the house. Most people just need better mentoring and discernment, so their love relationship will not break or at least end amicably. When a young adult contemplating love, it is important to have an intimate love relationship in the intention of longterm in covenant but it is not realistic to expect the first intimate relationship to last. It is also important to not defile your lover sexually, or the relationship may break. You get 5 chances with 5 different lovers before you become karmically impure, the trick is to get it right in the first 5 relationships, then hopefully you aren’t dragged into a longterm horror scene of being karmically impure, with either serial lovers and/or long periods of celibacy. Taking a Lover who is on their 5th Lover can be anathema because if the Love Affair does not become a longterm happy covenant they will be karmically impure with all the suffering that entails. Become informed, do not feed a war economy.

Fated Lovers or Starcrossed Lovers. Fated Lovers or Starcrossed Lovers are perfectly suited; the same or similar psych types and the majority of their soul colours match in the same value, they may be distant cousins and they may be lovers from a past life. This is the ideal love relationship with a sign from God, it is meant to be in covenant and longterm, until death do you part.

Beware “Princess/Prince Syndrome.” Men or women who attempt to claim you, cursing you, as if keeping a bird in a gilded cage. The sad result of these situations is often people get into serial relationships (becoming rape victims) and may end up in suicide or whoever threw the curse suicides. Sometimes people become reflected schizophrenics. Sometimes people become so broken they end up with who claimed them, but it is like blood sport, its not the kind of thing you do to someone you really care about and usually you are not perfectly suited anyway. Often young people do not understand personal boundaries and the cultural paradigm very well, so they may try to claim someone that is not suitable for them. Sometimes it is easy to tell if you are attracted to someone but less easy to tell if they are attracted to you (the Discernment Prayer for marriage may help plus the inventory for discernment in marriage). If someone is not suited to you leave them alone. Sometimes people will try to “claim” someone, don’t. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover or most suited Lover. Claiming someone who is not suited to you is like putting someone in prison, just say no. If they tell you they are not for you, believe it.

You and your Loved One don’t have the same Intentions or goals. This is a matter of priorities, what each of you perceives as important. If your goals are divergent, stay in touch as friends, sometimes situations change. If someone you are attracted to says they are not ready to settle down yet, believe it, keep looking for a better suited lover and keep in touch, maybe their intentions will change in time or you may find someone else. It is important not to get your intentions crossed or you could be setting someone up for a suicide bid. There are white culture signs from your boyfriend so that you know what you’re doing (if you want to sleep with him) before getting married. However, it is quite involved and in my opinion it is easier for him to verbally just state his intentions, and very refreshing, since immigrants and people without influence may not know or understand these unofficial rules. Both people are required to be truthful about where they have been at least in thoughts, it is called “the lay of the land”, if they have been cursed and what this means. It is an unofficial honour system, that if contravened can get you into serious trouble. Violation of these rules can cause an uppercut situation or worse, they are sancrosanct. And in my opinion it is a sucker punch when you are young if you do not know yourself well enough or if you have not been instructed properly. There is an underlying game of “us” vs. “them” in the background as agents from different countries may try to break each other sexually, as to marry you need to be the same political affiliation. Also, traditional family enemies may be looking to sexually break you. My take on the entire scene is just marry your Starcrossed Lover but there may be special considerations.

What if you become karmically impure. This happens after too many opposite sex lovers (more than 5) or one same sex lover (heard from the street) on a Sign from God. It is an unofficial sin to leave someone if you are their 5th lover, after you, they are karmically impure. Being karmically impure can be big emotional suffering in your love life but it is not the end of the world. It is easier to handle being karmically impure if you are not too sensitive. It is possible to still be a Saint and be karmically impure, it is possible to be karmically redeemed through an arts calling or a calling for work. You may just have to marry “out” (there are cultural rules about this, ask telepathically). Because of the suffering involved you may develop special talents as recompense from the Holy Spirit for not having a happy covenant love life.

Hopefully all your relationships were good love affairs of the heart. An ex-lover (one of the first 5) could wander back to you or take you as a second, so that you could have children and an extended family. Or you could marry someone (if you haven’t been cursed) but it might be emotionally difficult, so your Loved One should be really well suited, karmically pure or a Starcrossed lover (and there are rules about marrying “out” ask telepathically). If you just sit back, keep networking to look for a partner, keep in dialogue with your ex lovers and not curse anyone more than a slight of public opinion initially, ideally your love life and the love life of your ex lovers would be resolved over time (my reasonable guess is over 10 years) in karmic purity.

If you are being cursed or have become karmically impure through too many lovers. If someone curses you - ask telepathically – different cultures different rules, give at least a slight of public opinion. Pick up a musical instrument, get out on the street and give public performances and/or follow your calling for work. Take up an arts calling (art, music, writing . . . ), take some courses, practice the arts calling and skill will develop, eventually you may create original works and make your work public, it is possible to find karmic redemption from the Holy Spirit and become karmically pure again. If you are righteous and don’t return the curse more than a slight of public opinion it creates better karma but it may be a longterm campaign (ask telepathically).

If you are cursed and considering taking lovers. Some people if not too sensitive can handle having serial relationships, my guess is about half of all men and about 5% of women (but I do not think this is the way God meant us to live). Remember everytime you take a lover and leave, you are making them and yourself karmically impure. Ask others opinion on how sensitive you are, if you are too sensitive you will not be able to have serial relationships without becoming too heartbroken. Karmic impurity and the brokenness from broken love lives (i.e. love lives not lived in covenant with a most suited or Starcrossed Lover) creates a war machine; sorrow, anger, addictions, mental patients, violence, homicide and suicide. Always be honest with your lover(s) otherwise you will ruin your reputation and lead your lover astray. It is important to have a good reputation or it may influence whether you find another lover. Know them very well and be clear about intentions. The less broken hearts, the less trouble, use the Pining Prayer when the relationship breaks to lessen emotional pain (there are rules about this, it should probably be done through the walls and not by the leaving lover or someone you hope to have a love affair with, ask telepathically). It is important to know when the love affair is over. In my experience do not leave your partner with empty hands, sometimes it is good to have children and/or poetry/music/art to give to the leaving lover.

If a Lover curses you, instead of taking more lovers. It is sometimes best to give a slight of public opinion, practice your calling for work or art and wait until the love argument is resolved (either s/he forgives you or s/he forgives you and has found someone else – different cultures, different rules) before finding another lover. Usually after 3 lovers, someone wants to keep you and there could be trouble so you may need to become celibate until the situation is resolved.

If a Lover leaves you. Don’t give more than a slight of public opinion. Cursing shouldn’t be longterm or permanent, never throw the first curse more than public opinion. Do some grief/anger work with release work, positive dialogue with a therapist/friends/family, exercise, meditation/yoga, practice your calling for work/art, prayer. Network for a new lover (Internet, school, work, family, friends, friends of friends, Speed dating etc.) and keep in touch, sometimes true affairs of the heart will wander back to you. It is also important to remember that you get 5 chances with different partners or one consummated affair with a same sex lover before you become karmically impure, it is important to not feed the war machine. And ask a lot of questions (even if telepathically), there is always more to know.

Love is a requisite for life itself, not having a happy love life, a well-suited marriage in covenant to a Starcrossed or most suited lover is a grievous hurt. Well discerned marriages that are happy could create peace, stronger Community, wealth and enough in the Online Economy. Mentoring and discernment in love is important, it is good to cultivate friendships with trustworthy older or wiser people who can help. Also psychic readings from reliables can tell you if and when you will meet your Starcrossed Lover (these readings can be from the Holy Spirit if no one psychically interferes) sometimes you just need to ask telepathically in the street. In my experience I had met the majority of my Starcrossed Lovers by the time I was 18 years old. And there are rules about cursing, ask around (just in thoughts), ideally the instrument of culture would never connect in more than a slight of public opinion. Happy longterm covenant relationships would promote better mental health and happier families, better raised children, create stronger Community, less violence, less suicide, less murder, less mental patients, less drug addicts and alcoholics, less street people, less prison house people and weight would be taken off the healthcare/welfare system. Beware the multiple lover/economic driver scene, it creates wealth on a surface level and violence, addictions, suicide, murder, apathy, debt and war, ask a lot of questions. It is never right to do great harm for good, it is an oxymoron and creates karmic dissonance. Happy covenant marriage is the answer for World Peace. If you have any questions about love (or any topic) for the Oracle send me an email. The Oracle at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. rebecca@tympanilanerecords.com.

The Way of Peace,



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